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Full text of "California State Government (An Outline of Its Administrative Organization 1937-1949)"

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CaJltornIa Slats Library 

( ,-i- ■ ■■ 










p^^^^V"*- T 


California Mairitime Academy , •..•.•..•......... 52 

Bureau of Accident Prevention ..•.. 123,125 

Industrial Accident Commission 76 

Bureau of Traffi c Accident Prevention 120-123 

Division of Industria l Accidents 76 

Division of Industrial Accidents and Safety 76 

State Board of Accountancy 1^ 

Accounting (Highways) ~ 177 

Accounting O ffice (Fish and Game) 134 

Accounting Section (Architecture) I69 

Bureau of Accounting (Motor Vehicles) 120 

Division of Accounting (Motor Vehicles) 120 

Bureau of Administrative Accounting (Social Welfare) 190,191 

Division of Accounts and Audits (Social Welfare) I90 

Accounts and Disbursements Division (Finance) ...•••.. 68 

Bureau of Accounts and Records (Justice) IO5 

Division of Accounts and Tax Collections 58 

Bureau of Estimates, Advances aad Aid Accounts 191 

Division of Budgets and Accounts (Finance) TTT 68 

Biireau of School Accounts ajid Records 48 

Public Works and Acquisition Division 70 

Bureau of Actuarial References 87 

Division of Actuarial References 87 

Actuarial Section 90 

Acute Communicable Disease Service I60 

Office of Adjutant General 201 

Adiainistration ( Highways ) ..• 17^ 

Admin i s t rat ion Division (insuraJice ) 90 

Division of Adn: r-istration (Justice) ....•.......•..•.•••.. IO5 

Division of Administration (Motor. Vehicles)^- ..'. 120-122 

Division of Administration (Natural Eesources) I3I 

Division of Administiration (Public Health) 155 

Business Administration Division (Mental. Hygiene) .... 113 

Division of Departmental Administration (Education) kO 

Division of Financial Administration (Social Welfare) 189» 190 

Medical Administration Division 113 

Division of Public School Orgsinization, Administration and Finance 47 

State Relief Administration 184 

Division of Public School Administration 47 

Administrative Division (Finance) 68 

Bureau of Adrainistrat ive Accounting (Social Welfare) 190,191 

Division of Administrative Procedure 143 

Division of Administrative Services (Social Welfare) 189 

Bureau of Adoptions , 188 

Division of Adoptions 188 

Division of Adult and Continuation Education 40 

Adult Authority 24 

Industrial Home for the Adult Blind ....,., II6 

Training Center for the Adult Blind, Oakland 51 » II6 

Bureau of Adult Education , 41 

Bureau of Adult Health I56 

Bureau of Estimates, Advances and Aid Accounts ., 191 

Aeronautical Commission I68 

Office of Indian Affairs , 48 

Office of Military Affairs 201 

Department of Military and Veterans' Affairs 198, 200 

Index compiled by 
•Ruth Nycum, Documents Librarian 
California State University Fullerton 






















Division of Old Age Security , 186 

Bureau of Aid to the Needy Aged ,,, , 186 

Division of Aid to the Needy Aged 186 

Bureau of Agricultural Education 43 

State Agricultural Society , 62 

Agricultural Prorate Advisory Commission 4 

Agricultural Prorate Commission 4 

Bureau of Agricultural Statistics 11 

Department of Agriculture 5 

State Board of Agriculture 1 

Bureau of Estimates, Advances and Aid Accounts 191 

Bureau of Aid to the Needy Aged 186 

Division of Aid to the Needy Aged 186 

Bureau of Aid to Needy Blind 18? 

Division of Aid to Needy Blind , 18? 

Biireau of Aid to Needy Children .•••... 18? 

Division of Aid to Needy Children 18? 

Division of Children * s Aid 18? 

Division of County Aid to Indigent Sick 191 

Civil Air Patrol kl 

Local Allocation D ivision 69 

State Allocation Board , 62, I67 

Bureau of Financial Analysis 91 

Division of Examination and Financial Analysis 91 

Bureau of Mechanical Analysis 120, 12^^ 

Bureau of Stateajent Analysis 88 

Division of Statement Analysis 88 

Division of Aninal Industry 5 

California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Boaard 59 

State Apprenticeship Council 80 

Division of Apprenticeship Stamdards 80 

Division of Apprenticeship Training • 80 

Contract Architect Contact Section • I69 

State Board of Architects 144 

Architectura l Section I69 

Architecturail Design Section I69 

Architectural Drafting Section I69 

State Board of Architectural Examiners ,. 144 

State Board of Architecture 144 

Division of Architecture 135. 1^9 

Division of Educational Assistsmce 204 

Division of Public Assistance 186 

State Athletic Commission 148, 200 

Division of Athletics 200 

Bureau of Attendance 48 

Child VJelfare and Attendance Consultant Service 48 

Office of the Attorney General IO3 

Bureau of Audio-Visual Education 44 

Audits Division (FinaJice ) 68 

Bureau of Audits (Social Welfare) , I9O 

Division of Accounts and Audits (Social Welfare) I90 

Bureau of Field Audits I9I 

Bureau of Office Audits I9I 

Aviation Education Consultant Service 41 

Bacteriological and Serological Laboratory l62 

Division of Banking; , , . , , 98 

State Board of Barber Examiners 1^5 

Division of San Fransisco Bay T oll Crossings 178 

Division of Beaches and Parks I36 

Bureau of Furniture and Bedding Inspection 147 

Division of Public Employment Offices and Benefit Payments .... 57 

Division for the Blind I87 

California School for the Blind 30 

Industrial Workshop for the Blind. Los Angeles II6 

State Board of Guide Dogs for the Blind 1^8 

Industrial Home for the Adult Blind II6 

Training Center for the Adiilt Blind . Oakland 51, II6 

Bureau of Aid to Needy Blind I87 

Division of Aid to Needy Blind 187 

State Blind Shop, San Diego II6 

Bureau of Boarding Homes ajid Institutions 188 

Division of Boarding Homes and Institutions 188 

Fred C. Nelles School for Boys , 27, II6 

Bridges I76 

Yacht and Ship Brokers Commission ,. 146 

Division of Budgets and Accounts 68 

Division of Building and Loan 97 

Public School Building Construction Supervision Section I70 

Bureau of Service, Supplies ajid Building Maintenance 120, 122 

Buildings aind Grounds Division 68 

Business Administration Division (Mental Hygiene) .............. II3 

Bureau of Busir.eos Education 43 

Bureau of Business Management (Public Health) 155 

Cannery Inspection Board I6I 

Bureau of CaJinery Inspection I6I 

Cannery Inspection Section I6I 

Child Care Centers 47 

Division of Extramural Care 115 

Diagnostic Clinic (Guidance Center ) 25 

Training Center for the Adult Blind, Oakland 51, II6 

Child Care Centers 47 

Central Veilley Water Project 133 

Division of Teacher Training and Certification 52 

Chemical Laboratory I62 

Bureau of Chemistry • 8 

Division of Chemistry 8 

Child Care Centers ^7 

Bureau of Maternal and Child Health 153 

Bureau of Child H ygiene 155 

Division of Child Welfare 188 

Child Welfare and Attendance ConsultaJit Service 48 

Bureau of Child Welfare Services 188 

Division of Child Welfare Services 188 

Bureau of Aid to Needy Children I87 

Division of Aid to lieedy Children 187 

Division of Children's Aid 187 

Crippled Children' s Service 158 

State Board of Chiropractic Examiners 147 

Chronic Disease Service loO 

Bureau of Chronic Diseases 1^0 


City and Cooperative Projects Department 175 

Civil Air Patrol 41 

State Board of Registration for Civil and Professional Engineers 1^5 

Mechanical, Electrical and Civil E ngineering Section I7O 

Division of Civil Law IO6 

Bureau of Classification 25 

Division of Diagnosis and Classification 2? 

State Board of Dry Cleaners 1^7 

Clerical and Personnel Records Section I69 

Diagnostic Clinic (Guidance Center) 25 

Codification Board , lii-3 

Bureau of Collections I9I 

Division of Accounts and Tax Collections , 58 

California State Polytechnic College 52 

Division of State Colleges 52 

Division of State Colleges and Teacher Education 52 

Bureau of Conunercial Fisheries I33 

Acute Communicable Disease Service I60 

Division of Communicable Diseases 159 

Comm\inications Advisory Board 69 

Division of Communications (Finance) 69 

California State Gomminications Advisory Board 63 

State Compensation Insurance Fund 76 , 81 

Compliance and Legal Divisions 91 

Bureau of Compliance 91 

Bureau of Complaints 88, 91 

Division of Complainxs 88 , 91 

Bureau of Policy Gom-piaints 91 

Bureau of Fish Conservation 132 

Bureau of Game Conseirvation 132 

State Soil Conservation Commission I30 

Wildlife Conservation Board 129 

Bureau of Conservations ajid Liquidations 88 

Division of Conservations and Liquidations 88, 92 

Construction Department 173 

Construction Section I69 

Public School Building Construction Supervision Section I7O 

Child Welfare and Attendance Consultant Service 48 

Aviation Educatio n Consultant Service 41 

Contract Architect Contact Section I69 

Division of Adult and Continuation Education 40 

Contract Architect Contact Section I69 

Contractors * State License Board 146 

Personnel and Contractors Prequalifications I76 

Contracts and Specifications Section I70 

Division of Contracts and Bights of Way I7I 

Contracts, Specifications and Estimating Section I70 

State Boaxd of Control 6I 

Bureau of Disease Control 159 

Livestock Disease Control Service 5 

Bureau of Milk Control 10 

Mosquito Control Section I6I 

Structural Pest Control Boaxd 146 

Rodent Control Section l62 

Bureau of Vector Control I61 

Bureau of Rodent and Weed Control cuid Seed Inspection 8 

Rodent , Plague and Weed Control Service 8 

California Cooperative Crop Reporting Service 11 

City and Cooperative Projects Department 175 

County amd Cooperative Projects Department 175 

Division of Service and Coordination 20!+ 

Division of Corporations 97 

Woman's Relief Corps Home of California 201, 205 

Youth Correction Authority 26 

Correctional Industries Commission 30 

Board of Corrections 18 

Department of Corrections 21 , 22 

Bureau of Information and Correspondence (Justice) 105 

S oate Board of Cosmetology 1^6 

Division of County Aid to Indigent Sick 191 

County and Cooperative Projects Department 175 

Bureau of County Health Work l62 

Division of County Relations I9I 

Credentials Office 53 

State Commission of Credentials 33 

California Crime Commission 18, 21 

Division of Criminal Identification IO7 

Division of Criminal Identification and Investigation ........... IO3 

Division of Criminal Law IO6 

Crippled C hildren ' s Ser/ice 158 

California Cooperative Crop Reporting Service 11 

Bureau of Field Crops 8 

Division of Sac Fransisco Bay Toll Crossings I78 

State Curriculum Commission 33 

Dairy Service 5 

Birreau of Dairy Service 5 

California Schools for the Deaf 50 

Delinquency Prevention Section 28 

State Board of Dental E xaminers 1^3 

Bureau of Dental Health I6O 

Division of Dental Health , I60, I63 

Division of Departmental Administration (Education) ^0 

Architectural Design Section I69 

Detective License Bureau 148 

Planning and Policy Commission on Staff Development 192 

Diyisioniof DiagnosisiaadcGlassif ication 25 

Diagai)g.tiG iCHn±C(.'4Saidaiiiicel GeaiejcOti . iv^k . ^ 27 

Board of Prison Directors 1^8 

State Board of Prison Directors 21 , 29 

Division of Disability InsuraJice 58 

Accounts and Disbursements Division 68 

Bureau of Disciplinary Proceedings 91 

Bureau of Disease Control 159 

Chronic Disease Service I6O 

Acute Communicable Disease Service I6O 

Bureau of Livestock Disease 5 

Livestock Disease Control Service 5 

Venereail Disease S ervice • 159 

Bureau of Chronic Diseases I6O 

Division of Commxinicable Diseases • • 159 

Viral and Rickettsial Diseases Laboratory 162 

Bureau of Venereal Diseases • •••• 159 

Bureau of School District Reorganization 50 

Commission on School Districts 35 

Bureau of Documents 88 , 91 

Division of Doctunents 88 , 91 

State Board of Guide Dogs for the Blind 148 

ArchitecturaJ. Drafting Section I69 

Division of Drivers'* Licenses 124 

Bureau of Food and Drxi^ I nspections I6I 

Food and Dn:^ Laboratory I62 

State Board of Dry Gleaners 1^7 

Division of Economics U- 

Editorial Section (Mines) 137 

Department of Education 39 

State Board of Education 32 

Bureau of Education Research •..«. 40 

Bureau of Adult Education 41 

Bureau of Agricultural Education 43 

Bureau of Audio-Visual Education 44 

Bureau of Aviation Education * 41 

Aviation Education Consultant Service 41 

Bureau of Business Education : 43 

Division of Adult and Continuation Education 40 

Division of Elementary Education and Rural Schools 40 

Bureau of Health Education 155 

Bureau of Health Education , Physical Education and Recreation . . 43 

Bureau of Honemaking Education ..««. 43 

Bureau of Indian Education s 48 

Bureau of Trade and Industrial Education 43 

Bureau of Health and Physical Education 43 

Division of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation 40 

Division of Public Health Education 155 

Bureau of Readjustment Education 49 

Division of Readjustment Education 49 

Biareau of Traffic Safety Education 125 

Bureau of Special Education 44 

Commission for Special Education 45 

Commission of Special Education 45 

Division of State Colleges and Teacher Education , 52 

Commission for Vocational Education 40, 42 

State Educational Agency for Surplus Property 47, 49 

Division of Educational Assistance 204 

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Section I70 

Division o f Elementary Education and Rural Schools 40 

State Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers 146 

Department of Em-ployment , , ^7 

Division of Public Employment O ffices and Benefit Payments 57 

Division of State Employment Agencies , 57 

California Employment Commission ^7 

State Advisory Council on Employment Service 59 

California Employment Stabilization Commission 37 1 58 

Division of Enforcement (Motor Vehicles) I6, 120 

Bureau of Patrol and Law Enforcement (Fish and Game) 134 

Division of Labor Statistics and Law Enforcement 78 

Division of Labor Law Enforcement 78 

Bureau of Maxket Enforcement 10 

Division of Narcotic Enforcement IO7 

Office Engineer ,. lyi;. 

Bureau of Sn°?ineerine; .,, I35 

Mechanical and Electrical Sngineerinis; Section I70 

Mining Engineering Branch , I37 

Bureau of Sajaitary Engineering I6I 

Structural Engineering Section I7I 

MechaJiical, Electrical aind Civil Engineering Section I7O 

State Board of Registration for Civil emd Professional Engineers ik^ 

Bureau of Entomology 7 

Bureau of Entomolo^ and Plant Quarantine 6 

Division of Environmental Sanitation I6I 

Bureau of Epideaology I6O 

Equipment Department (Highways) I74 

Bureau of Equipment (Motor Vehicles) 120 

Real Estate B oard 99 

Division of Real Estate 98 

Binreau of Estimates . Advances and Aid Accounts (Social Welfare) . I9I 

Estimating Section I7O 

Contracts, Specifications and Estimating Section I70 

Division of Examinations and Financial Analysis 9I 

Examination Qualification Section 91 

Bureau of Examinations 87 , 91 

Division of Examinations 87 

State Board of Architectural Examiners 144 

State Board of Barber Sxcuniners 145 

State Board of Chiropractic Examiners 147 

State Board of Benta l Examiners 143 

Board of Lihrary Zxajni r.ers 46 

State Board of Medical Examiners 143 

Board of Nurse Examiners 155 

State Board of liurse Examiners 147 

State Board of Social Work Examiners 147 

State Board of Examiners of Veterinary Medicine 144 

Board of Examiners for Vocational Teachers 35 

Division of Fairs and Expositions 69 

Division of Extramural. Caxe II5 

Division of Fairs and Expositions 69 

Division of Farm and Home Purchases , 204 

Bureau of Game Farms 133 

California Federal-State Inspection Service 12 

Bureau of Field Audits I9I 

Bureau of Field Crx)p3 8 

Division of Field Service 188 , 192 

Division of Field Services (Youth Authority) 28 

Department of Finance 67 

Division of Public School Organization, Administration and Finance 47 

Veterans ' Finance Committee of 19^3 202 

Veterans ' Welfare Finance C ommittee 203 

Division of Financial Administration 189. 190 

Bureau of FinaJicial Analysis 91 

Division of Examination and Financial A nalysis 91 

Division of Fire Safety 82 

Fish and Gsime Commission I3I 

Division of Fish and Gajne I3I 

Bureau of Fish Conservation 132 

Bureau of Commercial Fisheries , 133 

Bureau of Marin e Fisheries » 133 

Pacific Marine Fisheries Commission 129 

Biireau of Food and Drug Inspections l6l 

Food and Drug Labaratory l62 

State Forester I36 

Division of Forestry , 135 

State Board of Forestry 135 

Fred C . Nelles School for Boys 2?, II6 

Bureau of Fruit and Vegetable Standardization 11 

State Compensation Insurance Fund 76, 81 

State Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers 1^6 

Bureau of Furniture and Bedding Inspection 1^7 

Fish and Game Conmission 131 

Division of Fish axid Game 131 

Bureau of Game Conservation 132 

Bureau of Game Farms 133 

Division of Oil and Gas 137 

Office of Adjutant General 201 

Office of the Attorney General IO3 

Geologic Branch 137 

Ventura School for Girls 28 , II6 

Buildings and Grounds Division (Finance) 68 

Bureau of Occupational Information and Guidance 43 

Diagnostic Clinic ( Guidance C enter) 25 

State Board of Guide Dogs for the Blind 1^8 

Harbor Commissioners for Humboldt Bay 179 

State Board of Health 152 

Bureau of He alt n and Physical Education ^3 

Bureau of Health Sducatlon 155 

Bureau of Health Education, Physical Education and Recreation ... k"} 

Bureau of Health , Physical. Education, ajid Recreation 40 

Bureau of Adult Health I56 

Bureau of Maternal and Child Health 158 

Bureau of County Health Work l62 

Bureau of Dental Health I60 

Division of Dental Health I6O, I63 

Bureau of Industrial Health • I56 

California Council of Local Health O fficers 153. 15^ 

Bureau of Local Health Service l62 

Division of Local Health Service ■. l62 

Department of Public Health 152 

Division of Public Health Education 155 

Bureau of Public Health Nursing 155 . 158 

Public Health Nursing Service I58 

California Highway Commission 171 

California Highway Patrol I6, 124 

Statewide Highway Planning Survey I76 

Highway Stores • • 175 

Division of Highways 171 

California State Historical Association 35 

Division of Farm and Home Purchases 204 

Woman's Relief Corps Home of California 201, 205 

Industrial Home for the Adult Blind II6 

Veterans' Home of California 201, 205 

Bureau of Homemaking Education 43 

Bureau of Boarding Homes and Institutions 188 

Division of Boarding Homes and Institutions 188 

Division of Veterans' Homes 201, 205 

Advisory Hospital Board 157 

Advisory Hospital Council • 153 

Biireau of HospiTal Inspection 2_^y 

Bureau of Hospital Survey , 157 

Bureau of Hospitals 157 

State Hospitals 112-116 

Commission of Housing 78 

Division of Housing 77 

Division of Immigration and Housing '^'^ 

Harbor Commissioners for Humbpldt Bay 179 

Bureau of Hydraulics (Fish and Game) , 135 

Bureau of Child Hygiene 155 

Industrial Hygiene Service I56 

Department of Mental Hygiene 112 

Division of Criminal Identification .;.. .i"^ ..... . . i. IO7 

Division of Criminal Identification and Investigation IO3 

Bureau of Livestock Identification 6 

Division of Immigration and Housing 11 

Office of Indian Affairs ^ 

Bureau of Indiam E ducation 48 

Division of County Aid to Indigent Sick I9I 

Industrial Accident Commission 76 

Division of Industrial Accidents 76 

Division of Industrial Accidents and Safety 76 

Bureau of Trade and Industrial Education ^3 

Bureaji of Industrial Health I56 

Industrial Home for the Adult Blind II6 

IndustrlaJL Hygiene Service I56 

Department of Industrial R elations 7^ 

Division of Industriail SaJety 77 

Industrial Safety Board 77 

Division of Industrial Welfare 79 

Industrial. Welfare Commission 79 

Industrial Workshop for the Blind, Los Angeles II6 

Correctional Industries Commission 30 

Division of Animal Industry 5 

Division of Plant Industry 6 

Preston School of Industry 27, II6 

Bureau of Information and Correspondence (Justice) IO5 

Bureau of Occupational Information and Guidance ^3 

Bureau of Furniture and Bedding Inspection 1^7 

Bureau of Cannery Inspection I6I 

Cannery Inspection Board I6I 

Cannery Inspection Section I6I 

Bureau of Food and Drug Indpection I6I 

Calif omia Federal-State Inspection Service 12 

Bureau of Hospital Inspection I57 

Division of Jail Inspection 192 

Bureau of Meat Inspectio n 6 

Meat Inspection Service 6 

Bureau of Sanitary Inspection I6I 

Seed Inspection Service 8 

Bureau of Rodent and Weed Control and Seed Inspection 8 

Bureau of Shipping Point Inspection 11 

California Institution for Women 3O 

Department of Institutions Ill, 112, 115 

Bureau of Boarding Homes ajid Institutions 188 

Division of Boarding Homes and Institutions 188 

Division of Instruction kO 

Depaxtment of Insurance 86, 90 

Division of Insurance 86, 96 

California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board 59 

State Compensation Insurance Fund 76 , 81 

Bureau of Insurance R ate Regulation 90 

Division of Disabilit y Insurance 58 

Bureau of Investigation 91 

Division of Investigation IO7 

Division of Criminal Identification and Investigation IO3 

roard of Investment 96 

Department of Investment 96 

Retirement Investment Board 3^ 

Issueince Section (insxirance ) 91 

Division of Jail Inspection 192 

Department of Justice IO3 

Bureau of Juvenile Research 115 

Division of La"bor L aw Enforcement 78 

Division of Labor Statistics and Law Enforcement 78 

Division of Labor Statistics and Research 79 

Division of Laboratories l62 

Chemical Laboratory l62 

Food and. Drug Laboratory l62 

Viral and Rickei,tsi3l Diseases Laboratory l62 

California Seed Laboratory 8 

Bacteriological and Serological Laboratory l62 

i^ater and Sewage Laboratory I62 

V irus Laboratory I62 

State Lands C ommission 63 

Division of State Lands 70 

Langley Porter Clinic Ill 

Bureau of Patrol and Law Enforcement , 13^ 

Division of Civil Law IO6 

Division of Criminal Law IO6 

Division of Labor Law Enforcement 78 

Division of Labor Statistics and Law Enforcement 78 

Compliance and Legal Division 91 

Division of Libraries 46 

State Library 46 

Board of Library Examiners 46 

Contractors * State License Board 146 

Detective License Bureau 148 

Bureau of Licenses (Fish and Game ) I34 

Bureau of Licenses (insurance) 88 

Division of Licenses (insurance) 88, 91 

Division of Drivers ' Licenses , 124 

Bureau of Conservations and Liquidations 88 

Division of Conservations and Liquidations 88, 92 

Bureau of Livestock Disease 5 

Livestock Disease Control Service 5 

Bureau of Livestock Identification 6 

Livestock Sanitary Service 6 

Division of Building and Loan 97 

Local Allocation Division 69 

California Council of Local Health Officers I53, 151; 

Bureau of Local Health Service I62 

Division of Locail Health Service l62 

School Lunch Program 48 

Maintenance Department 173 

Maintenance Survey and Repair Section I7O 

Bureau of Service, Supplies and Building Maintenance 120, 122 

BiJireau of Business Management 155 

Bureau of Office Management (Social Welfare) 159 

Office Manager (Social welfare) 159 

Bureau of Marine F isheries 133 

Pacific Marine Fisheries Commission 129 

Marine Research Comaittse 129 

California Maritime Academy 52 

Bureau of Market Enforcement 10 

Bureau of Market News 10 

Division of Marketing 9 

Bureau of Markets 9 

Division of Maxkets 9 

Materials and Research Department 173 

Bureau of Maternal and Child Health I58 

Bureau of Weights aind Measures 12 

Bureau of Meat Inspection 6 

Meat Inspection Service 6 

Bueau of Mechanical Analysis 120, 124 

Mechanical and LlectTLczl Engineering Section I7O 

Mechanical , Electrical and Civil Engineering Section 170 

Medical Administration Division 113 

State Board of Medical Examiners 143 

Division of Preventative Medical Services 155 » 156 

State Board of Examiners of Veterinary Medicine 144 

Depaxtment of Mental Hygiene , 112 

Division of Military Affairs 201 

Department of Military and Veterans* Affairs I98, 200 

Bureau of Milk Control 10 

Mineral Economics Section 137 

State Mineralogist 137 

Division of Mines 137 

State Mining Board 137 

Mining Engineering Branch 137 

Mosquito Control Section I6I 

Department of Motor Vehicles 120 

Division of Narcotic Enforcement IO7 

Department of Natural Resources 129 

California State Nautical School 52 

Bureau of Aid to the Needy Aged 186 

Division of Aid to the Needy Aged 186 

Bureau of Aid to Needy Blind 187 

Division of Aid to Needy Blind I87 

Bureau of Aid to Needy Children I87 

Division of Aid to Needy C hildren 187 

Fred C . Nelles School for Boys 27, II6 

Bureau of Market News 10 

Board of Nurse Examiners 155 

State Board of Nurse Examiners 1^7 

Nursery Service 6 

Bureau of Registration of Nurses 1^7, 155 

Bureau of Public Health Nursing 155, 158 

Public Health Nursing Service I58 

Biireau of Occupational Information and Guidance 43 

Offic e Activities (Architecture ) 171 

Bureau of Office Audits (Social Welfare) I9I 

Office Engineer (Highways) 17^^ 

Bureau of Office Management (Social. Welfare) 189 

Office Manager (Social. Welfare) I89 

California Council of Local Health Officers 153, 15^^ 

Division of Oil and Gas 137 

Division of Old Age Security 186 

Operations (Highways) 173 

State Board of Optometry li<-3 

Division of Public School Organization , Administration and Finance ^7 

Pacific Marine Fisheries Commission .129 

Advisory Pardon Board 21 

State Park Commission I36 

Division of Beaches ajad Parks I36 

Parole Section 29 

Bureau of Paroles 25 

Board of Prison Terms and Paroles 21 

Bureau of Plant Pathology 7 

Bureau of Patrol 134 

Bureau of Patrol and Law Enforcement 134 

Civil Air Patrol 41 

California Highway Patrol I6 , 124 

Division of Public Employment Offices and Benefit Payments 57 

Depcirtment of Penology 18, 21, 148 

Bureau of Personnel (Motor Vehicles ) 123 

Division of Personnel and Training (Social Welfare) 192 

Personnel and Contractors Prequalif ications I76 

Clerical amd Personnel Records Section (Architecture) I69 

Office of the Supervisor of Welfare Personnel Standards 192 

Structural Pest Control Board 146 

State Board of Pharmacy 144 

Bureau of Health and Physical Education 43 

Division of Health, Physical Education and Recreation 40 

Bureau of Health Education, Physical Education and Recreation .. 43 

Rodent, Pla^e and Weed Control Service 8 

Planning (Highways ) 175 

Planning and Policy Commission on Staff Development 192 

Statewide Highway Planning Survey I76 

Division of Schoolhouse Planning 49 

Department of Surveys and Plans 175 

Division of Plant Industry 6 

Bureau of Plant Pathology 7 

Bureau of Plant Quarantine 6, 7 

Bureau of Entomology ain d Plant Quarantine 6 

Bureau of Shipping Point Inspection 11 

Planning and Policy Commission on Staff Development 192 

Bureau of Policy Complaints (insurance) 91 

California State Polytechnic College 52 

Langle y Porter Clinic Ill 

Division of Ports I79 

Postwar Public Works Review ' Bocird 63 

Bureau of Purchasing Power 70 

Personnel and Contractors Prequalifications I76 

Preston School of Industry 2? , II6 

Division of Preventative Medical Services 155, 156 

Bureau of Accident Prevention 123 , 125 

Bureau of Traffic Accident Prevention 120, 122, 123 

Delinquency Prevention Section 28 

Printing D ivision 69 

State Printing Office 69 

Board of Prison Directors ms 

State Board of Prison D irectors 21 , 29 

Board of Prison Terms and Paroles 21 

California State Prisons 21-23 

Biireau of Probation I93 

Division of Probation I93 

Probation Section 29 

Division of Administrative Procedure 143 

Bureau of Disciplinary Proceedings 91 

Department of Professional and Vocational Standards 142 

State Board of Registration for Civil and Professional Engineers . 145 

Central Valley Water Project I33 

City and Cooperative Pro.jects Department I75 

County and Cooperative Pro.jects Department 175 

State Educational Agency for Surplus Property 47, 49 

Agricultural Prorate Advisory Commission 4 

Agricultural Prorate Commission 4 

Division of Public Assistance 186 

Division of Public Employment Offices and Benefit Payments 57 

Department of Public Health 152 

Division of Public Health Education 155 

Bureau of Public Health Nursing 155 , 158 

Public Health Nursing Service I58 

Division of Public School Administration 47 

Public School Building Construction Supervision Section I7O 

Division of Public School Organization, Administration and Finance 47 

Depaxtment of Public W orks I67 

Public Works and Acquisition Division 70 

Postwaj: Public Works Review Board 63 

State Public Works Board 62, I67 

Bureau of Textbooks and Publications 47 

Division of Textbooks and Publications 47 

Division of Farm and Home Purchases 204 

Purchasing Division 70 

Bureau of Purchasing Power 70 

Examination Qualification Section 91 

Bureau of Plant Quarantine 6, 7 

Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quaxantine 6 

Bureau of Insurance Rate Regulation 90 

Bureau of Readjustment Education 49 

Division of Readjustment Education ^9 

Real Estate Board 99 

Division of Real Estate 98 

State Reclamation Board 63 

Bureau of Records and Statistics (Public Health) 155 

Bxireau of Accounts and Records (Justice) IO5 

Bureau of School Accounts and Records A-8 

Clerical auid Personnel Records Section (Architecture) I69 

Division of Recreation 44 

Bureau of Health Education, Physical Education and Recreation ... 43 

Division of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation 40 

Bureau of Actuarial References 8? 

Division of Actuarial References 87 

Division of Registration ., 124 

State Board of Registration for Civil and Professional Engineers 145 

Bureau of Registration of Nurses 147, 155 

Bureau of Insurance Rate Regulation 90 

Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation 51 

Division of County Relations (Social Welfare) I9I 

Department of Indus^riaLl Relations 7^ 

State Relief Administration 184 

Woman's Relief Corps Home of California 201, 205 

Bureau of School District Reorganization 50 

Maintenance Survey and Repair Section 170 

California Cooperative Crop Reporting Service 11 

Bureau of Research and Statistics (Social. Welfare) 189 

Division of Research and Statistics (Social Welfare) I89 

Division of Labor Statistics and Research 79 

Materials and Research Department (Highways) : 173 

Bureau of Education Research 40 

Bureau of Juvenile Research 115 

Marine Research Committee 129 

Unemployment Reserves Commission 'jf] 

Department of Natural Resources 129 

Division of Water Resources 178 

Water Resources Board I67 

Retirement Investment Board 3^ 

State Teachers * Retirement System 3^ 

Postwar Public Works Review Board 63 

Viral and Rickettsial Diseases Laboratory l62 

Division of Contracts and Rights of Way I7I, 177 

Rodent Control Section I62 

Bureau of Rodent suid Weed Control and Seed Inspection 8 

Rodent . Plague and Weed Control Service 8 

Division of Elementary Education and Rural Schools 40 

Division of Fire Safety 82 

Division of Industrial Accidents and Safety 76 

Division of Industrial Safety H 

Industrial Safety Board 77 

Bureau of Traffic Safety Education 125 

Division of San Fransisco Bay Toll Crossings 178 

Bureau of Sanitary Engineering I6I 

Bureau of Sanitary Inspection I6I 

Livestock Sanitary Service 6 

Division of Environmental Sanitation I6I 

Btireau of School Accounts and Records r . i|-8 

California School for the Blind 50 

Bureau of School DistricbHeorgamization ^ 50 

Commission on School Districts 35 

School Lunch Program , 48 

C aJL if omla State Nautical School , 52 

Fred C . Nelles School for Boys 2?, II6 

Preston School of Industry 2? , II6 

Division of Public School Administration ^7 

Public School Building Construction Supervision Section I70 

Division of Public School Organization, Administration and Finance 4? 

Vent'ora School for Girls 28, II6 

Whittier State School 2?, II6 

Division of Schoolhouse Planning U-^ 

Schoolhouse Section I7O 

California Schools for the Deaf 50 

Division of Elementary Education and Rural Schools 40 

Division of Special Schools and Services 50 

Division of Old Age Security 186 

Seed Inspection Ser/ice 8 

Bureau of Rodent and Weed Control and Seed Inspection 8 

Ccilifomi a Seed Laboratory ....._ 8 

Bacteriological and Serological Laboratory 162 

Division of Service and Coordination (Veteran^' Affairs) 204 

Bureau of Service , Supplies and Building Maintenance (Motor Vehic) 120, 122 

Bureau of Dairy Service 5 

State Advisory Council on Employment Service 59 

Division of Field Service 188 , 192 

Bureau of Local Health Service l62 

Division of Local Health Service l62 

Division of Administrative Services I89 

Division of Field Services 28 

Division fo Preventative Medical Services 155f 156 

Division of Special Schools and Services 50 

Water and Sewage Laboratory I62 

Yacht and Ship Brokers Commission 146 

Bureau of Shipping Point Inspection 11 

State Blind Shop , San Diego * II6 

Division of County Aid to Indigent Sick I9I 

Department o f Social Welfare 184 

State Bocird of Social Welfare 183 

State Board of Social iio3± Examiners 147 

State Soil Conservation Commission I3O 

Bureau of Special E ducation 44 

Commission for Special. Education 45 

Commission of Special Education 45 

Division of Special. Schools and Services 50 

Contracts and Specifications Section 170 

Contracts, Specifications and Estimating Section 170 

Cailifornia Employment Stabilization Commission 57 1 58 

Planning and Policy Commission on Staff Development 192 

Bureau of Fruit and Vegetable StaJidardization 11 

Division of Apprenticeship Standards 80 

Office of the Supervisor of Welfare Personnel Standards 192 

Department of Professional and Vocational Standards 142 

Bureau of Statement Analysis . . > , 88 

Division of Statement Analysis 88 

Bvireau of Statistics (Justice ) , . x06 

Bureau of Statistics (Motor Vehicles) 123 

Bureau of Agricultural Statistics 11 

Division of Labor Statistics and Law Enforcement 78 

Division of Labor Statistics and Research 79 

Bureau of Records and Statistics (Public Health) 155 

Bureau of Research and Statistics (Social Welfare) 189 

Division of Research aji d Statistics (Social V/elfaxe) 189 

Bureau of V ital Statistics 155 

Stenogra-phic Section (Architecture ) 171 

Highway Stores 175 

Structural Engineering Section 171 

Structural Pest Control Board 1^6 

Public School Building Construction Supervision Section 170 

Office of the Supervisor of Welfare Personnel Standards 192 

Bureau of Service , Supplies and Building Maintenance 120, 122 

State Educational Agency for Surplus Property ij'7 , k^ 

Bureau of Hospital Survey 157 

Maintenance Survey and Repair Section I70 

Statewide Highway Planning Survey I76 

Department of Surveys and Plans (Highways) 175 

Division of Accounts and Tax Collections , 58 

Division of State Colleges and Teacher Education 52 

Division of Teacher Training and Certification 52 

Board of Examiners for Vocational Teachers 35 

State Teachers * Retirement System 3^ 

Board of Prison Terms and Paroles 21 

Bureau of Textbooks and Publications ' ^7 

Division of Textbooks and Publications ^7 

Division of San Fransisco Bay Toll Crossings I78 

Bureau of Trade and Industrial Education ^3 

Bureau of Traffic Accident Prevention 120, 122, 123 

Bureau of Traffic Safety Education 125 

Division of Training and Treatment 27 

Training Center for the Adult Blind, Oakland 51. II6 

Division of Apprenticeship Training 80 

Division of Personnel and Training 192 

Division of Teacher Training and Certification 52 

Division of Training and Treatment 27 

Tuberculosis Service 159 

Bureau of Tuberculosis 159 

Division of Unemployment 57 

California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board 59 

Unemployment Reserves Commission 57 

Central Valley Water Project 133 

Bureau of Vector Control I6I 

Bureau of Fruit and Vegetable Standardization 11 

Department of Motor Vehicles 120 

Birreau of Venereal Diseases 159 

Venereal Disease Service 159 

Ventura School for Girls 28 , II6 

Depaxtment of Military and Veterans ' Affairs I98, 200 

Department of Veterans' Affairs 203 

California Veterans* Board 202 , 203 

California Veterans' Commission 202 

Veterans' Finance Committee of 19^3 202 

Veterans' Home of California 201, 205 

iJivision of Veterans' Homes 201, 2O5 

Division of Veterans* Welf cire 201 

Veterans' Welfare Board 201 

Veterans' Welfare Finance Committee 203 

State Board of Examiners of Veterinary Medicine Ikk 

Viiul and Rickettsial Diseases Laboratory l62 

Virus Laboratory , I62 

Bureau of Vital Statistics 155 

Commission for Vocational Education ^0, 1^2 

Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation 51 

Department of Professional and Vocational Standards 1^2 

Board of Examiners for Vocational Teachers . .... ... ..«. . . «». «« »» 35 

Bureau of War Services 18? 

Central Valley Water Project 133 

Division of Water R esources I78 

Water and Sewage Laboratory I62 

VJater Resources Board I67 

Bureau of Rodent and Weed Control and Seed Inspection 8 

Rodent , Plague and Weed C ontrol Service 8 

Bureau of Weights and Measures 12 

Division of Child Welfare 188 

Child Welf aire and Attendance Consultant Service k8 

Bureau of Child Welfare Services 188 

Division of Child Welfare Services 188 

Industrial Welfare Commission 79 

Division of Industrial Welfare 79 

Department of Social Welfare 18^ 

State Board of Social Welfare I83 

Division of Veterans ' Welfare 201 

Veterans * Welfare Board 201 

Veterans ' Welfare Finance Committee 203 

Office of the Supervisor of Welfare Personnel Standards ........ 192 

Whittier State School '27, II6 

Wildlife Conservation Board 129 

Woman's Relief Corps Home of California 201, 205 

California Institution for Women 30 

Bureau of County Health Work I62 

State Board of Social Work Exajniners 14-7 

Department of Public Works I67 

Public Works and Acquisition Division 70 

State Public Works Board 62, I67 

Postwar Public Works Review Board 63 

Industrial Workshop for the Blind, Los Angeles II6 

Yacht and Ship Brokers Commission • 1^6 

Youth Authority 26 

Youth Correction Authority 26 



Since 2:2:1:-"^° '"-^■' ' '-'"'" -'" ^ """^'^^ '^^ "' A-^i^^ststiva 

,.^.n ivrr. ].yo to 1936, by Elsay Hurt, vss pibUsfecd in X937 or the 

^.u of ?-Ali= Aisiri^cratioa of the University of California, in coopor- 
-.ion vrith .he £ , ,= D-,p..rtm.nt of Fina..oe, the .Jnirdstrative ^ohinery of 
3,.,to ,ov«».«n. .._a. .«on constancy changed. V^. .uy ..udy of govam^n- 
U-, -.rv-.tare .t a given tto is auio'ay outdated, a study of thi. kind ha» 
pr-.o. to .. cf 0rc.t v.lue to th..e i.:t=re3ted in California rt.te ,ovom- 
.ent. Thorofor3 a supplement to tho origin.! v^blic-.tion h.. been prepared. 

covering th3 ysars 1937 to 1949. rc...rc., liico ..- ^'= -*-- ^- >=-" "»^'^" '" '''" "'"'• 

T ,-.. 'ir-t -v>oe, onl- thoae diviaion., of t.,o state go«rnr:.ent kno.n aa 

• o Ml -i'.deoenaent agencies, boaras, eoaniia- 
dAnr.rtr-nts r.^ve been sluoicg. Alx^nae i . 

^ ^ -, -.n^-hpr volua3. In the second 
8ior:3, •i.nd oii-ic-32 «x-U- wi i-^est^.to-u 

. • '-^^n^-!--, iT«-.chiner7 Jis^s been ttc.-uea, i^..i«- xcu 
place, cnly tho aiainxstra^^.^ ....oniner., 

a .ave .oceivod onl. .entlon. In tUe t.i:., 
t:. Itu.. 13 .n C.U1.0 .or., .o concI.eion3 a:. <I..wn anl discussion le 

evcrr^h^rc lialtcl -^o toriel e^pi^-^^^^^- 

• • . r^.ori-'^l s.yle of presentation ior the r.03t. 

- + .--r in rrdar to provide as li-xxcii ccutm- 
nart, taooa o^ oLt, orx,xu 

.,vin 'T'v- n-i.t'^irial r.ay bo vsod 
uity of sub:!-'ot ri^x.t.or &nd .r-- ..-^tiv . 

. ,.. ,. v-i-vj inuore.-t in conteiuoor^r, j,.-^-^-- o. 
-'•-""Tn V-o coiros c- vx- jj -»-- _ 

., .„ ,..>.,„ the or;:a.--ati=n of a <:«.r..o..t xs 

h.«o..c.i ..c.,r..„-. . ^.■- ^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ ,.Mivi3icn3. ^e« 

• * . ....'. -'rio, a 3k:)bcn 

• .-,. r '"'.■' '-' '^ ?'.'.:' Vi- ■ . ^' •■■^ -' ■ •» 

.r .'!nT-'">"iT'j -!.(■■-- "-^ ^..- - . 

.. ,, .,d an^. unu=ual fact. CI =i,-.iifi=a«' 
Of its Tdstory, «» l-'" "-""'^ ^*- -'"* ' 

ir. it'-': covelopniont v;hich need fr:iphscis or cannc-t be pi-^csontsd in ths catliiie 

:'-o sourcco for thda information include ths original publication pro- 

;:.:-od hj rilsej Hurt, the California atatiitcsj Callfcrrlfi mI--o Took, tho an- 
SiU',1 rr biennial r-Jvorbs and special piblicatione of t:i© a.s-enoias conosi^od, 
tho departmental monthlj reports to tha Governor's Council , a^^d interdepart~ 

,ntal corresp vvd-ico. No biblio^^rft-Tiij, other than this tonarai liat, has 
been cr.aoilod. Direct qD,ot?.tions are acco^inanied by- refer'^nce to tho ccurces 
froa v'-dch thej ens; all quotaticnss which ars not foHcirrsd bj rsferencos 
are t'2''"n fro.T. the -j '.at'ittes, 11" tha sf^ncy or £'ub'ii7isicn was establiGhed 
by l3^-i3latiT.5 s,ct, tha conpicto statutorj citation appeara in a footnote at 
t.'-3 c:-id cf ths pararJ^aph. It should be cbssryed that the functicnin;- of 

■ ■ r.".:-. ^'^rit-^ of tha (^r-r-rt"-.?"*" s,t the prss^r^t ti:^s is rcg-alated bj legal 
-:. .es, in par:ic-;.Lar t,:"o Lcv^rn-:^r.^ ^c:.s. If tb? r^rerning pcKer \r&s ret 
e?tE-.blisr.-3d bT-- statuts, the specific dates of origin, of Changs cf title, or 
„,.- t,r.--"r?'r hn-^n >--vr -^'I'-n if it --•-='?. r-?.;H:ibls to c!*^.ter«^dr'.e the'T!. Ir. crlor 
to ms^ir^ acc^:rcC7 ci s; ■ ..... -^ 

p^rt;iii.t cc»;ccnievi, tu be ciifevkod by soii« uXfi.citil c«»Itii.-i^M. by U»o citxx-c- 
■f" '*i »* 

, -, . . J .^ 'f •" — f-/r,v.^-•»■ 

\!,••.v c-iclme 15 o.Gf'-^'^ '■ — ------- 

aim re.38e.rcn. Xtr is iicpciu vrid-c, certiojoi j~x.. =-» wCa%^i..t5r3 

of PoiitxcU. £c.-iice, Liw^era, i^d students of scYema;er:t tviii find it of 


\ 1 

rr;?ARTiiE^?r o? ageiculture 


Ths St.ato ..or^:'. of Agrioulcaxj io a oj^/, indcpsnaent cf the Bepartncnt 
of Agriculture, ycich was set up in its present fovsi In 1929 (Ch. 653, p.l''^3. 
-.'ioprcved Jiir^c 19, r'29j In effect August 14, ?i.9'^J). 

At present the boarti io co.upossd oi rdne usmceT-s aptointed by the 
...vernor for terns cf fcur yeiro. ''Cne :;i3d;er ehall bo :^p^cintcc: frcn tho 
-.nto ?.-.'v^r''e ?'.nd of th'^ r<?m3inin?i: eirrht rr?inbers rot :TDre than cne such rer.- 
;,,,_ -:.. 11 v.- -,-.--iv.,rr>-5 'J--.-.- Pnv cT^e 0011 ? Tps 3 10115,1 dlstrlct or fron any one 
^^^r^^j^ or frm, or ^^s 3 rapresantative or, any one brencn oi vhe agric^altural 
industry" (3tato. 1939, ch. 7;4, P. 2275.; ApproTsa July 13> 1939; in nffoci 

sc:-t^. '-, 1959). . 

-he dvti03 Cf the uoard ere to "inqairc into the needs cf the e-ricul- 
turol Jnd:i3tr7 of IMs .nd the functions of the denart^ort in r.i^tion 
i-r-.r-i-': - . :-i c-"fer *rid advise with ^he <^overnor end obe. director as to bcw 

, , , „ .--v,-p,-'- >,-r -;v.« c.-:o.'irL:''ient.-' 

tLe ap-rxCUlLui\ai ii;'..-j3i.r, . .^^ s.^ ^^^ ^^-^ . , -- - 

\ 1 

cru:-Ai:izATici;AL chart of dsfartisnt cf agricultuhe 

As of June 1949 


1, i:.ure2.u of liTOstock Biceacs Control 

2, Bureau of L'siry Service 

3, Bureau of Lirestock Identificaticn 

h, j-d^iiSM of I^^^-vt Inspection 

Division 07 ?IA:iT II^UETRI 

1. purenu cf Fl'^'.nt Quarantine 

2. Bureau of Int,cr.:olcgy 

3. Bureau of Flant Pathology 

h. rureau cf Rodsnt and l\'eed Control and Ssed Inspection 

5. Bureau cf Field Crops 

6. Bureau of Chenistry 


pT7 :- !!<-"- -.T-!-"', 

1. Bureau of ''arkets 

2. Bureau cf Karkct Snforceaont 

3. Bureau of Iiilk Control 
i. Hures-u of I-:a,rk8t Ne'^s 

'^, T'lureau of ft^ric.utural St'itistics 

6! Bureau of Fruit &rA Vegetable S-c&ndardisation 

?', ""'ir'nu of Shipping Point Inspection 

•''■ ■■■.^r.nau of :c-i=^hts and Measures 

~Trp(\'0''T"rT7'-^ '',^:- « ^- -..--|*v ■-■'••••- 

?he Department oi Apriculttirs wos reoTfi-atiizedj with fne approval of 

.,.-•-• - --riTd •--• i^rxfrb-^.-^ 1, ''^.'^-. The Depart- 

v^snt viR cc-!scliuatcd into rour rnain cJivisionc: A-;:xnL- .r- ...on, Ardr?al In- 
dustry; Plsnt IndustT^j cr/i Econonics (the latter ch&nzed in title to Divi- 
.•icn or .jirrcating, ^ffyctive Januarv ?, ivi.9), aad inc;ludsd bureau3, u^xder 
thf? d'.vloic-<;, ^os3 foncticns and services >fcre related. 

-arinR 1937 the Agricultural Prorate Gcrn:issicn, an iu.iependejTt .tete 
^^ ,„_ ,., ._ ..d a nev; Agricultural Prorata Adviscrj Ccnrdssion 

,.....^ .Th'3 c-^ssi-n was nl:.ceu uad' r - ■ Baresxi of Karketn, Tivisicn 

- , . 1 J. •■'^•- first -o 97, S^ ."mr"C""'3Cl 

ol -.rksting in the Department of Agriculture v— 07L; ?. 'i— - — 

.-.i "io Tn-jQ^ The welrrits and n^?3-arQ3 ls^/3 

vreru coaiiied xniio tne^ne^^ . - ^-.-^a... -, 

p. 443. Approved Feb. 3, 1939; in eirect Sept, 1% 15^?). 

,^^ ^._ ;i3ter3 the department ^^nd Id also the 

--.■.,',.. -^ -t-v.. ■r2-^-"nin'' diTi<3ions ci' 
u:;ad 01 i/he Divxoic.i Oi .l-^-.u...^ 

, . .... Dur^- . ■ -- -■ ^^ 

tns deparuraeni. is he^^aeu ijy 6t" •'^^'— 

-, .■,^-i-..--.y->t; crjsr^teSj 

the latest A Gricoiturai C- 

. » ■-— . ■■P iputf ' l i Ml i 

P??.5SENT CaGAHIZATIOrit after 1936 

nivision of Atirdnistraticn 

The adrinis brative staff of the Dgpartiaent of Agriculture perforrns a 
vri^'V/- of cervices P-.V.-1 tasks. This divioion directs the adndni strati on of 
;.o ...parLc^no, provx.--. ....cultural, oaonoaic, and legislative cid to th3 
Governor and tho Lsgislatura, csi^ablishes policies ..ith th^ federal scvern- 
■:3nt, ::t-tj. ajen^i^s, coaiity boards of supervisors, co^mty agricultural ccn- 
.,= ...,_3 a-d o^'-.r agricultural organizations and acencies, it-aintains the 
d.part:.3nt library, issues the department bulletin ar.d special publio.ticns, 
n^par.s and installs the exixibits at agricultural faira, releases informa- 
ticn to the .reas and rad.o. Thia division also adMnisters all fiscal and 
^Jr^o.:..^il :-atLer '-^o deparUi3:i&. 

Civiaicn of Aninai Industry 

•:-he activitieo of this division rcl.te to liv.s.ock aicea.e control, ina..ction, livestock idenUfication, ar^i dairy aorvico. 
1. Exireaoa of Livcstoc;< Msec.-, c-^r-r^ 

1939 The fomer Uv.stoc. Dxc...3 ocn.r^^i Service^was made a 
bureau, undor the rooreaiii:3ation prograia, to c.rry en 
_,..-, v,...for'.: and -cultry disease prevention Activi- 

, ^^,-i^r.Ac '>r''i "•■ri'>''s dicsase, and 

nsirtain laboratories for dia-nose. .._ ...t__ 

and poulti-y di?-eascs. 

2. Bureau of Dairy Ser^/lcs 

^ 4v« iv>iT-.- -ervicc b-r. bc^n changed 

to the iiuraeu of Dair,- Ser-^ce whose .pociaizod q«llty 

control v;ork ana c urorccnent is divided into those activi- 

a. I'l.irk'?.* niilk pro.^rara 

b. rlicoxvlng point inspection 

c. lae creaa program 

d. Euti.^-.r control program 

e. Gneeae progra-'a 

r. Initr^ticn liccnc-ing service 

g. C -i.ui^ercial touting service 

; . Dniry c-.r.tcinfr-rs service 

i. Diiiry s'irric^ iLbcraiory 

3, Bure-iiU of Li.v>3oiock ia;jnc.i.iicc.t::.uu 

1939 The Livcntcck S^rxitaiy Service wao chanced to the :?urGau of 
Livestock Identification dva-ing the reorganisation of the 
dep-:irt'nent in 1939. 
t. Bureau of Heat Inspection 

1939 Th-^ forr^er Maat Inspection Ssndce was r.iade the Burc:'.u of 

Division of Pl"~^ ^^e,.<,f^- 

;.t pre- a dxvicxcn c:...cu_'3:.. ^^.: curo5.u3. 

' -„ <-,+• pr+iv-ities and co-nT'?xitic8 of acndn- 

■.1 in 1939 in-<5 ' 

m..,, .;ir-i+ ';;nctionG arc 

. _ . ^. ■ -r.- -r^- ^■',-"Tio(?, 

.-Lth the Bureau < 

Plqv.t ouarantiro, cifcc-vi/o «..auari x, -/ ^ > 

^ _-,,.,, ,^,,^^-,,4.^^.-> Kh-rn tM<^ n»par«=.tlon 

Look pls,ce in 194?j» ActivitieB of the bureau are: 

a, Ad'ninistration and enfor5<?went of Interstate and 
intrastate plant quarantines against injurious 
domestic and foreign inccotSj plant".ae3, and 
pest eniTiiaia, activities or County 
Agricultural CCuii-desiofiers ia this field. 

b. Admir-istraticn of laws pertaining to liccncir/: 
mii-ser;/ business 5 sutjervisc-s -pefcit sur^rcy cf nur- 
DoricSj &s well as cuoer-Tisee tha 8d-iinistr-ition 
of . 1S.WG governing the 3ove:::jnt cf nnrsorj stock. 

i9/;.o Ib'i I^ureau of Enicniologr, whi-^h r^-i h-^.r. rxevz"^'^ wit-i'i the 

Bure?iu of Plant QuaranUne in V}ijy w^s oaparatsa ircni the 

plant quarantine) f miction, effectivs Octcbor 1, 194^. T^^ 

irv;: ,-;,..wXic phase of the serw.ce -rx~ continuea in xliia 

bureau. The following are pririary acciv:^uico cf the bureau: 

e.. Gurvejs for new insect pest infestations. 

b. rr--7c-lopir-8nt cf procedures for sradicetin^ or ccn- 
„.iing pssts in cooperation with County A^irlcul- 
"■-rii Corociiissioriers. 


..^ serylce fcr idsntificuticn and c^^MSiii- 
3 of insects int^rr^-ted in pest survojrs and 
c aarantine ixisoeotion. 

. ■-.•^^^.fo-f- ■ — irtopcticn laws £.nd 

.'^^Iri^.. . ..tdsoicnera and state 

■■„ „jJ4i..t^^ +.p ■;->-> ^c«r'!fic :iccper£?.tion indicated 
- ^.,. .ir&au cccpor'-t'5f> vdth Ccv"'" " - '•l^tll- 

cied £.. . ,. :d, 

l'''j} i.r-f f^'T-ction -.-■^ iOv^^v.ion o. ■ •- it v^s pl^coa xa tns i.xv-oxo.. v. .^-.^- ....-^-.-, --- 
-,... ,emine3 the importanco of dioeasee of 

plants and deteririines causes for irA-okins police pov.-srs in 
the control and eradicaticn cf pl=.nt diseassa. 
U. bureau of Rodent and V'^tcO Cmtrol e.nd Soed l7i3pection 

1939 During t:n<i roort-^uzaciou oi the Uaparti:ic-nt. cf Arriculture 
the forrisr Rodent, Pla^ae and Veed Gcntrcl Service was made 
a bxiree-u. in the Divificn of Plant Industry. The nazz of 
the bure3.u m^s cn3.r:;{ed to the Eur-eriu c£ Rodent and TTeed 
Control end S^jed Incpecticn in 1942. This bureau conducts: 

a. Pla^?!!© sutjprsssion activities in ccoDeraticn 
Crtr'ty Eoeras of Supsrviscro (thrfoupji County Aj^ri- 
cul./aral Ccrjnissicr.orc) and 3.ando^-mer3, 

b. "eed eradication progr-2i::s in a cupenn-Ecrj^ car^acity 
■ in cocDpratici-' v?ith Cooritj Agriciiltural Cc: .-aissicn- 

cr?. ^: -.1 en vreed control i^atcsrs also serves in en 
advisory capacitj. 

c. Predatory anisial control activities in cooperation 

v-itu ony U. S. Fieh ^na viidiife Service and Gcuiity 
Hoards of Sur>?r\'lec-rs. 

r\^j.;-cr7 auiiviv^es aivl/oT services in an ad- 
- ^.'"caccci'tT wi-oh County A?ricui^T',ral Coicsission- 
er^ la tue cuppressicu ox" injurious birds and other 

TQM -T!. ^ ^oTTiia ■' -rr '^'^-d rhe Keea Insoscticn Ser- 

,H."e w^r^ transferred irca the Bureau of Field Crops to the 

:r; ■..'cod Control, Sopteriber 1, 1941. 

^ '.T-, -.,-1 'l --t-ivi 

Pvircv-U of lio i-d Ci'op'; 
19a The CaUfcrnia Sesd Laboratory and the Socd Inspaction 2cr- 
.rice ver- transferred fron this bureau to th^^ ^^uteau of 
p,,i.^t^ Plague, a-- ---^ ^'^-••^-1 ^-^ ^■^/•-- ""^"^ ^^^^ ''"''^^^" 
xng activitia^ . uar;,<-u aro: 

a. Cc'::rRorciaI feedtn?: stuffs 

b. i'ield crops inspecticn 

c. Califoraia bonded warehouses 

d. Public grain '..-arehouse inspection 

e. Tsr^ainal vreighing 

6. Bureau of Cheniistr.7 

1939 The fcraer Dirisicn of Chenistry was .niide a bureau under 
the DiviBicn of Plant Industry. ?]iis bureau adisinistersj 

a, Spr-:y rssidae enforcement 

b, r.conosiic poisons control lawrj 

c, Laws controlling sale and distribution of 
ccnaaercicil fertilizers &nd ar^ricuitural 
minerals as to 1'i.beling and proper ingredient 

Division of I:?, rice ting 

Tho Division of L'arketing, originally naraed Division of Econcnics, vras 

created in 1939 under the direction of the Director ci" the Departr.snt of 

Agricultura. At pressnr, the divisicn coruprises eir;ht bursauo: 

1, Ilureau of J'lrkets 

1939 7-e for::ier Division of Markets was a^tcle a bureau under the 

nsw Divif-i-^T of T'arketing. ?'he adrriinis tret ion of the Pro- 

rr?te Act &.'^ ;i::.Cx.C'::' in 1939 '""^■'^ placed uiiasr t-hs bureau in 

ccoperaticn v.lth the Agricultural Prorate Advisory Gcmiais- 

ricn. Tha ?-"-tivitier of tiic buroan r.r?- divided into G-sneral 

k:-rircx.xn^ Service ana General Marketing La\/s. 

CtatG. 1939, ch. S94, 0, 24^-6. Appro -/cd July 22, 1939j 
in efi'cct Sept. 19? '1939. 

I'-'/.o Tho Bui-&?iu of rarkets set up its cvm enforceacnt ctaiT to 

acrAinistor all enforcerient work of the bureau in I'arch 19it6. 

Cnlifomia. Denart-j.snt oi /prri culture, Tvienty-seventh 
Ar.xnual Report, v. 35, r.c. 4, i94o 

2, Bureau of Market Ini'orcemsnt 

1939 The Bureau of Market Enforcement is responsible for enforcing 
the acts relating to marketing and licensing persons or 
iirr:s directly cr indirectly engaged in the marketing of 
California's agricultural cornrrtodities. The acts enforced 

a. The Produce Dealero (Coii^iitisicn Merchants) Act 

b. The Processors Act 

■ c. The Youno; and Desmond Filk Control Acts 

d. The Fair Trade Practices Milk Act 

e. Produce Exchange Act 

r. Tne Caliiornia i:arkatin<'^ Act of 1937 

g. The California Agricultural Products Marketing Act 

of 1937 
h. The Processed Feedstuff T'arketing Act 
i. The Agricultural Prorate Act 
j. BuTiping Act 

3, Bureau of Ililk Control 

l?.'i5 The Director of Arriculture sst up a new bureau. Bureau of 
I-ilk Control, in Noveriier 1945 to deal exclusivelj with the 
enforce;nent of the Young and Desisond Lilk Control Acts, the 
Fair Trade Practices Nilk Act (so-called Ice Crean Lc.w) and 
related statutes, thereby renioving these activities fron the 
Bureau of Market Enforce-tient. 

19i.6 The Bureau of ''.'arket Enforcement was . relieved of enforcing 
the Califorriia Kirketin^ Act of 1937, thr: California Af^ri- 
cultural Products Karketin^ Act of 1937, the Processed 
Foodstuff irarketing Act, e.nd the Agricultural Prorate Act, 

4, Bureau of I.'arkat ilews 

^noQ ^vp sicdia of distribution of market news er.ployed by the 
Dureau of Market i:c:;z are the miiieographed reports of tho 


bureau, newspapers, press o^oscciations and trade n-i[^azines, 
telephone and messenger fiervice, and radio. Transmission 

of iiifora;),tion cat'?a3en points outside the state .is made 
by the f^dersil leased wire systsia, and trariSaissio-n be- 
txecn offices >rithin the state is acconrolished by the 
California short-'/:ave telegraph network. 

5. ijureau o. i^-^ricaiturc-l Statistics 

1939 The ETjreau of Agricultural Statistics was formerly a part 
of the Adsdnistration Dirision. The bureau, nore coiaiaonly 
VsiO-m as the California Cooperative Crop Reporting Scr^/ice, 
operates under a cooperative agreernent betveen the Agricul- 
tural ilarkoting Service of the United States Dopartacnt of and the California State Depart-^nt of Acricul- 

6. Bui-eau of Fr'ait and I'egetable Standardisation 

1946 U^ider the Agricultural Code the Eui-eau of Fruit and Vege- 
table Standardisation enforces tho- standards TDortaining 
!:t fruits, nutn, veget^ables, hon&7, and e^gs, and acijainis- 
tera self-supporting activities relating to canning toaato 
•,,r-^^eticn oM reoa rrotato certification. 
^. .-,.,. ^,.-,.^ p,.,..^.-.n-. of Apricultur'^. -v-r^thlv bulletin, 
V. 35^ r;c.ce:±3r 1946, p. 404. 

7. Bureau of Shipping rcxrt. Inspection 

1939 The Bureau of Shippins Point Inspection vas placed in the 
new Di'Hslon of Kartetini^. The bureau cooperates with the 
United States Departirent of A^rricalture in conducting the 


California Federal-State Inspection Service, inspecting and 

certif:/ing friiits and verjetables thrcti^hout tho stats, 

3. Bureau cf '■'eights and Measures 

1939 T>"^ wei£htr> and ^lieaEurcs lews vjsre codified in the Busiriisa 

nnd Professions Code. The Bureau cf Iveights and Measures is 

charged v;ith the enforcement of the V'eights and Measures 

Act, Uct Conttiinr.r Act, P^abllc ''cighnaster Act, Ercc.d Act, 

Hay Baling Acr., Gasoline and Oil Snbstit'xticn Act, and 

California r.nportaticn Act. 

Stata. 19?.9, ch. L3 , p. U5. Approved Feb. 3. 1939; in 
eTfect Sept'. 19, 1939. 

i:z?.....-::.-: of califoeiuA ki^-kx pathol 


A?: Organized: Jur.s 1949 

DiTisicn OF AB;:i:ii3?r:4TTr! 

1, Accciintir.."' Section- 

2, FersonnGi o option 

3, Z:iJi..i-^£nt .'u;.d crfice Services Section 

1, Or-dsra-Eulletin'-; S3Ctior. 

o '^•ifct" ■'^luccticii Section 

3. Traiui:i-; Section 

■, p'i ^v^v^-; ^-s -J Sc'Ctxon 

p. SpPci?i.L Services Section 


Ths Departis-xat cf California Highway Patrol was creat-sd as a ssparats 
agencv in 19475 ou::c<>ediri-j tc the livicion of Enforceu'ent, Bepcirt:r.ent of 
Kc-.or Vehiclca. (Stats. 19i.7, ch. 16, 1st ex. S8S3., p. 3-316. ATjprovsd 
July 10, 1947 j in effect Sopt. 23, 1947.) The administrative head of the 
department in the Conaicsicner aor^ointed hj the Governor. Tho Comrdssioner 
appoints the Chiei' Administrative Officer and the Chief of tho California 
Highway Patrol, 

The tienibers of th^. Hi^musj Patrol consist of tho Com-nissicner, Chief 
of t.hs California Highwa;/ Patrol, ajcistant crdef, inspectors, captains, 
sergeants, traffic officers, and invcsti.^ators , 

The department took OYcr the follc^'dng bureaus fron the Division of 
Ad.J.nistr--ticn, Departnent of :'otor Vehicles; Eurcan of Tqiiipa^nt, Bureau 
of Statistics, Bureau cf Mechanical Analj-^is, and Bureau of Accident Pre- 
vention renanied Safety Education Section. 

The .supor/ision of the telet^"^ faction, corinuni cations, v^a- trans- 
-red froa the Patrol to tne ;~ .^nt cf K^tcr Vehicles, April 1, 19';^. 

X Ilighv/ay Patrol Acadc:^^, HcClellan Held, Gacrairsnto, was established 
un'i.-'- the .iuricdictrVon cf the CcrurdsGioner in 1947. 

t tr.s rreoertt.tiae tlje dcp:-.r;-nicnt, is org^-inized Into thr ?o dj.vicicnst 
Ths Divi-iion of A-drdnistration, including the follov.'ing" sections: Accoun- 
tir.~, P-fTr^cr-n-l, ETJl'^-^>t and Office Services, Division of Pield Opera- 
ticrji, wriic- s-^j. ^r-zises the v^^riouc ^^at^rcl districts and equ-ds throuchout 
4.V0 c■^.,f^ r- • ■ - '^eT^.'icen, includes the follovdnn 

soctiou^: Crdcr5-l>ull3tin3, Safety Education, Training Pl^-^ning, a:.d 
S'^rcial Ser'^'ires. 



The Board of Corrections created by ths 1944 Prison Reforn Act (Stats. 
1944, eh. 2, Third E:rtra Scss.. -. l-*. Aoprorsd Feb. 4, 19445 in effect 
mj If 19/iiv) consiats of thn Bircct-or of Corrections, who is chairman, the 
throo r-smberc: of the .Adult Authority, tho thrco r.c-i>ers of the Youth Author- 
ity, two nisrcoers of the fiire-iaenber Board of Prison Dimeters, and two worifjn 
i...r.::.bcr3 of the five-'^ienibcr Board of Truutdcs of ths Calif omi'.; Institution 
for Y'ycin, The need for ccrrolating these agencies and bringing then to- 
geth.:-^ on the policy-making loTel io r.:?t bj this elevsn-nembsr Board of 
Gorrsctions, T'no Deparwient of Corrections differs fron the fomwr Depart- 
sicnt of Penology in that tho Board of Corrections drav/3 these agencies to- 
gether. Tho loiith Authority/ ic ths cnlj agency within the Department of 
Corrections that iv. indeopndent of tho Director ci Corr-jctior.e, out as a 
ELcnber of the board this ai-ency c^ji be interconnected \ath th^ other n;ajor 
agencieo in the department, 
I The Board ot Corrections has broad duties ana responsibilities for 
stud;/-inrT the eutir^ crine and delinquency proble-i in i^he .^tate. At t/'.e 
prc'jja^ tiae there are livs co^Tcaissions, ci*eated by executive order, to 

assist ths board in this study of criiri-J: criroinai lav; and procedure, adult 


' corrections and release procedures, iviTcnil^^; ;)--t^c-, rcA:)l -^nd eccncrdc 

causes of cris?5 and delinquency, and organiaea cri.;.;e. stu'-y ox cr.v:.^ 

i h-d it J origin In the Calif cnila Crise Conriissicn created in 192? in the 

'^'' partnent of Fenclogy, 


depaet::d::-t o? ccep:egtic:.3 

As crranised June 19. V9 

nvzcrop. ci corrj'.ctic'-s 

1, Adainistration 

a. ^u-i.ioss Cznca 

b. Gorierai Office 

c. Pe;r3cnr.el 

d. Classification 

o. Ccnfraitin'' and Cccrdinating 

. .^ I,; .- «.^'. — W i. i M„ -■ - t.^v^.' , X — .- -.fc- '-* w >- — . ^'^ ^ :.-^ 'Jl.ii \-"^ X V C- — ^ %f ^^ ,u J 

3. ■■ California Slato Prison at Folsoa , 
it, Caiix'". Prison ^ii, Soledaa 

Calif C2IU-2. ^.: . .j.-Lutioii for lien (2 road caupa, 2 for^atry c-ai.:p3) 

7, :fcdic-.l Facilitj {rat aotirztod) 
3, C.:Ufornia In^t-it/ution for I'oiisn 


C, .:araau of Ciaijsifl cation 
3, DiarTiO£;tic Clinic 

Vr.7 TT* 77 i I r" ' ' •'? T'V^ 

laiiiio wra'cii'vc* 'jxix 

r:->. i'irYi-r; 

,.i. -■ 


:. iood and lvatrit,ion Section 

2, CiTisicn of DLi^orrio ar.d Classificaticn 

3* M.x- -,^n of l"rainiii|^ mi<^ TreavcsBnt .. 
.'d C. Tcdius 3chocl for Pcys 

b, b^cston Scnool of Jr/i'cstTCj 

c. Y-'-vr-r- --'-ool for Girls 

■■■•■■ ■ r,;^- 7^,'-^ .; 2 


' irJ-S 

Campo (4) 

' 1 r> 

„ ,.f -U .-,1-7 C,.-/ 



.H . ■■ 



The Departnsnt of Corrections was organized in 1944 under the Prison 

. r^anisatiop. Act (Stats, 1944, ch. 2, Tliird Ex. Seas., p. 13. Approved 
rah, L, lOU'^-i in efit-ow Haj 1, 1944). The departrriGnt succeeded to ths 
-;cv;ors ol the Departraent of Penology, the atato Doard of Prison Directors, 
-he Board of Prison Terss and Paroleo, the Advisory Pardon ToErd, the 
Euraavi of Puroles, the Califcrnia Crins CosEission, the wardens and clerks 
or Sail ^i^uciitin Fric^cn, loiscni Jrisczi, Califcrrda Institution for li?n at 
Cilno, arxd tlic Califcrnia Institution for ¥ca£n at Tshachapi. The depart- 
r.ont hL£ jurisdiction over the California State Prisons at £an Quentin and 
-,.--_.^. *_^^^ Calii -!■:;_:. Ir.ctituticn for !''" "^ C'-irc (in 19-'.l tho naris v/as 
chan.ted frca Southern Califcrnia Prison) j the California Institution for 
YoLAn (the above prieons wors ior^rij- unaer the ad:ranistration of the 
:" vtQ Bcird cf Prison Lirectors in the EopartTaent of Penolosr)j and three 
institutions established in 1945: ^•^^*? California Vocational Institution, 
iredicLl Facility (nit activated), and the L'ediun Sec^irity Prison at 

The Department of Corrections is ccr.pcse.d of tne Director of Correc- 
tncns, appointed by the Governor to serve a:: his-pleasurej the Adult 

r, ., ^:.tcd by the lav; of 1944 and inoiuding the Bureau of Paroles 

. .■ic; 

transferred fro:, -le Depar^.-^u. -nolo^yS the Board of Trustees of the 

Callfor-ua Institution for ^^d^uen, fori::3rl7 in th. Dopart:aent of Penolc^j 
ths Corroction.1 Industries Con^ssion, created in 1945; and the Youth 
Au^hcri.y, .^.u^ht into the department in 19^'. (1947 Pen.l Cede, sec. >C01). 



Under the Director ci' Corrections are located the functions of 
departmental adiiinist ration that include; business office, general 
office, personnel, classification, consulting and coordinating. 

California State Prison at Sen Cuentin 

The San Quentin Prison is one of the oldest in California, It 
v;ag estabHshecl in 1909 fc^r the priirary purpcce of irnprisoning aale 
first offenders. In 1944 the prison was placed under the jurisdiction 
of the Departsient of Corrections, At present there are two road camps 
that operate in cooperation with the Division of Hishvrays. 

California State Priscn at Folsoa. 

The Folscia Prison is one of maxiKrani security; second and third 
offendsrs are imprisoned there. The prison xms placed under the juris- 
diction of the Tjf^.^-.p.r-t'.rfwl oT Corrections in 1944. 

California State Prison at Solcdad 

T.-iC Director ci CcrrecLicns, vith the .-ipproval of the Board of 
Corrections, vas authorised to establish a state prison for the con- 
finer.ent of ri-ales under the cuytody of the Director of Corrections, 

:.'. ir.r>titution is o.-e of r.ediun: security, the prir^ary purpose being 
to provide custody, c^re, industrial, vocational, and other training 
to persons cc^.fined there, 

<^^-t3 1^-1-5 ch ?: .. "' Ai:T:rovc J April 19, 1945; in effect 
Sept. 15, 1945. 

California Ir.ctitutlon for ]'"en at Chir.o 

The t:aiiiorr.ia Institution for Men was established in 19i;l for 
the purpose of restoring those offenders v/ho seem capable of moral re- 
habilitation. Tlio institution was formerly under the jari:>Qiction of 
the D^i!part.Tent cf Penology until 194A, V7heii it v.-ao brcurrht under the 
authority of the Departnsnt of Corrections . At present tv;o road camps, 
in cooperation v;itn the Civisicn of lighways, Departiseni. cf Pablic 
V'orks, and t-./o forestr:/- camps in ccoi>eratic.n vath the U. S. Forestry 
Ssrvica are in oneraticn. 

Califcrnii Vccationai Institution 

The Lcgisiatui'e ectafalishcd the California Vocational InGtituticn 
xcr the conrinr-rjsnt of Bales under the cuctoay of the Director of Cor- 
rscticna and lia I'cuth Authority, The institution is an intermediate 
t7i>e of ins ti -cation whose primary purpose is to provide custody, care, 
industrial, Vvc;.tlonal and other trairJ.n£, guidance and reforzatory 
i-^jlp for ycu.:>, .-in, i-^.^ ...ature to be ' jnefitod by th2 prog;ra:Ls of cor- 
recticnal schools for juveniles arid too ifraaturs In crLne for ccnfinc- 
nisnt in priccns. 

The ilircatcr of Ccrrections appoinr-s tha superintendent for the 
Caiiicrr^w-i VccaLional Institution, subject to civil service resuiations, 

St-.ts. rA5, ch. lk5Ly p. 2735. Approved July 1945; in effcjct iir-riedi- 


Xsdical Facility (net, activaiisd) 

The Medical Facility was established in the Departrjint of Correc- 
tion" b" p-i ret of the T.^-islature in 19^5. The oriciary purpose of 
tne j£eui^;-.x i-C-^^./ ±o .•.- ..;u..xv., ..^,re,:atc, coifint?, treat, end care 


for males under the custody of the Departsent of Corrections vho are 
mentally ill, mentally defective, epileptic, addicted to tlie use of 
narcotics, or othen/ise physically or nentally abnonnal. The superin- 
tendent for th3 r^edical Facility '/all be appointed by th3 Director of 
Corrections under civil service regulations and hs vdll be directly 
responsible to the Director when this program is activated, 

Cti.t.. 1945, ch. 1C91, p. 2765. Approved July 15, 1945; in effect 
Sept. 15, 1945. 

California Institution for Koaien 

The California Institution for Voiaen v/as established in 1929 for 
the purpose of prci-lding custcdjr, care, protection, industrial, voca- 
tions!, and other training for reformatory help. The institution was 
transferred frcn the Department of Penology to the Departinent of Cor- 
r .actions in 1944 « 

The Aaait Authority was established as a division of the Department of 
Correcticns v.-h^n the deoartaenb was organised in 1944. The Authority ccn- 
Eicts of three members appointed by the Governor for a term of four years. 
These neinbers serve as a state parole board (duty of the former Board of 
Friscn Tcras and Farolcs ai-d the Division of Friaoii Terns and Paroles in 
thy Depart:::ent cf rcnolc-ry) and an advisory pardon board (duty of the fcr- Advisory Pardon Poard in the Bepart-snt of Psnolo^^O* ^^Y ^^^o are 
ae-'-crs of the Eoard of Ccrrccticns. The Adult Authority is a quasi- judicial 
ardency which has been given broad powers over convicted niale felons. 

The duties of the Adult Authority are divided among several bureaus: 
ths Bureau of Paroles, Bureau of Cl?iS3ificatlon, and the Dia'rncstic Clinic 
(Guidance Center). 

Bureau of Paroles 

1943 The Bureau of Paroles vras created in 1943 under the State 

Board of Prison Directors. I he bureau v;as headed by a 

crdsf state parolo officer appointed by the board. 

Stats. 1943, ch. 949, p. 2S19. Approved June 1, 1943] in 
effect Au.^;. 4, 1943 • 

1944 Tho Bureau of Tarolea was placed ^inder the Adult Authority. 

in 1944j the burecu is headod hy a chief state parole 

officer appointed by tho Ac.ilt Authority. 

Stats, 1944, ch. 2, Third Extra Sess. , p. 12, Approved 
Feb, ;,, 1944; in effect Hay 1, 1944. 

Bureau of Classification 

1946 On ICay 1, 1946 the Director of Corrections and the mer-bers 

of the Adult Authority established the Classification Bureau 
in order to improve the scop-e and effectiveness cf the care 
-nd tr^^t^-snt prograras in the psnal instituticiis . Ad-ninis- 
tratively, tho bureau is responf^ible to the Director of 
Corrections. The bureau personnel consxaos of a chisf, a 
-jper-vT-L^or of classification and parolo, a £ut>ervi::cr rf 
priocn ed^:^^oicn, and a sociolcsist. The bureau has adnin- 
i;3trative con;:rol :-id supor/ision over the Diddance Centers 
at San Quentin p-tA Lancaster. 

. .• . _„.,-•- • . ciii--- - (C"d.d'^r'.oa Center) 

r.-> • ■ .^r, ^..i-^i.-\i -h-"^ in tho Dcpartr.cnt of 
1944 The ,,I..^^....3tlc Clinic vc.o in .a. l.^ 

Corrections by a legislative ^^ct; "The Director cf Correc- 
tions sliE.ll prcAdde facilities ^.ni. perscrj^cl fcr a psychia- 
tric and din.gnostic cliiiic and cuch brr.nchss thereof as nay 
be required at ens or 7?.ot9 cf tho Str.te priscng or irstitu- 
ticns 'ji-dGr the jurisdiction of the Dept. cf Correcticrs." 
The cliiilo is responsible fcr i. scisr.tifie study of each 
priccnsr, rds career sr.d life histcr;r, the c?uss cf hi: 
criiidnal act.s, and for the preparation of reco-.2niendations 
to be subidtted to the Director oi the departr:-ent. The 
cli.rJ.c is kncvm cv. ^' - C-uidance Center of the dopartr.eut. 
The activity of the clinic is divided into four najor divi- 
aions — medicine and psychdatryj nociolor-7- and case-work, 
^-r-^'-'holo^y and educational work., and %'ccation il counseling, 

Sta^s. 19l.k^ ch. 2, 3r-d ex. ecsc.j p. 13- Approved Feb. k, 
iCKt. w offset Illy 1, U^LL, 

Tho Youth Authority, created in 1941 (ch. 937, p. 25?-2. Approved 
^uV 9, IvU.; iii effect S3pt. 13, 19^) as an independent ^gevJiy -na caUed 
th: vcuth CDrrocticn Authority, was brci:-ht into -the Departnent of Ccrrac- 
tir-iG by tho Prison Reorsanisaticn Act, 19^^ ((^n^ --:. 3rd ex. ness., ?. 13). 
The ^ovd correction ,,33 dropped fro:a the Authority's tizxo xn 1543 when it 
vrs desired to e-ph^al'.e -reventicn as vrell as ccrrecticn in the Author:!.ty< 3 

., -H~r^o_--=r,pr-r ccard vhicn has rccpcnsxbility 
Tr-s Youth /iutnorxty is a unre3--snL,cr ccai-u ».-l-.- 

f,^ ,v, cl-'n.ific.ti.n, care, ord tre.trrent of nl] cca:.itted to it by 

t'.. • .....n. c^u^^-. or .he state and fcr ruch ether youthful offenders under 

the a-.3 of tv;ent7~one as :?.ay be accepted for trc^.tnient by the Youth Author- 
ity rrom the cri^iinnl cov.rts of the state. The Authority is not responsible 
i- t'^o DiJX'Ctcr cf Correcticno; the thi-ee neicbers are appointed by and are 
responsible to the C-overr>or» 

At the present tiric the Authority is ccnposed oL' the Ad*"J.nistrative 
Office and three divisions: Divislcn of Diagnosis and Glassific-ticn, Tdvi.- 
3icn cf Traininii and Treatr-snt, and Division of Ticld ServiccD. 
Adninisbrativo Office 

The Ad ifXL nistrative offica of the Youth Authority provides central 
control and urdfied iianag02ient of the business operations of the divi- 
sions and f-'ciiities uiid'sr its control. The Aiidnistrative Office is 
f'-.-'.ridcd into the fersoinnl Section, the Accc-ontin^ L-cction, the Office 
cf t:io Clerk, the Trans port at ion Section, and the Fcod and Nutrition 

1^ O C 1/ ^Cw • 

Zl'rl^Lcw of Di'i-.;.xcai3 and Classification 

l.,.c iyiv^iiioii Oi Lj.c-ui;di3 and ClausificAticn is responsible for 
tho clinical study of case cc^rd-tted to the Youth authority. 

19/;2 The first di-ic-nc.'>tic clarJ-C, located at the Prostcn Schcol 

.-''■■ ■^ncT.-.v.i / ..-.■- - - • ■ 1-. '^ir zixca since 1942, 
19/+4 Sird.lar serricp has been presided for the Ventura Schcol 
for Girls and th-3 Ics Guilucos School for Girls, 
rivisicri of 7rr.inir: and Treatnient 

'ih^ Division ci .raxning a^id Trs.. .:--... ^>-^5 net vp in IJU under a 

ciiief who iv. in chir.-e of the coirectional schools in California, 

?• c h c c 1 r ^ r ^ r" v'T 
-, -«-rr.:jticnal .^c^ools, Fred C. ::'5lles/(fcmerly called 

. ■ T State Schcol), Pr^^iton Schcol cf Industry, and 


Ventura School for Girls v.-ers transferred to the control of 

the Youth Authority frora the Department of Institutions, 

Stats, 19Z3, ch. U'il, p. 2013. Approved llay 15, 19i^3; in 
effect Aus. 4, 1943. 

1944 Additional sp.3.ce was provided by the establishment of a 

forestry csmp for boj'-s ft the Calaveras Pifi; Tree State Park, 
two vrcrk carnps for older boys set v.n in cooperation 
the Ar.-ry at. the Benicia Arsenal and the Stoclcfcon Crdnance 
D^pct, the Fricct Ranch for ycunrer boys, and the Los 
Guilucos School for Girls at Santa Rosa, 

1947 Tho ^afo Robles i^chool for Foys v:as opened on September 30> 
1947 i'CT bojt; betv:cen 14 ana 16 j'Pars of a~e who need dis- 
ciplinary care and a roredial school prof^ra-ii, 

California Ycuth Authority, Quarterly v. 1, #1, o. 3, 
Sunrscr 194i5 

Division of Field Services 

The Division of Ticld Services includes those activities of the 
Authority vhich bring ii into most direct ccntact -..ath other co--.unity 
af-encies, na-isly, the sections dealing v;ith delinquency prevention, 
prcbatir^n, and parole. The Division of Field Sendees is under the 
di.Tocticn of a chief. 

Delinquency Prevenoicn Section 

1^'41 The Delinouency Prevention Section vas eotabllched by 

-lerisl-ative &athoritr v.'hich prc-.-idca that the Authority cay 
"establish cr c^sitt ia t..; eGtabli-Jiui^cnt of any public 
ccmrcil or ccrnrdttee and may assist aad c;;jpcratc uith -ny 
exintinp arency, haviniFT as its objeci the prcveution or 


dccTs-s'jC-i of delinquency aniong youths;*.,," 

Gt..o:i. I-:.'.!, ch. 937, p. 252,^. A-oprovcd July 9, 19A1; in 
effect ft'^pt, 13, 19U. 

Probotion Section 

.19A3 Tho Probation Section was transferred to tlia loiith Authority 
frcn the rspartEsrst of Social Volfare in 19/^3 and was 
nlacsd urAov the Divisicn of Field SsTricas, The Section 
io cli. :-./^a vdth investigating cina rsporbins ^P^^i adult and 
juvenile probaticn as practiced throughout the state, 

r^i-ole Section 

i;4l .. •.. / .. -le Section was eslc-oll^'^^^d <.5 p^il, of the Livision 
of Field Services er^rly in x-no cr^cniaaticn of ths Youth 
Authority. The Assistant Chief 01 the Dirisicn cf Field 
Ser'/ices is in charE:^ of this section, 


The Stato Board ci '.rxzoxi i.iructors was placed in the Den.;rtront cf 
Corrections vl.crv ^hs dcpartnsnt was organized in 192*4. ^itii tnat Lino the 

j iLri r^oticncd in th;^ i:::rirt".nt of Penology. 

., , ^, -,■.-■-• ' ''r-.-tra Tccnicn, p. 13. 

Arpro-*d Feb., 4, 19^4, in orfsct May J-^ -: . -^ S ... -e 

, , ^^r,-i=-- -^H^-cioili .vising vdth the Director 

^neral policies 

-•.■,'-:■. -nt of r.ilc 
end care, custcij, treac-ijui, ■-•-o> ■^~- ^-.••^ * 

-. . ::?r>:. Herex.oicre, th^ State Board of Prison Dire; •'^^ 

ac ..11 C.S ..e uctv .0 :..nare ... ^o.u« urx3oa« and .o.oiu. the waraena and 
Clerks .nd dircc. th. .ureau o. .-.roxea (.^w ..c.r ti.e uxrectxon of the 
Adult Authority) . 


Tile Board of Prison Directors consists of five msmbers appointed by 
tn-3 Governor for a terra of four years, 1;- members 3-3rve on the Board of 


in x;,,^j ^-.'-- -..'o.-a::! ;:. the Stato of Caliiornir. vsre ouccessful in 
separating the control of convicted feniale adult felons fro;:! ths Kianagoriient 
of tu3 ddult :uhle pro!=;ram. The five-meicber Board of Trustees, sot up in 
1929 cy oho 1.3^1.^1 -oa^o^ >.r tue California Institution for "O-iien was tho 
adiniuistrativs board of tho institaticn and also th? psrole beard. Under 
tho n?rf Lvv (Stats. 19.',4, ch. 2, Third 3::tra Session, p. 13. Aoprcvsd 
T?„s ' —,11.4.- p^^'V'--- "■'-- I, ■'■'^'i) t'^o -cr.rd of Tr:istc8s acts in an ad- 
viscrj capaci--7 to tno I/irsctor of Correcticns in i..:o -winu^easnt of the 
womua's in3tit,utiou ana conoiiiuas in ico .orajr c^.pacicy of parole board. 
TV-.2 r'^ard of Trust :2yr: has two sismb&rs on the Board of Correcticns, 

coixictic::al rT-Tni:"? ccr'TSsicii 

,px„ corrocticn-i _n:..-i:T.rie3 Coii-tiictaion was in tr e Do-iart^snt 
: Corrvctionn in i9V7 to aid in the dovol " of vorlc pro£ra:_3 for r^or- 

_.. ^_ .v. caotcdy Director - • -s cor^Tdscion ccr..istr 

of ic, LlrocLc^r of Con-ec.icns, who is chaii^n, and six nombera api^ointad 
bv the Goveriicr for terras of four, 

r- ... 1047, ch. 1137, P. 257V. Approved July 7, 1^^; in effect Sept. 19, 
17/ J, 



I 1 


?ho ritats Board of Ediication is the fpvsmiJQg and polic7-<l«teraiiilng 
bodj o/ the ]>spar&nient, of Edacr.tion. The StirvQrintnndent of Fiibiic Instruc- 
T.icn, iix of j'i^^ial Gtate Cira^oor of F.ducabion, vho is the executive and ad- 
siiidstrstive head ol trxe damr^tient, is th^ G-ocr«t£ry find executive officer 
of the State Doard oX :.;ducaticn, 

■-■:.. the -recent tin th:; SttAa T:e-rd cf Education is composed of ten 
-eribers vho l.tq appoinLcd b/ v::-= ^ vvc^rricr, ^th ths advice of th^ Cfjnate and 
th?5 consent of tvo-thirda of the ^Gr.s,te, for a t2rra of four years. 

Th<2 Staoo 3oaru cf Educiiticn, in addition to ssr^ing as thQ Gtate Board 
or Tcccticnai -^ducax-ica, JUwu ^>.^.:m -r Vcsational Rehabilitation, ind 
rr^„,.v, -,„..! nofi'r^E.'-'^ r'.--rd. rr^^ts and revokes credentials of teachers, 
ftdop^:? tc:?rt,book3, adrninisters tne te^^chers' i-etirc-ent salary fimd, regulates 
. . IT ,_ ..,-..-- ..^-^-h t'-"^ -.>.r'.-'r«l "r.ard for Tccation-J.! Education, 

sr;d n:ake3 n^i^s sad rc^i-^ions £CV3rniri£ ths scnoois cr 1.-2 ?t,"-c. 

Tii'- 5^^t3 Board r.orved as Trustees cf tha CaUfoniia State Historical 
,,,<,,„,....,., -%..- -o'^7 ,:^-r v^.. .....,: avion was dit-nclv^d in 19^9. 

on October 1, IVi.^* txie State a&cceas i,:r -:.s u^ ..-i:^. <, . .-he Cci.- 

Tniscion on School Districts, vi^ich vas established in i:/:5. 

Rel8.ted to the DepartJtent of Liucatiori in function, norribsreliip, or 
atercr.ts are t'r.o follo-tdngj 


The State Com-iisGicn cf Credentials was fsotablished hj the statutes of 
917. The ?cb va3 ^aiended in 1?27 (ch. A53, p. 77/.) -nd aeain in 19i»5 
ch. 12C;, p, 22.r.D). Tl-.e 1945 aaendaent x,o ths Education Ccac ccntir.ued in 
:iister.cs the Gcr.-alGsion of Cr-3denti2l3 consistirg of the Superintendent cf 
ubliG Inctructicn and lo^ir persona appointed by ^he Suncrinte.-ident cf ?iib- 
ic Instruction. Ths law ra,ruiating the issuance of certifictition doc^i-nenta 
ras rsvisod by this £s:ao Ensnd(2snt to the code, thus eiindn^iting previ- 
!;i3 c^iguitiSG and contradictions. 

The duties cf the cc-:riLs5ion relatins to ceHification, th^? issuance 
>r credentials and life dioloaas, and tho accreditation of institutions for 
barpo3C3 of cert.ric.ticn are nosirnnd to it by the State Beard of Educa- 
Lien (repealed and added hr GUts. 1?45, ch. 1205, p. 22SGj ^.endod bj 
3tat3. 19i.7> ch. iC65, P. 2^6^). 

„.:o atate Curriculum CoiJUidssio.-., cv.aLcd in 1927 (ch.'203, p, 376), at 
' . present ti-^ c-n':i;3t3 of the Sup^rxntenacr-: - Z -ix. .--structicn, v-o 
is cn:ii-an, a-i ten och<jr m.^bar^ appoiJutv«i by the oap5riut6r.uent cf IMblio 

„ , , >>{■-.- a y->T•^."»^l cf T'duoation', for a tena 
Inctriction, vi>/a o::v —^ _ r . , ol..- 

, ion t'iiCi*3 is at 
fcur yoarc. .-.■■/on.? tus. ci>>.^w^iiv^ . t. '— — 

least cna ccunty cu^rintsnaont oi scnooxs, cnc c_ty su. 

* .., . ^— I'^r cniifir-. an a position recrairing 

V,-— .r^hnrA -Hnc-ir-AT. mo elcr.entarr 
c^rtifiiatlcn cr.ialificahlons, c>n<? hi-a ocnooi - 

school principal, one college teacher of edacaticiij end cn& cl&ssroca teacher 
^^.^.r,r-ded bv '^♦•atsr l^''Z.3j ch« 9'-!-6. ■n. 2Si6). Th3 menberf; ?ro to serr-? >d.t,h- 
out ccspcr:££ticn, cu^ arc to bs .r.iicvi; a r^noir ■?.cvac;l iiiia necessary traveling 

The ccMrl--?icn lis respoTisibl<s for the forr?alation of 'niniTiium standards 
for courses cr iv-ioj in cicr^e-itar/ end s3Gcnas.ry ncr.cols^ Jir.d for the evaiu- 
atica of ,-eloKenkar-r school textbooks. 

The Etats Touchers' 'Fletir^ri-ent Gjsteni has been s:siended ruxerous tines 
since its cre^.c-ioa xa iy2.3. In 1943 the act was &eain revesped aiid cc.iifl&d 
inlo ths Education Coda (4tli Zx. SesD,, ch. 13). ^-s r2tire:..^nt s:/T3ten vas 
crcatsd for tho mrncse of presiding a financially sound plaa for the r.ntire.- 
K<>rt. ^Ith "-^^-:' r^tire^n^nt allowances, of -.-c-^-^-- jn ■>-,•-., rublic schools 
: Vn sl^te. i - ■ -rr? in schools ouoT>orted br ths* ytats, and cthor persons 
'-.T/lz-mC in con-'sction ^idth tlia. school?. 

'-' ;he rstircraent system is Ear-agsd, except fcr the inTC!3tn«nt of 

fvinds, ^ Tosehers* Retireiacnt Board, tho ■&vr3l7«r^'--bers e^ vhich 

T , ., , ..y^Vo ci -<.-^ 'H.-oTvi cf "^^v-^ntirr, ?.nd ths s-o^cirrtire 

cecrelarj of ^ . • - oi" F^dusaticn illi the sane positions en 

. - , + 4„-.-..,~.:- -■^-...i r-rbers cf the beard ^orve without 
coapsn8a-.ion, but arc roxmi^ursaa icr traveling exroncaa. 

rhc KoLxv..;.ar.^ ^r.T..ti=ent boax^ conai..:. of tho S.ate Superinten- 
dent of -:Mic Inatr^cticn, th^ Tircctor cf FJ-T^snce, - ■ ^t^.U 

Cc-ntroller., a>id tv/o teachers appointed by the St:itc Tjcard of Ed-acatlori 
^or ier-is of fcur years. The liiCijd aiinualiv elects tvo cf it3 ts5ii!iiero 
r.5 presidsut and sacret&ry* llamhava oi uhe board receive their actual 
,.iC36sar7 expenses . 

Tr:S V.otLr-ozzz't Invr.3tn?ent lioard ccntrols tiV3 invectffient of tho 
Pui-uiarieiit i-.:-id, tns hc^ir^aeni; Aunai.^y hmd. c^i ths Annuity Deposit 


j'he T.^iHsistur'U in 19iv3 cr-e^^ted a Boar^ of Kxejisinsrs for Yocatiorxal th:;« v/is .o u....c.... ... .u^ C.-:-^^.^^-.-. fcr Vocational Education (cq 

cheated sn-i ef-tablishodby tho Star.e Bcar<d of Sciuca^xon) and tvo ether t-sa- 
b-sr-s "^- ■^'■^ selected cr a-d hold cffic© at the pleasure of the Sur>£rinten- 
dent or Riblic InsLiiic^.iou and Dirv=clor cf ZticsXlcn, ItJi tv?o n^ei^bers 
r.clccted ars to be presidents cf stats ccllecss (ch. 71, p, 7U), 

r-lr:. b?^rd c -'^s qaalifiC£tion of vccationWi tsachers desirouo 

of qualifying fcr t::o oaoo.^^.urcate degree, and reco:a:.^u3 to , colleges 
thG tr-: t^er cf units of credit to bs sllc;;ed for ths tr^inins a^d 2:ip3ric.rice 
-r ■• -h ■v.:^..-,^;i::;r5 tcvnrd the c; ^J;r6"* 

-. . -r- ^-v.'^'-tt''-^ i-.- l'?J^5 to cn'c for 
four y:jar3. As of October i. 1949, the i^ta.o I^o^ri cr ...;:.ciLic::: ^cccods 
to ths datios of the cor.riiSi5io:i. 

CALircaJilA STAv. Al-.. ^IGAL A3-:CCIAvi:j.; 

Li 1949 the aascciaticn vas abolished. AU io6 pru:..,.,, ....-ida, and 
ar.h-l^^^ v'^T^ trnnaferred to th^ r^^artnsnt of Kducation (S^'.tn. 1949, ^^ . 
1259 \ 


As organises June 19Uy 

:7i^ic:i OF m?kAvn-z\r:xL xDimasTTJaim 

1, £,^rjau o£ Education Resoarch 

1» 7ii-i-i^«riC5ir'y Education 

a, HViazica J.i.uc«itioii Consultant oirvic© 
3* Bur^^au of AdtJ.t Education 
4, Coffjaissic:! :;^'.ticinal Sciuciition 

a, '^.ircsM c? *.Tri.cult" 

3ur-:;aa of Cooupa-.;icnaj. Infcrrsaticn c'-.nd Guldr.nce 
:htr^i-.r>-i -♦' .-'-...-■.• .-"-, ■'■•-'-■'--f.r'rUi Education 

*-' -U • S^ ••- *-* - •* • ' ' — 

ireau oi 5oc.', Fuucrition 


: .hard cI hicrinj:-!: 
• ■•-yGicallr chiicirsn 
;.h del OCXS £.-i c-i:sorisra 

ri'H^ictr OF ir::" 

.. -ir.d ?:ibllcauions 

^, U.ild Gere ^'^f: -'.:-.r5 

6! :-Z^ or Echod'Acccur^ts -• -<^oM. (incli^d.s rcbcol funcla and 
7. Schcol PIa;ini::j (iT;cI.ic -^ 

9. SUite i;dacc;.tica<.i < r f or SurpXv 

10. B-aro.u of Schtcl Dictrict RuorgauiEition 


1. Caiiroi-nia School? for the JDsaf in Jv^crt-hern California and 
Gcutliern California 

2« California School Tor the Eliiid 

>. rrairJjig Cc.-.iv.ers for the Adult Blind 

't« Bureau of Vocational Hchabilitaticn 

5, Schc!Cl3 icr Corcbral-P?.lcied Children 1:5 ITcrthcm Calif crr-i* and 
£ juthom CcJ-il'orrixa 

o, California Acivicr-j.v.o (24-hour schools) 


1« DiTisicn ci Coc-:,o Ccilcges 

-li. Chxco 

c, ;'-,.: .:idt 
u. 3ari i;ie;?,o- 

f, San Joic 

<^, Cslti'crr.ia St. tc ^cl'rtochr.l.': College 

k. r;:.:.t.i C-1I0.--U c.r .I'nutusaut Ix>c Augelvs arid OriLri£i--i Coonty 

D:, 17. -:, T^irr CF EDUCATION 

The StatG Legislature provided for h study of the ciainistratlou and 
financial support, ct tho piblic school syste-a of th-3 state (Stats. 1944> 
ch, 36, p. ?-'>i) Vfuca vaa made by the St$.te Reconnti-action and Rceir-ployment 
jnincion aria tiltinabely led to ths reorganisaticn of tho Eepartmont of 
i-ation en October 6, 1945, consolidating into six divisions tlie v£;riouo 
funriticns oni servicoo of the denartment, 

Tlio Divi&ion of Libraries, created by law ixi 1927, was retained and 
fivo iiov di'/iaions •.-.ero eetablxyhed: DiTisicii of Departiionial Admiidstra- 
tionj Dlricicn cx I: ....ucU^.., .^^ -f P-ibl.:: ...^v,.. ...:...:.:- :jbrotxor;.j 
Divicion of : •-•cial :%choolo and Scrvicao^ and Division of Tcachsr Education 
(no-w tho Division of Ctatn ColloHOS srA Teachar Education) , 

An L^rorLacit cci^stituticnai a-»5ndir9^t. (r.^cti-n 2.1, Article B.), passed 
by t^e elector? te in 19i^6, aatnorited the oi:,at2 iicard Oi -aucation to 
aopoi^-, on ncaination by the SuT^erint^ndent of Fablio Instruction, three 
a^^v'^i... .:..poriiitendcnt3 of r-,'^-' i■^ inntr.^cticn aud cno deputy supiri^ton- 
ccnt of p;iblic Instruction, ex^^i^pi froia Civ^i serviCi:, to f^er^o. in oiLica 

f ;-. - vr-:.- -"f foiir yer^rs. 

'••. '-..-^vM.oticn has in addition, v.r>dar c-»lst- 

iug l^w? the e.utnorj.ty to ■ > c>3C;^;/ su:;f;rj.-. 

strficti"':'. '-ho 50i"w*es 

arid tLauiiitic^^ All of .;:l*c-i £i:.i^i. i:^ -- 

rident's plsasurc, Ci^^ sccreiaij 

.-.•;«.-?' '" i r2iJC' 

thd e:i:iGtneat cf ths ..ixucatioa ^ca?, ciiecr-v 

rrad rjliting to the ds-D&rtnant vas 

2nd supsx'a'idcd thf. fcrvisr School Cede (ch. 71, p. 310. Approved April 7, 
19'^3: In of feet Au^jst 4, 19^3 )• 


■.".', 'J D.i"i.:ic.'?. of r^rartr.ortal Adr/inlstrabicn was cref.tcd by thts rcor- 
■'-'^.i Gut ion oi' tho Ooi\.::r/-:.r^-^ of Lcucaticn 1:* 1V45* '-'ithin tho ci vision ar© 
oiTicc) manapen:snt. psrsonnel records, cilspairr;-';enfc accounting, legal rsrvlcsa, 
cduc^-ticriai r^ r^c"r3.a, -,.vblic i:ifcr:::iaticn, a:ia i'ield ierrico directly related 
to tl:;3 :;d::iini3wr::".:ior. ci' the uepartxen-c, 

TI-iG'divioion i;5 Ldirinistcred br a Deputy Suporintendent of Pablic In- 

1, ^jureau 01 ;:.a--icai.ica :io.usarca 

1946 Cn reorf-ATAcation, tVie Division of Research and Statistica be- 
en.":' '■• "r>'7.T'^?.-'i ir the DiTitricn of r*}Bart.'???*'.t-.'5.1 .^drri-nistr^itirn. 

_^;_^^,, . ioriner Divisi^-n of Tlr-jr^^ri- 

^^.TT ^"d-ucaticn - .-al Scric:o- i"ion of Secondary Sducitipn, Livis-icn 

ct :\iult vird Continx^ation F:?.iicatxcn , Dirision of Fealth, ■^^hysical education, 

iiyision is s-ii: ilnisterea try .'.r4 >iSiOCj. . •-■ '^i .'-J-ic 

::?' -i in Vy,- ':-■'. ■:-:.■■ '.-» 

!., iUo-ontfirr F.d'.ie.-^tiori 

C'.-:.rdi".:itir:n nnd der-lor ■-'^nt of th3 ctrte prcsran of c^irly child- 
, - ...,.,t.; .., .,,.,s +v« f--i'-*l->r'!i of Tl'rrr-.t'^r^ *"''vcr>.- 

, -• rtu i. r .i c; u (-..»-<... •jt'c^-i 

prograxi vrap acs'ifrri.c.d lo this office in lvi;5? but has nov jessn tilaced 

2, Secondary riucaticn 

Gr^-^ond'Liy rd-i:-Aticn is rec---?ibl« for giring loadorohip sr.d 
i?uli^a-K-:.; -^^o th_- :__-_. dchcolaj tocnrdcal schcols, nrcl Junior collsf-cs. 
Btate Secondary Fdiieation ssrsdcs ha? been in s:d.5t,oriCe cinco 1927. 
^••ith the':' -irdcatlon of th;-5 Dcpartim^nt of Education in 1945 j the 

:T'.'ico '.-fr.3 pi - _iija of Z^ztr^ctLcn^ 

-.,■ ■ - •icn Ccnsultc::rl: Sorricc 

1945 The ct.^te dep:;rta3nt n-g directt'.d to aid in the devolop- 

r.cp.':. sr.d conduct o£ a prograa of a/iatiou education in the 
^-uj-i'. ■^^i'C'j.L^i in cocparaticn the; Civil Air Patrol. 
Gtcvtc, 1945, ch. lAAC Apprcnred Jaly 17 > 194 J; in efrect 

Y)\C The HursiiU Oi nviatloii Sduciiticn was est-iibiishea uncor the 
Diviriion of P.eeondaiy Education en 1, 19 4o. Since 
^'^■■ H.'.s ,-'',f:r~tc::*; r-aT;."Er<itciT f tr»;?i the Civil Air 

..arssiAu, ci' Aw-- -itioii 

_,._. r-.-or cnizaticn of tho dcpartLisr;t took place, th-5 E'areaa 

• -• -; -.:.,:,-••.-- --^ Tn ^-.-Mction, l;:\- 
-r the . are the Cctia^^ant c.- - Ion, Co.itin- 

tion Kducaticn, and Parent Ka^icaticn. 
Adult rvt^cation 

i; prssent cbjecbivca of aaul / ecu'; i^— u.i ^:i .■.-•Ij-c ^^...'.•s.J.3 
-i-ej ^uac&rxca ior Goao, cific, ana vocv.i/;!;;.! f -yj «'-^^- 


Continr::.tion Edv.r.^tioa 

This office axerci-jes general superyisicn ever tho parb-timd 
educational prcjrasis by secondary schools. 
Parent Education 

At the request of parcwts throu,f,hout the stato tho Consultant 

Sorvics of Parent Education was in 1946. Tha office 

was xoruisrly knci.T:i as the* Eureora cf Child Study ej:id Parent Educa- 


Caliiomia, Departsiant ci' Education, Biennial Report, 1944-1946, 
?♦ 3.>. 

4. Cc;:j:l'oc>lon for Vocational Education 

Th3r3 are fiv-o bureaus rjider the Ccjaiassicn ior Vocational Fduca- 

tinij.t Agricultural tiducctlcn; honeTOaking edwcutionj businesG edncstion;>ic::ci infoi-K-.^ticn r..iici f^jidannsj ana tr'id<3 cind industrial ed'aoa- 

Xfion, The." corcusaion consists of tha State S:ii>erintendent as executivtti 

-iiflcer^ th;i 3:£.t^ Dirnc!:,or of V;c-ticnsl Educ-^tion as as3ict?Jit e:::c\i- 

tive ol'ii-sr;, iUxd tii3 live cui'eau cueis a:s x,n& cuiier rs&idbovn cz "ch=.' 


St'ito Dircctcr cf ^o^atienal Zd'joaticn - 

i^.V^ ... , . .;j oi ....t, ^.^,4-1946 bienni...-i. ^ Xi^vr adx^nis- 

Lrati • iii California -went 

iiito sffeut. A Ststs Director cf Vocational T'duoationj ap- 
:K,'iiiv.vd >•• tl-!=: ■■'.:/,-^ '"'-•nrd cf ~:du.^::tio:i. J.:; r:-Drc'r.:;ible for 

vccationai proif;rszig« Vccatioa-il iducatica in tho st.'-tco 
•-'.'!.o provided by Lhc f";'."?'".''.! l^-vn ."''.i»h«>/.' (191?) end 


Ccrxdesion for Vocational Fd-jcaticn and the five bor'sans, 

coe Ijl?c7 H-art, r Stato Csvc rr-iTignt, ?♦ 61.) 
a, B'ar<;mi of Agricultural Eiucaticn 
19L5 V.hea the CoirrAesioa for Vocatiouai Eduoaticn wao placed 

- \-r l^t^ rivliJicn cf Inctnicticn durir^g the departraentai 
rG^re;;:nii::.tica, the Bursou of Agricultural Eduoaticn ^a3'.f erred vdth it, 
^ ^ - •■; oT "cT.cnia;:lDT E<3ucaticn 

,o- - - -■^r-s.u of -^— -'-.-- -^'hofttio-^ rrder tne Coitrmission fcr 
V- ::■•.; rv>al Echication vau plaood in ihft Di"Xi.;icn cf In'jtruc- 
^,4^,-; v-v-.'! th« dsnart^cnt vas reor.^aniaod. 
:.ur^:.-. 1-^ Businei53 Education 

r---?c3-'oa fox- \ :c-.--c--:. :;^.. .;-.■.: .. v-as pl:xccd in 
..^ ; : .3ion cf Inatraction, the Bureau ox Business Ednoa- 
„,,.,., ..,^j trMsftrrod -idth i'. 

X9^ V '.ar^^s?! cf Oocupaiiorisi Xnxormatio^i vi.a added as a i:>a:-t 

, r---'i '< ^ioii iu Cijtobcr l'>43» 

c * r-'-^ .. . -c ' ■ I ...—■. — 

ii i^'-.a-^- ii>.i.V~- 
cri cf Ineoru 

. .. _ - ,,.^...r-p..--^.:- -.d±h It, 

-- Eursau of Keaith IlcUctioii, Fr-^i^ei bo.a...icn, ar.d^.tic: 
... ,.....,. ..; vv,«tn:i:cioa vhtiii tnu d«!.>artui^^rtL waa 

.. r: ;-)^-,-, "c-jcation nas bsan in 
re:>r"'inized« Tne Burcaii oj. ..^■■■'■'■■^ * 

existorjco elnc-^ 19'-7« 


l,^^ -tQ DiviGicn cr c:2credi-xcii ■ ost.^i^ii::'Asd br I,b6 St-tc Hoard of 
--^icitlcn C-: v'uly 6, I" -.5, but tha divl^icn atati:^ vas abolished 
.., uv, ■-, s v> ■ ■> "•.T^r.sti^n ."f th-5 CBr?;^rt£ieri* and T:Gcrer.tiou Cvns'jl- 

.tl^*« en ^n..r ^Mv-n vrds ftn!.'Ci?-i:tsta Ir^ the Sijp«rin» 

t-sn^lsnt <?X labile Ir.Jit'i'^s-icri. 

.,...„. , 3 ...... .: ... .^iiicstlcn, i~hy^dcal fd;ication, and Eecre- 

-■■a -A>- ^ ** '~->i-3"l* '1'^'*-'^* 


-~"r; <-r 

:., i^a v-.v ■;..J^f aaU Fis]^- 

.. hard cr 
.. , . „ > hard ci r:9^^rirg is -nd^r a ccn.»aUnr»t. 

c. Correction of speech defects end dicor^icrs 

19Ij5 Th© office cf correction of soeech defects ana cisori^rs 

hac boen under the Division cf Sp'^cial Education and Ccsirds- 
aion of 5pocial Education since 192?, ^lien tho CorsrAci^icn 
of 3i>2CiAl Education >«is tb-liii--;;cl and tho Bureau ox Special 
>:d-.iC.ation was cre:.tea, it wa» placed under tlv.? Division of 
T>-ntp2ctior.^ '--d the office of correction of sp-^ech defects 
ar;Ci a^sordora vfas .n^sfssrrsd to ^;•d3 bur&aa. 
d. rental hjgiena and -sducation of t-h5 nsntaUy retarded 
l"',-- -'le cffics of ncntal hy?isne was forinerl^ a biirera rir.der the 
?oparat« Co^dssicn of Special rd-ieation. vlien the, reorfian- 
it3r.ticn of tho Lspartssnt of Education took place in 1945, 
the Bureau of Special Education wars placed under the Divisicn 
./> --ctr^-i-t^ --^ ^-d tho offlv:; cf rental ^fgiona was tra-s- 
fcrred with it. 
.:,. K^-cation cf th<s deaf and partially signt^d 
1-' :-.tlcn cf t':s d?af s.iA parti^llr sighted ia under tVe 

:n cduciticn cf tho deaf. 
-- , ■^,--. Or-,--. ?;•! '■'■■:;".'.C£tic?\ 

■ r ' -^r-; c^7t•'-'Mi''^.''- i'^« Pnc-r^rribsr 


br resolution ex x-n-j ■ >-«•- •"■ -•—-'- 

^: , ex : T-ief Cf th^ rivir^ion of Spaci^l Hducatioa. loe ^rei^or 
,. .... ,_. :-■ — ■ ■ ---^ i.h3 Superintendc-t of Public Inatrriction 

tl... for the D^^af, ::.ntol ::ygi.^n., Ccrrecticxi of rclcctc, 

^ . - . ^,,,.,.|.^,+ <5n. •i'he coTTir'5icn v/afi ch=,rc^ti with 

roaoor's.Uiilitj ^''^'^ adriiniat'^ation of th© ctate prcvi-sions fcr 
^..j ^;v.uc:itiou - ■■ ,.v3icail, ;. ...iaisappGd Kiaors and t.'xe policies 
cf t ' :• State Board of IZdication r^lati-vo to special oducation. 
State rot'artaient '^f "Education Bullaiin, v, lOj -o, 12, EcoeEber 


i?/,:; The Ccr.u:ii23i.^i for Special Education vu.s aboiishod Ootobor 19.^^ 
bY resolution of tbo Stitc Poaru cf Ilducatior., and its funotions 
VLira f-.B3igT>3u 1.0 !>.; J .vuret.u of S'c>3ciai i:.ducstion, 


?ho Diviaion of Librarioo. preriously estabiishod by law (Sta^s. 1927, 
ch. ?■/?. p. 96-\): c-^nijinuQd as a se-Darato diTision whon tho Departissnt of 

I,..uu-ux:>a K... .....•.,:.■... xu ISii.. -.:.- Dirision of Librarios is responsible 

for tno Maintenance of the State library, th« Is.; library, ^^en^nt dcco^ 
r--^^ r^:lifornia eoll?;ction, ^srrrics to th*; blir.d, lean svsteri to schools 

■ v, ^-..r^.;^ vr •• • \d ir.terlit.r5.rr ior?n service. There aro ten 

. . ,vs,.., fM^r? T'-=' .' »-" -■--■"; • >, 5'^'^ Vr'^nciooo, 

rr-5ciali::.-d ...jiixoi.t. -^-vo ar.£l t.^. _--.-... 

^^h-? DiYiaion of Libraries is under the s^iper^ision cf t.^e :itate Utrar- 

.!'i , , ^ ..,,.-' -V ..^cT— r^ ord C'^r'.'es at his pleastfro, 

- ... ca:-t cf its 

;i:era. i^ii^ coclr v;a:; crscxoa in 
:-'?ari7.atioa_, i.*? 

,,,., ... -,oT> the cu-Iificaticns of psrsony desiring to 


■c^:«o coun-7 lj.::>i'.:.i"^-- ' 
;iioia chairaan of the ooai-u, the ilwr=ri-:.u ol U.o :;-D- c J.^.^r::i- o.. tii^ 
citv :v:d;1.r of ^an Franciacc, and the librarian cf the !<.:. Angciofl pub- 

^ • --rnent tbeir actual 

li^ ^---■-.. -■ • ^'^ "^^ ' 

. -. ^ n -^ - "> ' r -i r.n Code. 3oO« 22161). 
iccassar/ traveiirig e:<:p';n3e3 (lw.t-o.iun uoae. 

:a n« 


Th3 Divicicn cf Pablio Schccl Ac.t::drdstr-2.tion is nadc i:p of the previ- 
iv ■ . .^ • .or- r^ ;^ r. f n^hG:^l\cu3o Flar^iingj T^xtbccks and r\ibUca~ 

.. i.c.ic-iicn. la a^..i-oxca, the flivision is resronsi- 
bio r-v tbo chl:-: <:::'^ centers, Indian educoHcn, school attendance and 
^,„.T I.- ^..^«--,-v^r,v, *•., -"--.roi irr.'ih r?-x?T£.ni. end n-.'portionnsnt of stat-s 

. j'Ji -i. ■*:■' 

crcic:.u^ :^^■Jnc7 fcr Turpljis Il-cperty is located 

I'jr this divl^icr-.. 

.-.-r. th-. dlr-DCtion of an Associate Superintendent ox" 

'T-\ r ' Q-^; 

F • >! 1:1 c Inst i ii c t io n . 

Divisiwi of Public School OrcaniT-^^tion, Idninistration, and Finance 
.,..,. .,i.. r^r— -.t r-i^UAr^ of "^jbUc Schcol Adsujiistration was called 

Finance early in the reoT^pmi^&tion poraod of 1945. 
( Y,•^^^^^f.■^ r,f'-i rtft^-col A'l-T-iniotr&ticn 

. uortened t-:^ 


J . !^J.r■G&u r oc:CJ5 arid Fab lie £tioi-i« 

- ..'^Ij. ^^,^^^..blc for th3 produ'jtion and distribution 

^ s 'i.T-;-, of Taiabooks and Fibliya- 

/eatsd in 1/^7 ♦ 

2. G;vi?,d Gc.rc Centers 

.-. .=..,, r^.iiri rrsre Cetiters c-stp-.bli'.jhad in 19^^"^ 
19?;3 Th's r\-^ini.s — *'^'^" ' ' •■ ' ■ ■■-^■^■- 

, . .„ -.,-,r J-. ■■u.caticn. Ths Chi.ldCr.r-: Contc: 


pror',raja wslc a var irbeasure, 

Stc.tB. 19i^3.. cJT.. 16, p. 127. Approved fob, 5, 1943j in effect 
l:-.i3dis.tcl7 . 

1947 rno Child Caro Csnters progrzui was extended imtil 1117 30, 1943. 

Stato. 19//f% CO. 956, p. 2223. ADprcved June 27, 1947 J ir: effect 
Septer.ber 19, 1947. 

1943 :.r:0 Giiild Car-- Centers progrs'a was ©rconded until June 30j 1949. 

c.-.^o, 1?'.1, ■:^. 4, p. 5* Approved April 1, 1943; in o:£'jct ia- 

1949 Th^ Ch-ild Care Coriteni progrc^n w-r^s oxocnued lantil June 2,0, 1950t 
l-hereajTber the local goIiooI diB[,riocs r^y pro\->-A3 lor coacinurv- 
tion of Child Care C<;ntQrs. 

3. Bur^cii cf Indian r:dac^tioa 

19; 9 The inirtau of I.>iian nd-jicaticn vf^^s cre^t^d to c&rrj cut taa con- 
tract botvf^sn tho Office of Indi^in Affairs &pA t>\e State i).5part- 
rijr.t of /:•,: cation. It adalnistsrs federal sionej slit>catcd vO 
ti;G ststo for I.'idiar: educ:'.ticn, 

i;i5; Tlu-i curcaa was placed undar the JCirisioa of Puiiic Sciivol .'v-;ivi- 

4» Oiild -olfars an:. '•^Krr.'l-inc^' 

194$ The fcniicr V^v^^ u -^ .v.tcna^co v?;3 ;r.x:,. --^^^- - '' ^-•■- Child 

•e CcriDultcnt aervica in -n of 

-.•':; jI ;.d.-.ird3tration. 

1946 ••1:j Waited cr^es ucngr^ss p^so^^ ^^e I^atlcnai ocnooi Luncn ;.c., 
,„,,,^-:,;^ t.. t,;.? Etrv^es funds tc aia the :r-iintcnajico cf n:r;urofit 

'"-'1 '■ -hool i:r.::l-A j'Tc-.-r^^i vi3i cstabli:jbcd 


6. Bureau ot School Accoar).ts and Records 

i9'.'.7 T>'i ^^a^oa'■- r_^ '^."--.->i. .v-.-r-ii-i^-p ?--'^ '^/^■^r^-rf:-- V2.3 fcr^-isrlj a fi-r.ction 

i'53?onsible Tor tho apportiorur^.-ix of public sci.ool fundo, 

, . Sch-ol ^l-nnir:; 

194^ ih^ icrxsr jivioicTi ci .;:;-co1Louj:s Pl^-nning >ras placed nndcr ti.^ 
I^ivisiori of Public School Afeini strict ion when tVie Department of 

''duration r-^^p roor.r'ni.?:-d, 

1727 J ch. i.06j p. 6o7) was £.iienclt.d in i947ii sl^^i^ii "i^- planning 
functior.a to ii^s Boivirtracrct of F.dxicatlon. 

Ct-ibc. 19;,, -.-. . ■ . 10^'-^. Approved }::i7 31, ^9/f7| in ciTcct 

vu/t 7 - .?a oi' :_ucatica cr^;;x,ea a separate Division nf Ee- 

^ucati''. '-fis purpose of acjiini storing tho veoer- 

„^.*Cj .'-r'-'t ,r.-.. .--...i:^'- •• 5 ■-■■*• , . . 1 J 

,-.^.,,^.j. .-•; ;:a-':-:on bsdnc a burccn under tl 

.. '•'.dujr,tic.nrii. •,■;;-;. ".>' -■-•■■ 
l-ri- in 1" ".6 I'.tat-o Dop-rtronc ci" .,-^i:u:.tion -s d.c3u.^;;na-c.;i £.-j 

i,ha-C.iiror.;i^ Jl^t. riuc^^icn... -..; for :^rplu3 Property Tcr 
tho procur.-..u. ^... ....ab.tion of ...r.I.u. v^.^.r^y and Tood to 

th3 r-i^llc and r"i'^^-^-«' sch-olo of th-^ -r-t''^. 

19»V7 Th?? Stato "Mucational A^sncy for Surplus Frcpsrty vag placed 

-.;nd5r thy Ll'-Tisicii o.? Fablici School Adnirdstraticii. 
'0, ru.r«3r»u ci' School District Rccrganisaticn 
1949 On Cctcber 1 this bire?,^ will bo established, 


Vha Dirisicn of Special Schools and 3er7icc3 is rcsponcible for the 
clrJ.:;tr:ticr. of lit?.^.-^ 3?^':iril schoolii thr.t includs C^aifcrnlR Schccls for 
e t.yi^:C, Cclifornia School for tha Blind, the Schools for Ccrcbral-Palsiod 
ildro:i in Tiorthsrn snd Southern California, Trairdnfi Csntar I'or tlie Adult 
itA, vork6iio?3 i'or aauit biiad, 24"hcar acadendea, arid vocational rehabil- 

•n. Tlio diviGioa i.v ViOc-dtd bj a dopatv sup-srlntsndcnt appointed dir- 
tly b-'- t^'^=5 ^~j.y^«rinte-nd'3r>t of Public Tristructicn, 

1, r. .l.iornia v .. . >„ for the I. ' ;^ . Berkeley) 

/-.-■-. • -^ •>.-.-_■:• .- r. V..- r-.— vr'"'^r th8 iidminict::'a- 

.,.,■■ ...i' tihs t' oi jiu."Li\-;.:*oj.vii u-ij-iCi; a.>«^.«.> '— -^ • — » — •» -^-' ^■'^- -^ 
oicr. of Spscis.! Schools and Serrices, 

/-;hc.ol for th^s Deaf (in Gcutlier-n Calif orrJ.3.) 

Ivv-- 'i-- VJ riuiatura p?^iTid«d for the esbabiis"lrjri.3riL. oX a Suhool 

j.„-. w..-.> - -..i -. - -"i California, and ths coiTst ruction cf 

f.ilG institution io now in pro-ress. 

-x. G^ss., ch, 152. Apprcvod lic^rch 26, 

..... l.-.lifomia, School for thi; Bliivd 

1^0 C5lirci-iia S::bool'lor the Blind has been und'^r tho c^doims- 

.,,„,, "t.irn sin?3 1921 and is r.;w in tha 

"crit-io::; '.■."■■' 

D.lTisicn cf Special Schocir. ar.a £yrTico3# 
:. -riltiin- C;:^.tcrj fcr the Adolt tlind 

.: . .....iatare •-.--■oi'.rrcd t^.u :; Training Center fcr the 

Ad>af T^lind froia t: 3 i.epa.r..-...t of Institutions to tho Den.rtment 


of Hducation—The TrainiiJC Center for the Adult Blind, Caklnndj 

.' :e Indastrial Vorkshcp I'cr th3 Dlind, Los Anf^elos; and The 

Stat*} Blind Shop, 8rm Diego. 

3tat3. 19."+?, ch. 9C3, p, 1692. Approved Juna 15, 1945; i^i effect 
3ept, 15 > 19A-:;. 

4, Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation 

1945 T^"i2 Dursau o.f '"ocational Hcihabilitatlon vrcis placsd in the Divi- 
eion of Opacial Schools ':.nd Ser/icas vhcn the Department of Edu- 
cation was reorgaidsed, Ihe bu'roau had been re-oYcd frorn the 
Division of Special Education iu 1932, ifhen it vas transferred 
to the Ccit:^i53icn f~T Vocational T. due at ion. 

5, Schccla for Gerebral~?al3isd Children 

I?'*? vr.c Le^islatiire established two schools for cerebral-palsied 

ciiilcre::, aii m northern Calif cmia nesr Redwood City 2nd one 
ia Loj Aa-eiv.3 at Chilo: ' .o^ol'.&l, The sdK^ols are mider 
tho direouion of ths Birsctor of Kduoation, and vere placed in 
th: Civitdcn of Special Sohcols and Serv-iccs fcr adriinistritivQ 

Htut3. 1947, ch. 1154, p. 2623. Approved July 7. 1947; in offecb 
'.'..••ji, lij f i?'.V/» 

', California Ac-viac^-ics 

:i if-. 1947 established tho CeUfc^rrsia Acr.d2ude3, ens 

, -, .T-^, ,■--.;.', c'v"; in thii ::ci".the'rr. r:-';.rt of tho 
.^r^i^j -^ . located in the CDX.wruJ. i'v.r^ x-- i-w- >;tat,e 

.:---T eirl-. Tho CaUfornia Acadcnles are 24-hour school;: inr do- 
^_j .- ilirc^. ' ■ . ^- cpccial cure cr»d cupar- 

of KdTicatich, 


Sbuos. lyir/., ch. 1565, p. 3214. ADprc-zed Julj 19, 1947 J in 

nillC?! 07 STA'^"; C0LI^-n"'3 AIID TEACJIF.:?. FJ3UGATICN 

The Diviaic.i of State Collescs and Teacher rducaticn ic r.-.d3 utj of th3 
orraer DiTi,sion of Teacher Training and Certiricaticn, State Collof^ss, and 
he Califoriiiu Jtr^ritirua Acidaiy (California St-nto ^lautical v?,chcGl) and 
-"i-'brnli Sr..\r.T -^, -.-,;■ ^.-:-;->_ri Coll''i'-7. '~"=^ '■blvis^rn Is b^^.d.^'d hj an As:30ciato 
u]x5riiityniiont oi' JuiU.-;*iC*c:i. 

1. Division cf ?tatc Collegos 

V)IZ :^'3 o^ai^ c-llecc2 nr^ in chnrifQ cf tho Diroctor of riucation 
for aiiKliiiciraMve purposes. Vhe Stats I^ircctor of Tducaticn 
(rrabjoct to thG approval of ■ ■•^ut bj the Departiaent cf Fin- 

i-c:.:) rcr.trcls and expends ail uioaej appropriated for the t^upport 
ox tJ;? :-.-<- collspes. The priTj^-ry frxnc^-r-r^ n" t^o strit-^ cclicges 
to t.r.:^iR tsachL : : '-. - ::8d in 1947 to l;:clua.;j cccupaticxial 
trrini-- (Stcts. 1947. ch. 367). In 1%3 thara were r:is colleges, at.Chico, Ff^^no, •:x:nooldt. !^':in Dio^o, San Fr^cisco, 

a;^a Sen Jc3s. Saiit^ Beirbarn., icrr;crJ- ^ '^^^.-v^e _.-oilerQ, bccer^o 
tho eighth crrr^us of th^ Mlifornia. 

■"•'^. c'i.1150. Ar-nroY^d Jims S, 19.f3!l i« ei'iact A^s* ^s 

.!« »v ,■>>■; .. -iTh.?.' .aced iinder tho etate 

I i 

I* I'rv 

„ -^ w -, • • ^« ..r.- -i V::ivz Ox v.:c locate col- 

r .,u,>r> '>■; TV .acatxcn Coio (Sections 

->•■■, .-rt ■n-'A^ yi-'-a ••■•^ t\-i ■•'■t:vri of "••^wmcra oi the Caij.ior- 

:;o otl.or i«,UV.tio« ..IrduUtorod by the daF...-.:.- r.l h.s .u=fc a 

bcnrrj. '••ho Divisirn of :^;-ho C.nlle£es and Teacher Education 
prc.;'xd:-i a fin^iricxaj. aar^niotirauive service to ^ho Kar3.tiir.3 Aca~ 

1949 ^'-is Sacr-3r«nt'^ St-'.f;. Coilegs ani ths Los Angslos State CollegQ 
or Applit-^ /. v^ c,.;d Sciences, crgani'sed in 1947 (ciu 1017 sud 
cii. iOJ5)? "vvere pJ.£Cod under the state college sy^toa (Stats. 
1/47, ch. 40^ ziid ch. lio). 14^ Ctc.^i CollCiiO oX Gouthoast Los 
An;^clOij ajid Grange County vaa eafc-iblishgd and placed in this 

2, Credgntials orfice 

The l3.;v,i-;,c^ cf ■nil state c.ocjL-gnts for th-j licensing of prcfes- 
nio:;ai peracnneo. x.,: o;i-i ;^r;;i,i,c ifCn.^oia of C^^liioniia is adTriinistered 
hj th3 Gredentiais Offiye, The Gazniission of Cradontials acts in au 
*idvi*or7" c'-.'?"'^"*'* ^■"- t-Ho offin-s, 
:k ■■ ~ ^--.-.n T ■^'■^i'^atic'ri of the ?spartr:3r.t of I:d^3.catic■rl tho 

Gfilc^ or Cr<;Jer^bi:ilo Ka;^ placed iri tho Bivicicn of Pablic Schcoi 

Organis-.ticnj Adtainist ration,, and Flnansc, 
7 "'.7 At th;t! •nr-!';cr'.t tr'n the Crr:dr;r.ti"li, Olficc ic lcoat22 in ths 

;,■ ^ .^ ■.-■ - 

■p*-^'^-'^?T? CP !5I-lPL0r>S!Tr 

oaaA:;izATioNAL chart of ths departjskt of e:i?loi?3Ijt 

As orrinizci, J-jl^iq I949 


iinsijN 0? PujLic r::PLOYJ~:-'T offices amd B^rT-rr? PAT-r.iTrs 


,d: irrisTRATi w. services 

ALIFr;p?;iA T-r-^-ryrr-'^^r',- r--^}j:iX:lCE APPEALS BOARD 


The Depart:: nr. of rr^"lcv:^3nt vaa created by the Unoir.DT.c>T:ent Reserves 
^t of x->jl> (cii. j->:i;. ..;uci- -^ivi original cct cf 193^ ths governing body 
tfcs locv.Ti as the Uneraplo;>"r'ent Eeser/es Con.Ti£sion, and later (193/) ss tha 
Calironiic^ rnplci-rcnt Cc':r:iicsion. Lar;i3lativ- action in 1943 (ch. 1093, 
p. 3032),-.crc:itid the Uiliiornic. ^pioy::eno ^o::Di^--iticn Ccnmssicn to re- 
pl?.',-o the California rrcployrrisnt Coa'nission, The cc:rrii.£- si en i^ ccroosed of 
^»,.., ,.^v,>,j»^„ yriir, t,f>p fVi^ chiefs cf the Dirisicn of Pj-blic "Tnplcyment Office? 
aiid lieneii'.t Pa^n'nf^rit? anc tne Divleicn cf Acco\ints sr.d T?-x Ccilections, aria 
the three ir^rnfoer'^^ of tr-. California Uneiar)lo>'nerit Instirsncs ApT^eals Board 

I hid' v.'f't? cr??stad by ^ ^ ■• ^'ct of ±9^3 • 
f. ... ,, ; , :V;7 --o^t<:/! ;^r av^a;ii-iintr£i:iyo 

duties in a direct-or appointed dy the i}overxiov ire::: .uxng the iner.i!;erG oi the 
ccnrrdesicn. The director also series as cbainr.>m oi the cciniQission (eh. 1166, 
_, ■ / .•,...-..,.;..« jvl'- "7. --.•.T. ■•- .^^-.n- -c-^. 19, 19'.?) and as chief of 
tJ-n riM-^-^c" o^' Public •■r-nj.T^^.^e^'o O.Vxices and Bsnoiit i-a^rnenxs, 

;:is i.ep.%rtr,!ent oi nxcynsent is organised into two uisln divisions th<it 

T cr^ • •in:L2tr2tive order. 

- . ci'«:=t'-a ^y ^ ■ ■ - ^•^-~ 

6 discus^i- 
Divisi cr. cf P^-iblic -nient Offices- end Een^-fit ' ts 

,^. -. -^4,,; .^ . -^oVa r::t5lcvn:::nt CfXices ard rcnefit Payments 

was esuiulisaca ti/ i^vr xn ^94;-. ^■■^" <^'- ' -^'- ' '^ 
chief, who is also G nwrnber cf the Caliioiv.ia l-;ploy:iciii :iL.£.oil- 
. ,. , p....,.= _i,,,, -uo El/iciona of .State Einploynont 
, ,. ,,., f ,,, >• .^, to frrr. thf^ Division of 

Fv.bJJ.c EuplojT:,ent Offices aud Fenofit Fayiaenta, 


St'.'..--. 1943, o'a, 1093 J p. 3031;. Arprovoci J'^.n a, 19W; in -2^- Aug. 4, 1943. 

Field Inveatigating Stiff 

1945 Iri 1?4> the Legislature prorided the neans for enforcing the Cn- 
eir.plo:r.:v5nt Insursnco Acl. b/ proxddir.c for n fioid investigating 
sctiii ia T,.;o uivxsion c£ I^ubliu i Lvy.uunt OiTices and FJsri^fit 
Pay^wats. lua fiold stf.Xf invoatigatos violations of tha act 
icr th(3 parpo3'i of ads^i^^t® and strict enfcrcsment. 

Sept., 15, 1945. 

Division r-f Accounts e:^:il T'-.x Collecbioris 

* ±nn "^'^ 'ji-^ision of Accounts 'Mid Tax CollGCtions vas created in 1943. 
« ,;is aivxsi-v-i is ii<s.iaea u/ a cru.ei' vno i3 uiio r. xz.i^qt of Lie 

C^.liforrJ-a ■Er.i^jio-T^ient Stabilisation Co-rdssion. The Governor 
J ^^^.,-j.^^f ., t.^,3 rjii-ief?? of the tv-o divir-icns who serre at his 

- ura. 

:-:--r^. 1Q43, ch. 10v3, p. 3033. ApprcTed June S, 1943; in effect 

.;...'ig« 4,. 1943. 

}iv"i "icri. cf 

- ■ .dod i-o th.2 U:-on:Jio/:;c;ii.. i.::;;;r:;.:iu^ Act 

-1^ T.-) ''ri-in-ioT: Co-nveasacion Di3-:iDility Bsnefita" 

r^r-M i-'i, 1^^ "-. "^^<^., c'l. S?l, -, 101), r?nd the Ci^nbilitj 
Insur^aco Scctioa ^^^:i c.;c,uu^cnoa v/xtain .-.- u.;oart:nant. B/ 
ox3Cutive or< of the director of e2.ploy2.ent, dated Kovonbsr 1, 
!«• :j t'lC Dlvir-ior. of ris-^^bility L'.^-artinco was cst-bllehed. The 
.'^■i^'i^.icrr ir.cludcf) tV-e ■*.*■' '•'"'^ 

••r. (-■■■'•^'''A^'^ '';■" f^''C+i.C'^, 

consisting of its central, area, and district offices, and the 
offico of th3 naOical dirsctoi-. Tha chiei' of tho section and 
tho H'^dical dirscucr have coordinate r£3:;cn3itiiit7 and report 
to thfi de'^'Aty diroctor, 

Adnir.istrativ-: G-^i'v^lcos 

In tho Aciiidnistrative Sor/ices is the i^enerdl adi.iin- 
ist ration cf the Bsparbaent c£ F.^^plojr^ent. Tha dcjputy director 
is in char^^ of AdsiLnistratiTe 2er/ices, 

Call for nia Une"^.lc7.':3nt Insurance App-e<als Board 

Tho Ijns:2ploy.-:ient Insnr-^nce Appssls Dcr/rd vis creat^^d in 
i^j, ?h'3 beard consists of throe neabers appointed by the Crovemor for 
ter^D or four y-ara* The three board mesibers also serves en ths Enploynnnt 
StT:cill3ation CcnniisDicn, 
St:t... 1943, ch. 1093, p. 3033. Approx-ed June 8, 1943? in ciTect Au;::. 4, 

llo.i.e i'idviscr/ 0-^'tcil 

-orking in clo30 relationship to t ;:3 Uvision of Public D::?loyr:3nt 
Ciric.o :Lnd I:o^:Iit Paynents i. „ --ory Council en Z.:plovricnt 

^ ^. -,.,... «„t>.,-...,j. ,',';t (T^-^35) ^.rcvided for the organ- 

S-r-zice, Section • ■■' ',..-.... i.-x v— >>/ - 

.isatlcn or *'Sinb^? .jy coii^vcixs cc::-pc-^a ox .■ ■ '• • ■ '••• f^---": 

.■y.\r..raa«i cr.<i eiiplojero in oqual nu.-ibci's a- ^ - • 

...v.„ ..,.,-. I.-..--; n-::—-^-'.ril h'r tho Gcvorror upon reco^vui^nda^icn of 

/ . • • 1 .. r-i „i _ TO), 7 

-3 California ijiipioy.aoni, c .- v-J.x'.>-io..-'.?. uo«u,u...s4.o.i \ 

0? FUiM^^GK 




A 3tattj Hoard of Control vns created by tha Caiifcniia I«aislaturo in 
L911 (ch. 3it9). Th<sr<^;&rter tha lavf vfa« assr.dsd several tiir.os (Mid in 1927 
,t v:3 r^rcaled. 7h? rr^ssnt Beard cf nontrcl viis c-at«jd ty Chnpter 251, 

ind U.^ Ccntroller, bcth ^3 ex rmcio setab^m, f^nd a third r.w*.er, aopci/itcd 
,y -nd sf^rvin- '^t ih.* rl«as;Ar0 of the Gcramcr, who, if a st^.te officer, ex orricioo 

71:o principal fuucticna of th^ ;:tat« Board of Control ar« tho adoption 

of r..l... '..d roculc.ticn3 gcv.mln?: th. -.r...ntntlcn ^d ^ditins of clai:.. 
ac:-dr:.t iha «t^to for which funds aro av..i...«, -na the r^Ti.n. of clai..s^at tb^ .t, for the raj;..:.^ of r.i.ich funda nre not availabla. Tho 

..^.=,; -■■,-^- ocr-^ii^-ute thQ b^sis of a cubsccaent iegis- 

l-a 1. 1 ■ ' :; • ore prd. r. ti c n « 


in ccnnect.i::n ^xth -ii^ »-<5rwrtffientr cI r^n^ince ar« t-;ti i'ollcfiicg orjaii- 

, ••.. c:!^;,u- .1. r.cxfj-y A.:- a at«t,o iR3ti-uticn vhich in 1929 
.offirr^G tc the !:te;-:5rts!«nt cf Finance. It cr-nsi^ts of a cc-ird of 
.c-r?. cf f.v,irtesn isiuibersjs tvrelvs cf the rae^ibara are appcintod by tha 
r-r.r fcr a ;;■■■. •''■' fcur y«; thrj cth^'^** ^-.-'^ dlrcctrrs ara ricr'hyrs ot 
ri r.ultur:d ditvtr'-ct cr Ci-^unty bc^ircl &nd rim a^i^T^-ointe-d firjvaaliy by 
%,., -r5v«ifr»^r,. ' '. "^ OcYf^Tnor rnnnrallY ap^noints th?? TiT^ssltient cf ths board of 

tt^-^n the I^ri-^lnttir^ r-^.t.horised n.p'^rorrl.aticns froa the Pc5tv<2.r ^.r-j5loy- 

. ,^ ..■^,. ,.^ r.v- .^ :vb:\tei r.nllcirr rrc-r^r« (Ststg, 

■■- rv*^ '--■v.- ,-■■■'. ■ -* ■-"■ ■■ - ■' " • 

....,, . ,. . , ..-,, ...■.;■--. • j-.v..."-: ; -IT-. ; CT'ft^'^sfd 

'.Vv..t,^ l^-i^l--ive *^vpr>^rii^io^;- to tho loc^ roysmaents,! agencies 

.u-;, .v,w - ' ^, -^'h-t c-Eo T^-^ tii?? -'rcT^orty ''.Ci-^uisiticn 

!OA-i v-s cr^:xed tc Kciuir-s rr'---/ lov .furt heroine ?> '■' ■ ' : — •-- -•:- 

as also cre-^Jtcd to provide a xmificd yrogviant. of conatraction, i:iroroTe-r;ent , 
nd eq^iipr-nt for £t:iv<3 r,^^-.r!.cies. In 19-V7 tha postwar '"icsf^siea y/cr9 ccn-'i by rAolf.sMn^ the P-'^'Stv^r Publi::; "i/oriCii "^jvicw Bcird ar.d as3if.':ning 
t3 C';.".ie3 to tho ;i^li;'.'5 ■ lic'::aticn . :5ar^:^ vrhile tr.o .••■t&to /Wblic ■> orlrs 
cci'^s c'!CG«eded to th<j duties of tha rr-rpsriy Acqtrisiticn r-oarci. 

The dcveioriv^nt cf thyse beards vd.ll b»? oxitlinsd in Izid2per/Jv-?nt Aiiyn- 
iea under ''-'Sivr-'.r Cor.atniGtlori aad HaplcjTuyrit. Th«ir I'slition lo the L-e- 
kartrr, cf FlnancT? lies in tho cr .-ncr^ijerahip cf th« T:ir<»ctor 
f ?in:.'T»c;3 and t'na open^tinf» fir-.r.tions cf the dcnart::::ent&l local Allocation 
dvi,::icr> n:;:.i rubiic ■>-'-^ ='nd 'c-^uiaiticn Sivisicn. 

:xp^nh STAT" cc::'n':icATxo^;3 AdnzorX board 

•i'h-^ Califcrni?^ -fit-n Corrnunicatinns Act of 1%? cref-teU an Advisory 
:. 1,0 r:^:^nlz^^^v w'u ^^i>^ It la co:::ipcs<3!d '^ T r--'-v5n Tns^:>-ir3J ths lircc- 
,cr of Fin^.riO^ f ni six persoJis r^psiointed by iho Gcvirncr for a t-ir'5 rf fcur 

■eftr*?, '■■■•;r«"'> r.i»-'h«>r-'? rfnr«i=;pint ,th^ law enfcrcf»r:;c-Rt seirvl-3«3, nnd thrr=j*» 

..L. U-.V ..,:•;; -;'u.■'^i.^-a :>>irvice3 cf tha State. Tii-jy r^c^U- )-■ corn-' 
.Ll.?n Lut -i-v:) r«*i^bur3cd irv trr.T.'^l.ln.? er."'-3nc<?:y ir.c'.:rrod in tli3 prr- 
.-;•:« ^f '''^^*:T •'v;</i>5!?. Tr-sir r<:^licios are pit opcrrs-tion by tha 

..7 .-..., ^ y , 

•.«.-.+, -.=;.t I"; • 'i>'"i '"'':' thf 

•3 Centre i: .d the Li^ut' -v^mor, J^l ^'-'rvij^ «x rf uclo, 

,.,!.u-;t-: _• .■ -h tho i-ivi:.i&n of i::t£t« L'i'^i'-:* {^-se |M;3e 10). 

f rir.?i.r.c<j thTr-'a-jn Vrf» dircct'T, vho Iaj T-cciitlv^) rfflcor of th« b'^-'-f.^a and 

_,. ■<;«!'(t;e it C7i *-:■..-! C-cvJini.'r' s. Council, '"c** '"-'''■•■■"dF;'t A-*»r.cie3, ?\iblic 
secure i3 •::..';;1 wUJ'i;rv3i«icru> 

1 1 



• :i::C3 A-w CRQINIB DIVI^'XC!^ 

pai?c:{Asi:-o DIVISION 
^::icr« cF stats: laiitB 


Ths Uftp'=irt"-?nt rtf yin.i'isc i?* "a:^.<.i;r \.nm ad7r.lnisv,rh'.ticn cf tha Direct or 
rf rlnnr.c^, vho is arpoint'sd ■'.ni holds cffic« fit t>© tdeas^irr. of the G-;Tsr- 
aor. Tho r-lrf'Ct'.v? cf ■••■!_-■;;';'.:? i.i, in effo-^t, thf^ business rn^nager in t:na 

•.cr for fcn'l'r'tnry, or^'^^-nis^tticrii 'i^^d si'%n'\J?^?^^n'y crttt;r«?l n^irr^ses. Tn? 

c:::^nra or ^v-i.:^^ ...tjn ires tisa to tini^J* (CcTerr^snt Cede, s^stica 

divlftca into && lusi^z thr^e aivisionat ;:.ud£ei3 ^a ic^aui^^rs, i^rs £j^ i^^c- 
^M-.^s, and ^t'v^^ ^ ch, 112), At the present tir:'« thoro -r<5 tv^lve 

<■ -.7;.' .i'-"^9 in "• • -..-rj -■ Tsri-' J 

::i Edditv.- ■■ ^^^^^-- ciiuics, the .•xr;...or ex Flnsnt^ is 

^^..,^ ^?. *V3 r*n*g roard ^r Control >nd a r?^b«r rf th^j Stste 4llo=:^^icn 
.\j .^■■!>..,^^,. -'■.'-;, lc?.tlcns "[fctrd, tfi-^ 5t^::>e PiAblit! «ork3 

r-Jj £-ia tha i'.eix-i->^i*wu -;-;«.ri»* ■ 

?37 T'^ AccciiT.ts snd Dtabursescnto rivislcn first arpej^rfld in 1^7 Dcpart- 

., o? '^Ir-nca Pr-crb tc th» Gcv^mrr's Ctr^ncil in 1/39. AH acccunt,- 
k jj:ig for iii2-^i>iawi.V4» appropriiiiiciis in ^ur::?orT; r/ tha rcpart^wnt of 
■' Fin-noo la dona by thia diviaica, 

j3tr?.tivo Dj.vis.lcn LdTiyien co'^.isi.stg of tfishnlccvi, advisors to the 
'\i-z^.-:- ^u w-^rical 5^sistru:t3, in the fi^^lda of ftdstinistraUvs 
■.'■.:ilysi3, a^ririculturajj insursr.ce, InTsutasnts, and lav. 

iTbUe-i «f Budgets -n.nd Accounts 

:-\-3 division of Kuds-.ste «i?Ki Acccunts is the starf tis-ancy thrc\j^.ti v-hich 

^. ; :..-t:1;;^3 itn r'^-v^-rr rib lilt/ tor f^crwml 
a>ur>^2"T-ini*>a over* wA^ st-a-.-s'ti ii-^t^ux. .^.^^ru.t2. ^ -|3 a^»:~.Ji.u.i ^*..j,--.t--. 
V -.^ s>i^mr-^s« fcijdrorfc srd lirfcil 1942 oost edited ths accounts cf th^ 

-: '.53 fcr^rsrly balcrirtirJi? t-o the Sivision iii' tiud,-.3«.iJ civd ncccur/co, 
;ij.r.r.s er.i Grounds LlTlsicn 

.,.. -_...,-.4.irn or st£''"-- *^- f-r roviUa cffica buildings 

. fixate r;~nc?? ^^-riU cp-Ji'citicii c-j- -ji"- 

■ad ih« upkeep and car« cX Capitis!;;, 
19o Th^ l-illdinv:. ^:.d Grcuu^ Llvlslo:. va. foxc^arly * bur^ Mnder the 

ttvision of. Cornunlc^Ucna 

l9.v? ihs Callfcrnia GtRt« Qc^iainiciitiona Act crested e Division c.r Cormoni- 
caticns e.z vail ^ti* the Co^'^ii-iicUicna /dviGcry Board* Tl-.o divloion 
"shall ccnf^t-r with th« Ccti'-iranlcations :voard ?rd (blaln Ita advica and 

■' ccunsel na to t!"..-? txircruisy, inctrsilatlon, srjainten^ixico, cperaticn and 

* UC5 cr nxlctl, . .. -rcpysca r-:bllclv C'^ned cc--;rnir;icaticns facilltiea," 

ZUiU» W'7y ch, 1071. ApcToveci ty tno Co^tJi^ar, ^--s^t. 2, l?L;7't in 
«5ff?;'t ;7n--, 19, 19;v7. 

Di'^'lTicn of TairB ftnd '"jmcsitions 

19iil ^/ ciaenu:;:ant; cf ivec&ion 72 of th^ A^icult^:re Cod«, tha fcnK^r I^lvi- 
=;.lcn o? r.-cMbits K^fl Jibolishad and the Division cf ?D.ir3 ond vxry^ai- 
ticr.s vsa crfu':ted, ?'ds cl.ivit-icn exercisss liudgeta27 eoatr«5i ovar 

^li-^t-- ex *i--:-:.^::' : :rair3 snd cr^unty fairs, pr^r^^r^s r?-:rius lir;t3, 
Sind anncuncos th« r^les Er.d rcxuiatioss goTerrJj^^ tl;tJ r.-fardin£ ci* 

pro2dur«5 by such, I'airs* 

c^...' .. ^-^ .'h ' .*r-.v<o-r^d v~ ths Ccrsmc.r, JuLy llj 19ils i^'i 
effe-t ::o-t, 13, 1941. 

Lc>.;;,-iJ. .-illocitior. Diviaicii 

:, Th^ T-CAl Al • :^ Dlvi:)ic;i vr^s cre^Ud in 1146 to aid in u>^6sJ.S' 

• >« -^1 w>.« 


._.-„ .1,^ ,'!-,.-.-^.-;^;.^ ,-■ . -^'^a cf 3sr7ic23 and r.upplLca, iU 

.4ic-i, .;;3 "•"^' r-roTi<i«8 that ail 


ths Piibllc 'orica ;-'::»rTd and the then e:jJ.£tiia^ ?ro;>3rt7 Ac^iuisitica 

n^trird in G>:^^rii;tyv'j:;T thaleglsl^tlva n:^5 en pcsivar products for 

: , J 'i'>e!» forry^r ?^tir^«« of Piirehasini? becaas^a a diviaicn %'b'm th« E'ivi3ion 
?.lTli:xcn of 5t^t'^ I^".ds 

'.ch cr«at«d th^ o^^ta LandG Cc:^iir5^ion, th 





A3 organized Jiiiie 19^9 


I 1, Ac-co'iintir.g B^iroan 

2, Ccnciliatica Ser^ov? 

;: » Gucorvigicn of Celi-Insurers 


Industrial Accident Coi-rMssion 


1. ilcdicai Bur-sau 

2, r -anent Lisability Eating Bureau 

3. I 

r:n:sic.J cr hoi>sii;g 

'^J 'ir '^'- ' 1 t- ' -' 3- !^H Ci -,^ ^i^J-i'Cl 



AoPfsntiCQshi'C) Council 

iov.rd of Directors 


The D-.'Fartir.3at ox ladaatriai delations wv-s reorgania'sd in 1945 into 
© di\'isions! Bi-vi.sicn ci" Industrial Accidents (Industrial Accident 
Ccr-.-nission); Bi^rision of Industric.1 Safety (Industrial Safety Scari)^ Divi- 
sion of ircu:5ir.3 (Ccv.. .l,:.vicn of ?.c'iz±nz)l Di-isicn of Labor Iaw Enfcrcsnentj 
Di vision of Ir.dustri li ^ -31 fare (Industrial •'elfare Corzrrlssicn) ; Division of 
Labor Statistics and Reaearchj Division cf Apprenticeship Standards (Apprcn- 
tisechip Ccuncil): '-; the Stc.ts Ccr-cnsation Lnsurance Prad (Board of 
Directcri of the State Ccmpensaticn Insurance Fund). Ilach di vision is 
headed by a ciSof who is ^ippointed by the Governor. 

Befora 1945 the chair::ian of ths Indistrinl Accident Ccmniissicn acted 
as ex cfiicio director of the Bepon.nient of Industrial Holabicns. The re~ 
c-^anisaticn of trie dep-^rtnsnt in 1945 separated the director frorn niember- 
Ip on thy rndustri:^ .Vccidsnt Cc:nids3ion and increased his duties and 

- r « 

Iht Division cf - .::^rety was aDoiisbed fro;ii the departr^^nt and tno 

■ ;.!-- ^--^d rosoonsibilities of the division vrero dele^atsd to the Stabo 

■ re ;'irsha.ll. 

-:.,. . .J. ^£ rzs^rxt cf L^aistrial Relations serves -.r, r-hair- 

-■ of foe fiv-"r:-:r-er Industrial SafBty Beard and 25 a nsrr,ber of tho five- 

Thc director is resr^onsibls for tlie aa::anio^r.viu: ■ ' -^ Ctt.ts Con- 
■^,,.^.^ c,,^.,. 3S provided by tha a^r^nl^d Section 65 cf th-^ Labor Cede. 
.0 zc^sv-^rr, .. .u^hori..d to :=inv.^ti:-to and mediate labor disputes 
^ovidi.5 any ben. fide p.rty to sucn cxspu^. re^ueato irtorr^^^M.. -. th. 
.-r^rtment ar:d ra.y arn.tratc or arran^ia fcr ^.o c.l.c.ion cf boa. .3 ox 


; : : :-iirtv:/;-r.t cI ,tr.:;u3tri4il ?,«iaticii3 v«3 k*ior. :.^d2 -sil in 1745 ii*ti> 
visiccis: Divisitn ff Ir.i'i3tri:il Accid-inta (Industrial Accid'sn^ 
>sica)? i;i"?rij5i>-4Ei cr induatrial :^3^'^%y (Iraiustriai Caf*sty Board) j f^ivi- 
'•f Kciis-lri<j (uv:..l;*i*n Gf "i^; Divi-iloa of i^or law rnCcrcjoarvt; 

v/icil;; ;:i^ i;;^ ..-^.>i. i.v- '■:.:.rdof 

:,nrQ ca- t:::; St-*e Ccr:-^its!?^icn In^siuranss rUr.d), Hach division is cf :.2sl«^n acted 
;^ .^.;^., ^^..,„ ^r *v,^ t^«— \?t-i3ent. c: :.i:p5.^ ?islstif:^^ss» The to- 
,. _ _._.... _„, 1945 s^?4r*.t@d tb5 aircs-t:;r i'rsu a^.xbsr*- 

.-i ,,.,.^ ,..--.•- ,•,,..-. i ^..-T,,^ .-.-3 ^^r.v«.--T7:.-;-t t*l-; duties '■''^'■'^' 

; r'?! '^'^ 

:>,a divlsicn >^ro to th*? ;>t&t;<5 

1 1 

V. V -I--^ 

.las i-i'irv.^uin^ -'x."!/ 

irt::'^ n 

-;r. r~.-/ s.ri>.l.-J"«-t'» « 

:' -i' 

.iii'Ctica of boairia of. 

itration en ouch toins as all of ths bon-i fida pai'ties to svich disputes 
lay agree -upon." T-.e -work l-: -^ "^ '•I'iied through the Ccnciliatioii :3ervic?. 07 
oervioor vith headquarters at San Francisco, and a staff of conciliators 
d:.:: offices e.t 3?ji FrT.cic-o and Los Ar'T-slec, 

Ih3 director r:-; ^— .:..., -j ticn ever ':3.-; 'trho elect to self-insuro 
r the nandatory provisions of the ForkEen's Ccniper.sation I&vr, Sections 
|7CC-2 of the I^bor Cod-a authoriss the director? 

(c^) T.^ iisuc a ''C;jrwJ.j.'i-;-.i.c; o:. c<.r.zctit to 32lf-in5uro,'* 

('.,) " :. ■dctsriaino the aniount and approYe the bend cr security 

to be cov-rsitod by euch pelf~insurer. 
/'^^ --,, >^--- -. . -,. ■ 1---+: fie "it 3 to self-ir.S'-ir'? f^r ^nod cause 

ixlsr a hearing. 
i"or ths currsnb legal prcviaions under vhach thvi dspartissnt operates, 
•■ ■> latest L^abcr C'd-^ '^■- -.aid be consulted. The L'abor Cede was created in 
' ( r^h 00 r T-'^K 





)iYisiion ol' Industrial Accidents 

" Eivisicn of Industrial Accidentn ;:;nd Safety 

Industrial .icident Cousiission 
fc 1933 'The Dirisicn of Industrial Accidents and Safety consisted of 
the follcidng departTnents j 

1, Ce::rr:,:i'S.bion Dspartsiant 

2, L'9£^al Dapartsjsnt 

3, Itodica.1 Lep-'-rtrr-nt 

K. Permanent Disability Rating Departnsrrt 

5. Bureau of Induatriai Accidsnt ?rc tec tier, (vas called 

Srifety Dep-^-rt-rent until 1939) 

6. Ctate Co.':ipDn3::ition Insur;-.nce Fund 

7. Statistical Department 

Th3 Division ^^r.3 unccr the Iridustrial Accident Ccnrrdssicn com- 
^ p;;sed cf threa ir.e:aDor3 uppcinted by ths Cvovenicr for fcur-ycar 

tc rr.3 * 
ri vision cf Industrial /.cci dents 

1945 Th3 Bivicion of Industri:;! Accidorrts and 3i.iety ^as -de into 
two divisions, the Civisioa cf Industrial Accidents md the 
Division of ladastrial Gafetj. At present the Division of In- 
B d-tr^-l ^'Jident. .-...^_c of three burea^zsr .. 


1. ij..?.dloal r.^urea.u ■ 

o^ ■z.,^^^-T-r^rl Disability T^atinr pure^u 

_ .ureau 

_ . ^:_^.-nh re- lazier: 

,;.. -r f'-fl T'.dU"!'LrisJ. 

1; .; -as 19>;3 I.W;- .i.-v:r^ -.^r^;.--.-..- 

Accident Gcrrlssion frr^:-^ thrso to ;5*^ve:i. l-^o cur.ix3sion in i.^ 
:.:c:ticrs is a court ci li:;dtsd juri^^ction and has 

■ ^ ^t. ■ - rT3 only suMcct to review by 
oiU-r the District Courts cf Appeal or tha Supr..:. Court cf 

Jtrrisdictiori to tho feu.-rai ccurts, Tha poiiey otf the ccrrnission 
in to see" that injured workers and dependent;? recoivo prc:.iptly, 
r.rid '/flth ths least pcsaible uelay^ all the bcnofits to vfhich 
^u-y -i . oatitle-. ...-^r ths I'ork-isn-s Conpencj-rtion law. A sT-afi" 
Ox rofsrecs assists lihe cciiaiasic-a in deciding the claiir.s brought 
brjfcrs th3 cCiTJidEsion. Ths three burca-is listco. above also 
u'jsist the cciiindsaion an irtakini^ their final doterraination, 
rtnto. 1945, ch. U31, p. 26a';-, ■•-■roved J-jI^ 17, 1945; in 

r-ff'--'. rr^oh. l*^, 19io, 

MYlcir-n ci' Industrial 2:a-ity 

:he Division cI I.v^ustrial Saiety aoD'OLisd its idezitity i.3 a separata 
ij.-.dsicn in the Der'irt-isnt of Industrial Eaiaticns in 1945 fcj ^^- ^c^- cf ths 
, .^T,,i„^^ ^■^•-l-- ic'--; r-i. i;/-l. D, ^£-16). fricr tc that tlTio the divi- 
3icn '..-as kacrfn as the Industrial Accident Prsvcnticn Bure^va under ths direc- 
ti- : -'' t''3 Tr.du;- trial AcoL-ient Cc:-:.:r.issicn, "■.'he diTislcn is composed of 
even aecticua: ^>cilor, oor;3tructicn, cicctric^l, cle-'.tcr, industrial, 
Eininfi r:nd cetroleu^i, ■•ind educ-ational (added in 1947). 
1^ ^ •r,-,,^.Tot.'»1 "1 r''.f'?t'/ '"""rd 

.,.. ,.x --...: :.r-'. ■■■—'■■... k... -..:..-- : -i-j t:--3 S3 

tlis Dlvi.sicn of Industrial Sefety. Th? beard is cc::;?oaed of 
r^^Q -evb:--;— 1'-~ Director cf t^3 cf Industrie.! LqIc- 

,•.,...-,,.„. V, -,--» -v--.- .-.I',--- ■-nr.'^d b^ tb? Covornor for 

a tern of four y^iars. The safety order:: are arorcv<^a oy Lho 
Indu:;trial Safety Bcaird, snd ^lhen thus adopted, rafsty orders 
becc-o le--'''-- --*-'--^- ■='-!", 
Division of "-asir/;: 

Bivisicn of iLiiuigration aiid iicucing 

19it5 The naitie cf the Divlsita of Inisiigration and Housing \fas changed 
in 19-^5 to the Di\fisicn of Hoursing, The isnigrsnt nid features 
cf ■'"he crer.tir'^ "^t ■'•'"■!"'» repealed. 

Dlvisicri cf fiousin-.: 

1945 The Divisicn of i'c-jsing ascuirsd its prccent nsno by the act of 

l>i»> ■./.-".t !.•■ :'-.-'.snised th"^ L-Ci-o^rtntnt of Industri'-il Helaticns. 
:'l;o division Edndnist^rs the i.av;3 eoverning Icbor canps, auto 
ccxrts, resorts, nntels, auto and tr?.iler canps, &nd the State 

I- --. i^;.5, ch. 1431, p. 2636. A-,^roYed July 17, 1945| in 
::.■ -h 3cot. 15, 1V45. 

1 : '.-: : r:3 ni.u;:3 cf tha ccai^issicn wris changed frora that cf Gcrandssion 
^<> T-~ri! r-r-itlcn and ;'n':r.xr!'^ to that cf Ccnirission of Housiii<^ by 
- - • - ; •■_ - •■;i'; , ';Vo cc^-xlssicn is ccriposed of fiy© 
-^ cippointed by tho GcA/cmor c-nd held cffico at his 

Clio '-0X. 

,1 -.- 

' ■". r c ' 1 

Oivisicn :- ..orcs^isno is t^.:. ci-c^- ^...v^x..'..-^-w — — ^ 

.n C^:lifcrrda ch^rr-cd Ar^h the .-tr£;ticn c^d ei^forcanent cf Ifv^/s for 

..':.ijticii t-nd 
.ct Viiich. cct-cli^..^;i tho D3p::;rt;ner;t 
V I-ru3trlf^l r:el:.tic-s v^-n rh'^n-ri^d to the Liv r X,aw Enforceusnt 

:>V tiM act of If^hj 

... ;,,.,....:... .ical r-,-rM---:= ^::ir5 tr;.;:nrerrcd to tho 

■ , ^. . "h? ei'"ht-hoi.;r 

ri.-i::icn ci* Labor S'.r.tir.tic^- ■ • - . 

I-/ for vcnc::! v;^c tr-^ncicrrcd i:i 1^4:^ to thu Division of Xndv^tri^il V'^lfarc. 
imcp, the lc:w5 aomnistered ar.d orucrcea by tnis division are: law. relating 

to payment of v;a£03j child l?'>or Is^fS) lav;3 relating private enplcymnt 

agencies; weskly day of rest lawj and .Tiisrepresentation cf enploymont laws, 

Tho chief of the Division of l&bor Lvw T^nforcenent ie knca as the 

Labor CoaaiESioner. 

State. 19A5- ch. 1431i p. 2636. Approved Julj 17, 1945} in effect 
Sept. 15,. 1945. 

Division cf Indostrial Fslfare 

Tho riTiaioR cf Industrial Vslfare is gOTerr.ed by the Industrial Velfare 
Cosni-s:ticn ccn;-;ir3r,ing cf five seriera \<'r.o are cppointed by th3 CcTernor for 
terns cf four ^ears. 

Th3 divisicn i3 in charrs cf a cliicf who is appointed bj the Governor 
frcri: cu^n^ the iieji.^oio of the Industrial T/slfaro Ccrrrzlszlon, 

The dirisicn ad:'Aiiisterc and enforces the criers cf the Industrial Vel- 
fare CoisnisEicn covering wagee, hours, and vorkir.g ccr.diticn3 cf vfo-oa and 
th- :clKir:ni;i ya:2S for ruincrs in Caiifoinia, The latter &itj m\s fcr;i3ri/ 
p*rfcrr.e<i bT ths Ei^/ii:icn cf Labor La'rf Enforcerasnt prior vC 1945 (St:at,£. 
1945, ch. 1431, ?. ::635. Approved Jul- 1?, 1945; in effect S-pt. 15, 1945). 

Division of Labor p-i^.-.tisties ftxvi ?,e5cav-eu 

45 Frcji 1927 until 1945 tlio Di^-ioicn of Labor Suatistic-iJ aau Re- 
c :-rcn f\.--^-'x-^d as --rb cf the Civisicn of L-b-r statistics 
end Lavf Zh^ovcbizq^ . In tne rrorgriniK-o.-<;.i ■.-. -..= ^ ./-..-.^.— ^- 
lr.da.ntrial Eolations the statistical funotiona of -thG f orr^sr 
Divisic:! cf Liibor Statistics and Lt.t znfcrce-n-nt and the statis- 
tical f^i^cticas cf all the other a.v........ c. .i.e .dep.rtnont 

.cT's trana^arred to ^ha uowly established Livi^lon of Labor Sta- 
tiotacs and Researcn. The cdvisioa ia r^ouired by law to "col- 
lect, co>-n-iie aiiu ux^eaent facts and etatUcics relating to the 

condition of lai-.or in ths Scats, including inforr.atioa as to e'n- 
p.-;/ ;t, uneupic-Tnisnt, hours ;, ■**'iJ-^3> oarrdn-rs, cr3t ci' livir.rj, 
l=ff:^,^r C'lopir end dscand, indue trial relations , ir.diiK trial dis- 
putes ^ incv.-.trial acciasnte and .n.^fety, labor product j.ritY, 
. Er.nlt.«r>' and other cohditioriS, prison labor^ and such othisr :r.'it- 
ters in reiatica to Ic.bor as the Director of Indtistrial Eolations 
deerss c.-jsirrblo," 

T*^t' r''A''^^c'" T5ubli?hs3 throe nonthlT reoortsj G''liror' '^.i?. Uc n— 
£;tr-.-':xcn ::.;:loyr;s?>t, C.s.lircmia Labor Statlptics BuHe tin. ac'id 
rir-'blirv:: Ind-i;-trlr.l ? n ;;uriya in C"lifcrnia. A Quarterly'- r-oport 
5.S oiiblifihod on t'nlojr-'int of '"'^^'r-'i i^,,,C=';li^:'^'TrJ:J!-* -A-nr-ual rv>- 
pcrts ers issued on llrJ-on Labor in Calif oiriir;, and a bienrdal^ ' ■- '-^t-.^.-: :irfjjj OH Lsboj* in C 'llfornja . 

Division oi AonrenticeBhir) Stanaarcis 

Sc.,ct; -^v--^-'^--- ^--'-P vJc'incil (iJivisicn of Apprenticeship Trciniri^) 
19?-T Under tha California Lr.bor St?.nd?)rds Act cf 1939 the Stat<^; Ap- 

priinticGship Cciu-cil (r,cnsri-llr knovn z-^ the rivi^ion of Appron- 
j^^^. '_ ■ - . • V- -i the Depart.aenb of Induatrlai 

r.ol...^^..^ ,..« «^- ' -f Xndu3trial n:-lations, Bisiinial t^- 

.-„.,- TO'/j^ioM r}. : . ,. ■ . ccunc-^ - --'^-^bsed of eleven 
ificisibers antoinced bv ths C-r^vernor, iour i-^prc-antctivco frcm 
both ea-DlcTcr a: e organisations, one frcn the K^neral 

I - -; . the T- Industrial Kolations and the chief 

., T-^r-a cf 'li--.' ••• - - - acaticn. State ^s'^wx,- 

^ ^^- -'.■-. ^r + -:-.». '- r-x oi i-i. Ti'.c Director of In- 

du3trial Rolationa is designatea by lav fie the Administrator of 

Ap2:i"cu ti u^d ship . 

3tsi;o. :V5<?. ch. 220, p. 1A73- Approved Xay 22, 193?i i^^^f-'^ct 
Sc?;ri9: lb?; aneniod by Stat.. 19U, ch. m, and by iJtatr,, 

i-:'.:. ch. ;i3. 

Divisicn c.f Apprenticeship Standards 

IJIJ^ Xr.r; . ..v-isicn of Apprenticesrdp Tr^iining v:a3 reaamed tlie Division 

oi" Appronticzohip St-iiriards. I'l-^ Ap^^ronticaship Council rcnsained 

'anchsn3'2d • Deps^rtsr^at of Industrial Relations, Biennial Eepcrt 19A5- 

i94i^, p.' a. 

.1947 The 1947 L«3^iBlaturs added Section 3090 to the Labor Cod?, offec- 
tivo S»^ptem-^e^ 1947, naising tha divisioa as the ap-:>roval agency 

^, r- .;;ji/M,i.oeeliip and cuher training on the .1ob, 3^ enabling 
the uta^e x,o receive raiuibarseii^int xro;a the fsderai goverrj^^snt 
.-.^„ .• •,,.rric-33 norror.'-wd in t",is r-3s-->3Ct with regard to veterans, 

State Compensation Insur-^ncf? Fnr.d 

T:-o Califcrnia St::te CcnpeiisLticn Insurance Fund >ras establit}^ed Janu- 
a.-;/ i, 1914, ccncurrfintlj with the enactr^nt of ths first compulgory VoTk- 
r-n's Ccnpcn^ntion Inauraiice and Safetj tos. Tlie Compensation Insu^-ance 
Ftmd irao tav.n frc-n th^3 Diricicn of Indtistrisl Accidento in 1945 ^d bocam^ 
, ... -.-^/iT.p.t'? dl%H -dori in t.ha den?.rtE:-'3nt. 

rv,^. , .-- -.. ; .-.'i-Lmcc orotcction und^r the otato^Vorkoisn's Cojipsn- 

+ . ..,^„ --^ -unis^ t^c! l^'itci States 

ca^ Lc";j3 anci j-s .^ut._t-.i*--'(i ^ -'i-j--' .^- 

I... .:ihorei3cn'6 and Harbor ' :-rkers» C/^mpenaaticn Act. Tx^s vOjocLivca cf th<3 

Fuiid arer 

1. 70 cn-ar e:aplcjers x::_^..^:..-. protection at the Icvro.t cc:t, 

2. -o cperc^te in free -d fr^ir ccn^potitir^n uith other irsurance 

'^i' tl.a securing cf r::ir prcriiu::: ratcB 

c:u-iv:v3. iicting c& a, jrarvi5vio«. * 

. -.,,; -»-ai~ rr-#a-t:-5»=ii for iii.iared emplcynee, 
icr c„".picyer3 axij: a.a±i. t,i«it — -i- 

. 3. 7o c.nd^ct its b:.«.in333 en th^ ' ^ ' --^rnlitieg in- 
volved in each cituaticn rather th^ by the legalioie. alone. 


4. To relieve hi;aian hardchip and to pi^tsct l.unan life throiigh 

safety ed'JvAtion coaigned to ^aard £>-:sinst the hazards of industrial 


The State Coapensaticn Insuranc« Fund is administered by a beard of 

diroctora of Tiva meabersj cosipcsed of tho Director of the Lspartnient of 

Industris.! Eslaticns as chairraan and four nsrJbers appointed by the Gcvamor 

froa Find policyholders for four-yea? tsras. 

Str.'v:.. 1945, ch. 1431, P. 26'^15. Approved July 17, i945l ia effect Sept. 15, 

Division of ?ire 3 a f -sty 

The Iesi£l?-t\ir8 created the Division cf Ssfsty in the Departsient 

of Tndustrial .'.Tjii-tinr-o in 1927; tho State Flr3 "r.rshal WJiS cliief , ThJLs 

division vss abolished by the Legislature in 1945, ^na its duties and 

respcn&ibilitioj voro d^losated to th.i Ctcto Firo I!ari;hcl. 

StrLtG. 1/45, c\:. 1173, ^. ^^'^' A-roved July 9, 1945; in effect Sept. 15, 


C't3A!TI2A7IC'''''-T, P,'?"'.? OT^ T""^ ■n^^AP,T}^F,>TT 0? ir3URA!7CrE 


As organissd Juno 1949 


Actyr^rial Station 

Baroa^i of Ir.;jura;i03 Rac-o ReguLation 


Bire-iu of Corupiianc© 

Bureau of Pollc;/ CorS'yiaints 

Bdroau of lavcstiration 

Buraau of Disciplinary Proceedings 

)IVI3IQ:J of T^IA:a:'A7IC3T aid FI.^fArCLiL A!IALISIS 

i^ureau of /iianinations 
irarea^i of Plnancial /jiaiyiis 


r-camina-tioi-i Cz-uslificcticii S^icticn 

di:paethe!it of iisurahce 

from 1929 to 1941, the Insurancs Cocoissicnsr vas deai.g'a^i&ed hj statute 
LS tiio admnl3tr-'=!tiYo h'3.'id of a "division" cf the Dep«rt,™9nt of Investment. 
:n 1941 tha Di7iaion oi' rnsurance vjas r^ade a tiepaj'ata Depas tasnt of Insuranci.^ 
[Stats. I?.M, ch, ll'jO, p. 2935. Approved July 15, i9Uj! iri cifect Seoi.'.. 3.3, 
L9iJ.) ci^d ra:naiii3d yndcr the ccntrcl of the Insurance Coninissioner. iiuj In- 
suranco C-i-^aiscionsr xa ap-vlntcd by the Gcvcmor for a tcnn of four -:.ars, 
SoctioT^ 3J2906 of the Ir.Eureiice Code sp<!cified thit the Inwrancc Goiranlssioner 
^.,,- *.f, -.--i.rii a K:j-±'cr cf th3 Bdrc*. of lT?.vestin3rit but v?5.s not a head of a 
iepari^anu w:i.-nxri th4) lacining ci occ..i.c.i .:.^9 of the Political Code. 

The Dspart-cr:t cf Issuran^a vas organisod into Gsvsn bursa;us that werej^d di^doion5 in 1942 in order to correspond in fora with th-it of Iho 
oth"3r r^t;it<s dep'irt:.^-5:nt^. 

TL3 diTlGicns specified in ths early orgaai^itionai stm^ctur« of ths 
d^nart-snt inclt-dc^i the Tirision cf Exsmnations , Division of Actuarial 
Heferenc^G, i;xvi^i-. 01 ot.^enent Analysis, Division of Docui^^nts, Division 
c)f^Iicen.e3, Divisio:.. ' ^plairr-: . 1 Division of Ccnsarvaticn and Liquid- 


bfc-n 'D-.r> r^,c;.ax.o,.u--.ion cf the Division of A<^alni5t^aticn of tho P-;-part- 
y. -^niinco, tho I^;3urancs Co;;:^5Si&nor r^or-srazca ths EvT^irtrj- "■ ot 

Ir..ttr:-oa fi-^ divisions in 1946. Tl^ey are tao Adrdnictrativo Livic.-on, 

. nivi-i--. ulvi-ion of Kxasdnution eitd Jinancial Analysia, 

r-Mn office cf t^^ d'^nartme^nt is located in San Fr^-cifco. 

HistorJoalj Beforo 194^ 

■. the tiisa cI its e2L.:Lblishjnent, the Dapart^aerib of Insurance ^^^ di vi- 
ed i-..L-^ Q3Ysn bureaus thci'c- vers ron?isrtod dxTisicns in 19 i^, Tri^oe aiviaiong 
era the Division cf Eiciniiiiations, LiTisicn ct Aovaarial Ecrerer.ce«^» Division 
r Ct^tcnsnt An:dj2i£, Icn ci ^ .nt3, Divisicn cf liecns^a, DlV3.sion 

f C- -^DlainU, r^:^' -'-^ • - rr..-^.^^v,.t.ionD nr^d TJ.c-ids.tion3. Tho dop^rt^ent 
.a<i • T-i charactsristics of a cJ.viEiori thsa ox a cep^ro^ent. An en^P-OJ^e 
ras designated bv the Xrisurance Conndssion tc head eaor. bureau, 

liviaicn of ExnTdnations 

I-.-_ir'an.ce. ■ cLir.ent- cf Xnvest=y'3nt, was made, a separat'' --epa.. u- 

rti^iit of Inr'arsnce In .19A1« 

i;;..Ta3icn of }{-a::;^iz.^i'i-' - 

: :, .AC P:irea'i cf Smmn^ticns was ret:asiod Division of Exsaii-^^^-^^^s* 

■"Nc diriM'-'^ Vol? resprnsibls for audltirig oreor Csliforn^^ insurer 

^c-.:^v c'lC! 

.^verv' three y=?ats. 

Di^rir,.;.:! o- ..Aj^ Refer - 

•urt3S«i of Actuarial T.cH^tcti.L'^s 

;^a Ir-e f^-\n of Actuarial Eeferances >??53 established in tfw ----i»- 
^n the dfiparti^nt -.fas orc-'-'^i.=£'d in 19U. 
iha '^bursau'^ uas r3na;i.ei the "aivisior:" in 19/^. 



Jivisioi of Stat5:-:cr.ii /jialygis 

Eursau of 3tatfe:'iient kn^lyaxa 

1 mI '..lie 3ur9&a of State-n-ant Analysis was eslablishscl in tha Cepart- 
ir.3nt CI ._.^i. ^-•■w--; . ..oa th«.t depJirtosnt x-ras crgardc-cd in 19j!iJ.. 

Lirisicn o' StateE^nt Analvels 

19^2 Ti'.o irareau of Stivtenont AnaJ-jrsis was rsn^^iad Divisic-n cf State- 
:.:.i:t .'. . ilyiiia in 19<v-. TIdo diTioiovi vas created I'or the par- 
pose c.£ adi-dnistering the tsjc funcbicns c£ the uspartacrit, 

'.ircvW of To currents 

]- ^ _ •. .. ;; Docur-waly wf.s establislicd in the Dopartnc-nt of 

Tnsurairse Kuen thnt departneat vria orr;'irazed in 19'.1. 
rivijjion of .^ic^ca'-ssnts 
l^-Vi Tii3 n.r:i3 was cbc-inf^sd froa "bure^u^ to "diTision." 

Bivir^ivn o'? Iicf?rir6'5 

I9.VI Thi- imr^'V! 

senses consijjted oj: the Ce-o^rtrrjn^ o? Inyaanco 

tha T,.,n.rtr-;:a. or >.car-l nation. The bur«fau was organised In 

■. . f T-c-rince in l^U. 

viVri.c>ic»n oi ijic 

j^ ; ;., arcs:.!" vas rcn-^icd "dr.-isicn. 

...,^..-,^ ,.-Hcr ^-'^- .inad the sar.e. 

"trc-its (I:;r>u- 

Dlvl-i-sn of rr' vil'iints 

Izius ».»3 cJtabLL...iod in the Departnonl 


of Insurance, its functions vore dividod into three deparbnents i 

Polic7 Ccapl2-i.-:t3, License Ccr.plaints, find Hearings. 
DiviDir.,! of Ccr^olsints 
1942 ine r.u--3 vras chanre'-x j rt^a "'ourGau" to "division," The three de- 

partr.ontB (Policy Cor5r;lrdntSj License Coaplaints^ ajid nearinga) 

tinder t/he diTioicn rariixined the 3.030, 

Erisicn cf CcnesanrAticns ?nd Lirnidaticns 

Burer.u cf Conserraticns end Llq'J.idcticr.':> 

19A1 Th® E^areiu 01 Conserrations and Lic;';idiitio.n3 was esta.biished in 
ths Dcoartrecnt ot I.isurance v/hsa the dcpartaont was oro-aised in 

Divisicvi oi Coriscrvationa aiid Ij.q;iidaticns 
19i^ Tho nai-ie ci" th3 ''bursau" was elaangad to "division" in 1942. 

DSPAT" — 'r^- ^'^ II5URAJ;crE 
As ■: . JUT'S .V)U9 

Ih-z rsorganizatic:. oi tt.e iepartir.cnt of Inswrance vfas co-npleted in 1946, 
iid K?).s brought about in ordsr to clir.dn&tQ suc.n weaicieBses as dual rcspon- 
ibility, Uck cr cnor-dlnaticn, i.-^-;k of ccnsolidatioja aad integration, and 
.acK of ^ dotaiied oper>:.tioiia:L pivin. "IViS departnxuit was organized into five 
iiviGi^-.b: Ad-uiniatrction lUvision, Compliance sad Legal Division, Division 
M.^v, r.^,.: finincial Analysis, Livision of Licences, a-d Division 

„.:o;.lv.:., "ach division 1:? horided by a chief who 

Lg re::ponaibl3 to tha Insurancs Cc::^ii3sionor, except tho ild::inistration 
T>:„^..--,^^ "hich 13 hsiided by the Chief /aslsto-nt Insiirauce Commissioner. 

Adi^lnlst ration Division 

„^ ^ .i.- _ , ,„ : • . ^.,■--r•V,-;-o■'-'' f'^'.r.r.tior.s of the doparbiiant hiTe 

^ . • ^. . . .■.-..4 «..•-.*•-.-> vi'.r; I i -,-i <^ ;.':■' . 'it'be division is headed 
icen intcjgriited into tao 'i^-^...i^jvj.«vijn ^x^i. . '•'-'=- 

bj the Chief AsoicJtarit Insurance Cc2»dssioj:cr. 

The division incorporates t«o c-'.^r i-.^x..-}, i^-y 

. ,^ ,, .^v,. .. ;,.,.-.^, -v-a (2'-' ^.^ Gi Xiisuran^a R?rte Regulation 

headed by 1;,;.^ 'whioi- ACuXiuiry, <^i'^ v^/ - — 

( -. ,. .;i,,, f-.-te^.f Pet'; - - » --'i'" ^-^ 

:h^ . - -— ^ s:icoeeded the f-rr-r O-nsiating Actti^iry. In addition 

, ^_- ...,^ +1.., i^r.-.--.-rl ;-^..>:loxi adviuos and 
to the ptjrrorii^ica 01 ii-s Oi-.^i i-a^^w.-Lcis., u.i.. .-^^^^ - 

,,aUt, tho Siri^ion or K^nx«ati« .r.d financial -.u.y.i. .^a th. Co^px ....« 

iU^:--}! Division in t^^se actuar^-ai «.S:.^ct:3 ui 

^ _ . ^. ^,v^+4nn ■«.r'-al'i'-^''^=. T^^es to tha o^-tsx-it that thcj 

Ehall r:ot b'i! «ir-r.dequate, excessive, or^jnioir^7 ^*- 




lor.pliance and L-^jal Bivioicn 

The Conpliance sr-d LsgrJ. Division If one cf tho mcot, important in tha 
•epartrsrit. All of th^. legal "fe-ork of a strictl-/ departTs.?atal nature is 
jarriod on in this division, the division ci-bsorbed the Division of Docu- 
•^nt3 .'-•.:d the Division of Coiaplaiats in 19to. The division operates -ai-.der 
I chief vho is rc--pcn3ibie to the InsurOTce Coamissioner. At the present 
bii-ie the dirisicn ccnsistc of tho Bureau of Cor.pUaace, Bureau of Policy 
;o3ipiaint3, Jiureau of Invaiitifr^oion, a^^ci Bureau of Disciplinaiy Proceedings. 

Divieion of ":c:~.:ination .'.r.d Fins-ncial .'^nal-sis 

The Division of -x^raination and rinancial Analysis raprescntD tho Ln- 
ra-ce Coiiiissioaer i- d3tcrmlnin<7 tho fin:in^ial Golve-cj of all insurance 
^i^s pruaticing in tha ntate of Colirnrnia. The diviaicn abcorfced the 
Diviiioa oi EJcaii^inationa a;id tha Division of 3taL'2-:=^nt An•^l7ol^ >^3n x-m 
Dcpartivca^: or Incnranco va^ recrganiacd in 1946. At th« preoajit tin^o tha 

, , .,.f,, (i) t-e r-reau of r-rvTdnationo, which cxariinos in-co 

tho financial condillon ax^a practio^^ of a^-.v.ud insurers, and (2) tho 
,.. u .f Jln':^cial .;aal:/.ia, .hich ..lalyzcs a.:iu:.l and q^^rterl- financial 

_ S-. ,. -rj-c-ii":". tccfi rarable into tha State 
-il P:ind. and d'jos other stat,i&ti.caj. ■-ion-o xii..--i^^- 
.1.2 r;^:)ort to the Governor. 

Divirsion of Lie ens 3S 

. T-/^ .-- -- ^->.-^^«ri of t-.-/o u:iit2, (i) th« Iscuanco ' 
Tho i5ivi3i.c:a oi jj.--- -oc;j x^ • r---- 

,, . ,, .- ... , ^, ^.^ • th'i ti-aiia.^ccic:i of i.icui'cnoe 
Section., which i^i3u-;i3 tao xi-^i.---^ .• '--^' -■ - 

by a-^nts, brokor^, Swlicitor:-, lifs -^^-^o, ^.-^ <- ,-...--.- , 

-. -. X- -, -v^. .--o waii;o a.iuiaidters the toots v:iic!i 

pplicants lEUst pasa in order to obtain pomanent licenses. 

ivision of Ccnservatioas and Liquidations 

Tho Diviaicn of Cc-risnrations ajrid Liquidations is one in ivnich t'.a 
nsiirance CoHiiisaicnor, iippcu.; by tha co-arts as Gcnservatcr or Liquidjitor, 
,akes ov.-'r tiis arfairs o-C insurers . Tlnen possible, insurers are cons'-^rved 
)f the cca^ssiccor and r-awurned to x-Iieir pclicyhoidsrs cr stockr.oldax->s as 
^oin?^ T^v^ estatsa cf in3olY3nt insurers are ■^-v'ound up, folio-ring 
the ssio oi properties and other r^s^ots and the pa^Ksnt of creditors' ciaisas. 






As organised Juiva 1949 

,kP.D of I /nSSTllEKT 
■13 ION 0? C0EP0^aTI0I3 

Keal Estate Board 



Vhc r.3partm'3;rG of '.Lrivestr-'-' k. ^uy.-,;^-,. a :..v tho Coi-porations Division, 

th'-3 EiirJdr.^ Divicicn, tha Egal Estate tavisicn, arsi the Building and Lean 
.Division. Th^ directorship of the d^pirtront rotates en a six-ncnth period 
a=:.c::-i 'i-l.o ;.ic-;.c;r3 vor v.oard of Ir.ventaent vhose nez^bcrship is ccti posed 
cf the heids of each dlvislcn fiM the Insv>r?^.c« Cor^Mssion.?r of the Dcpart- 
K^rit cf Inur'.nca. 

'ii'ie iiopartrasnc ci' Invostnonti does net follow tiis usual p^ittem of a 
sin~lc uaifiod body vdth a.ininistrativs subaivisions but is rather a xc-de3>- 
tic^ cf fc^r i:.:::Kc::^:^it deparuionts '-chat are brought together by ths 


Boaru cf Invas^r-pnu, 

The Eeparti:..3r.t of Investnent was organized in i;29 in order that csr- 
tnin related arencies cf the state vfould be represented on th^ Governor's 



. :srd of -nysstrvent - ^d of the Cc:^£3icner c. Corporationsj 

:- ^ndsiiL of Ta ik^J istato CoL^oaioiier; iiuiiding and Uari Cci^s- 

• ' -'d, h"t rsniain in acics— the 

•e ir^onlhly 

■^T^ori^'* en tv.rlr diviai&nal activities. 

. ,^^ xn:rircu-CG-, Dopartnent of Invejt.-acnt, v;a3 r:-ie a 
^-^« -n -sQ'A tho Insurance- Co:a.'aiosioner ru- 

- .J .... v.^-vv;- • -. - '— ■■"--,- ■ '^it.'rsnt. 

./f !rr"I~ n-^O ^ 29'?^. A'onrcvcd July 15, l-:^.i: i^^ =^^<^c^ 2cpt. Ho, 


Divlcirn of Ccrpciv:ticnc 
Co2ra)is-;ion-3r of ' "-'orations 

The Dlvisi:;i of Corporations was placed in tho Daparteent of Ir»Yestiaont 

in 19.-? wlien 3everai departaents of the st,at« govorniiient dealing with invest- 

....;.; j.^i ccnaclidated into the D3part:a{int of Investment. 

'Ll\5 Cciaaissioner cf Corporations heads tho division and has control 

-/-r th3 followins 1^-/3 j Chsclc Sells rs and Caohors Act (1947); Corporate 

''>cu--".-!-iirS A:;t (l"/!"?); I::di:j:trial Ic^n Aot (2^Yf); Bucket Shop Act (19^3) j 

Crsdit l; Act (Ivi?) Eeviseci (.-/jvOj rer:;o--;.i Frcpexly j.irokers Acta (i?31) 

"Vi?ied (1939) J Limited Dividend Housing Corporations ^nd Ccrjiairdtj Land 

.r.)03t i.clH (V)"V.. Cii-uritj Holders ?z-ctectivc Ccnoittss Act (1937); Cali- 

■rnia i^^ix L:.u. :.z-,-3 (j.y^?;; ^.n-i i.axxre^aoni, byaxecs Act (iv4:>). 

'nr ;irvd lo:.'- Cr.::v;ii 3 wiener 

lU 6X^ aad z ^ - ^^on oX b.^.uing and lean ascociaticns vrere 

T'i-^iriallv rested in the bank cciHidssicnQro. The first cscc-iation vas es- 

.:-.bli?hsd in C^lif^rr^i^ in lftS5 u-der tb^ provisions of ths Lend and Build- 

- Ccr-^--*-'on i^'t. ir^yveri: ' "' '•^•^"•^ "'"■'" re-iTaticn in 

.91 and plr.-r;d un^er ' :.9 Jari&diction of • --^^ Cc^^-.iiG3xoner3. 

, --..n- -i-r. ~.-o ----^- — -ibilitics vror*? tr'n^^f'^rrod fror^ tho jurisdiction cf 

■•■;..—, .-f rrixld- 

: Loan ADSciUticns— thia'vas tho -ion cf th.i prcj^:;- ;;x/i£icn 

., ,. . - ^ --"ir-e r.^-+"V>]i'nh^d ar cri^ cf several units of tho 

. 4., ^-r.Q '-^ ... /^ .. .J divi;jion h-is oo-^ratcd 
„.,,„.. , appc<i.ntsd >._ • --^ - ^--^ 

^. V nfii'uatlon by l^i3 Gori^oe* 

Th3 cosnaissicnor has vide po-wers over building aard loan associrtions, 
sxaninatlcn, mtpcrvioicn, and liq-aidation thsrsof, aiid approval or dioap- 
prcval of triinsfictions of t.h'2 associatio-ia in cases vhero the l£.w requires 
th3 ':ozrJ.s;iici;cr'J cono^nt. He alzo has powor to s^*^" ti' ^-3^7 applications 
for now aciociations, 

Divinlcn of Banking 
Supcrintc-:;dont cf Banl:3 

.... of Cctcb^r 1, 1949, tha Dank Act oi 1909 vrill be supersed-ad by ths 

Eonkiiig Cede (•"".:..*tc. 1949, cii. 735). 

Under tho nev Bankins Gcao the tsre of cfrice of the Snperintend'.nt of 
Banks rciaaiiis at pleasure of the CoTemor. The inapex-intsr.dent vill still 
gr.-it ch.^rt3ro to new b^^ka, s:z<j.ulnc and sup^r/ise oparating stato barJcs, 
and c^nsod bcnk.. The superintendc:it vlll no lender be charged 
vitl. tl:^ inv3ctig3.tion and certification of i^a^ings banks bcncs .Aich arc 
declared Irii. Uridor the new ranking Code, certain standards ara sot up, 

^ , ;.,-.•■, t"-.(^ V-nv3 are oli-iblc vathout any 

?r..d ii" ii oond Igsiao .t.aot3 luc! ;.<oc^.i>^Mi.'J.; ^-•- "^ .-..,...3 ^r^x-^ x ..^ 

ction by tha r^aperiatcndant. The ai^perintond...^ will b^. required to .ea 

t^>'t all in-r.-tr:onta v-?r^ legrell:-' naue. Tne j^T^parintot^do;-^ in a inenbor cf 

, - ■ , . ..I ^- o^-i^^'^-r^ r---c>' of t!-^ Cc^lifomla Districts 

:curitio3 Cciaission. ■ s-^-- •-'*' w-?'-'^- --^ -■/ 

:.:-.^'-;as:.:,iVibs I'jviad orrb"r.--:3. 

M7?'r.i'"n of r.eal Hctatt^ 

..3 ,,,end r^Urcriia Real "ot:Ae ^ct vas passed by tho Lc&i.iaturc i:: 

o" '/-V; v;:.o i.eld to hi uncono^xlutional. llie 

,. , .pi-iiu in ths Dco.'ir:.;ni!Mt of Inv.-^jtLiont in 

LiYision of P.eai £3t«i.e w^a u;. ;,•.-.. x^Pi^vU lu 




.929 and io headed o/ tLo Real Zstato Comaissicncr, vho is rssponsibls for 

linder th'3 real <;.-.c.':.o iav, supc-jrvxeicn is exercifced ever brokers and 
.asiven in X'sal eswata, busintsss opportusiitj, cesieter/, or.d )!iinc-rsl, oil, 
p;j3 trs-mi'icticns. abject; rf thaso lav;s is to protect the public 

md licenoeeo essinst; u:;.r>uOi-ie3'. a:v:; u.-iuualii'i^d brokers, sales.'sen, and aub- 

Ths re-il C3tat9 l^'-rr^. vi^re oodifisd in th;? Business and Professions 
ode in 1943 (ch. l^V - • ^^. A-prcved April 13, 19i^3l i- sffoct .\u-. 4, 


Ir; 1921 l'-'^ siinyrvloion and refjalation of subdivided lands offcr^n for 

-„ ,. ., ^ „ ■, , _.,. _ rnral .-.-. .- or for in-d cclnnisi^tion purposes vsro^ 

•i ,--,,, p. • - . - - ■' -^.ssioner. 

.^7 aoc CI -Che j..' .ar3, in 1933 i;:i?^;rvii:xDn of uie sale of s^ibdivi- 

- Irinas fcr either efricniltural, rt'Sidmitial, or busi>:«s?5 prrposea vao 

d "inder t-h« Real Estatt;* Co£U2i£;sicner» 

A Roal Estate Board ^as cr^-tcl x:^ t:r.. diTisicn ^- ■■.'■''' c— .sod 
of seven ..-.v^ei^., six of ./hca ^ro aopoir... ■^r.ior fr.a a^orig 

• ore for tor-> cf icur years, i:x.^ L:ie seventh 

: .(.' tI-'3 board, 
S3::nii3r ia tiie Et-- ■ ^*^'^m-^^- 

.1:0 board is authorissd x,o inquire xii-;.:> c.^i-- -^i-^ ^- --^ ^-^ 
.:.--.. r-.. .m:.3 cf Cvaifurnia, tha functions of tlia Division of Ileal 
K.L.L.. .^.1 i-ae ^^ of busim,83 policy. 






D£PAR7LS:-?r CF Jf^TICr: 


1, Tixocutivc CiTice 

2, ^■'ar^-iti cf Accounts and P.sccrds 

;;, "■•.ireau ci' lni:orms.t±on ana. Corresrondcnce 
i,. j-ireavi of 5itt".".ictic3 

.b, Ccrr;;Cticr:s Unit 
c. lo-iith Authority Unit 

Division 07 crn.i> l.v--' 

Divisic'i OF CRi:j::iAL la't 

-visior] OF CEiiii:iAi. n^rifriFiCATic^j 

'^ ,';,;.;. .rSOTlS Unit 

b. Crirec A~ej.r.5t Frcporty Unit 
0. ificio'i l;at 

'J. Vrcpert.r I -« 

■prxnt Section 

• ,i.^m/ ^.W'* • W J 

Di7i3io:; c: . -- :::^^c:^^ 



Th3 r**^tic- o£ Califcmis's penal and correcticnal oysten v/ao 
(; ...-ted b7 tha St'f\-i. of 1944 (3rc5. E", Ser.c, ch. 2, p. 2h, Approvsd 
p^:;. L, 19U; in cfiotc .:-7 1. 19iaO. Tne Cs-ir^iTisnt cf Justica tnsn 
v.. ztca consisted of t'i-3 omcs cf the Attoir^ej General, fao Bursau of 
A.. -.:- .|_ Tr^ — .j._. ^j.,,,x^^„ 5-,,,^ Intf?;cti.'£'--.ticn, sn/i the. Division of Jfarcotic 
.„ ^-„„^ { ■■ , . . „ . -v -, r-.-pi.-.T v-f-rG 'Jc^'^rxY vrlthin tho BscartrvDnt 

of ronology.) 

The ref!c;a-zeiid3,fcici-.s ir.3d3 fcj tho DspartiCant of Hr.ance cii the reorgan- 
i::-.tio-i oA" th.?ro thrco ---^-es into one departnent, were Moptsd binder thg 
etruct-urai orgaiii^'-tioa oi* iLro diviJions: Di\i.sicn ci' ;>.a-iLra3tra icn, 
Di-:sic:i cf Civil Ltvw, Division of Critainal Lav/, Division cf Criiainal Iden- 
x..„,-- • • ^■i.-i-' 'zLoi of Critninal Identification and 

- ., . • .. ■ -,.j I-. rr^^-- . - ■" -"^rootic T^nfci'C^m^nt. Sc-'io 

cr. -isaticTial cr::^clidationG haT^ l:een effected since the oririinal stx^ic- 

•* - - ■ --— ■'^",abLishe?d« 

Created a3 ^ i^?'^^--^i 07 1.^:3 o-ar.;.. - ' ' ■■ ' ■■'••-» 

of Orl-lnal 'icaticn and InveGT,ij^:.wicri v:a3 i.-r-vaiSv-crM ; i- 

r.l lOU or a board cf nanasers of lo^.r -einhfir's, tne Attorney O3nor.1l a:;d 
_ ..:^,^^ bv th- ' ;t- f'^r *i tern: of four y^'^'rs. T'lrini; 

-■3I succocded to 

^,_. — ■•'-,'T--j >" ".. V- •I'.'.n trs 

..;. v-,ard contimes in cxistenc- 17 cx--^---. 

.*.^ t^-. oi'-icentific-ition. 

/*'/■"•'•/. :y CcnGral '.d-th reopocv 1.0 x- '•> 

.- .,.\^r, i^-^i r.-"+'-ol of the Al/toriVJ7 
\n-. d.2^'srt2-.cnt is ui'-dsr tKo dxricoicn ^ — ^ Cw..-.jj. ^jj. 

"- .oral, r.-^o i6 o:c offif^lo dlre'Jt • 

thg staff as civi-l c:cecutiYf3 officer (3tats. lyU5, ch. 1169, p. 2216. Ap- 
I proved Jul? 9, 19U5; in effect Sept. 15, lyUy). 

Fcr t\o ciirrent proTisions under which the dcpartr.Gnt operatca, the 
lat":jt Govem-.iO/iw Coda should be consulted. 



dufaetisiit of justice 

{ivision cf AdainictratioR 
T:s housekeeping f;ar:ction3 of the '^--^ '■^"^.rient cf J*j,'?tic3 are gr^yp'-jd in 
Ifeho Division of Adndnistraticn. It consists cf the SxecutiTe Office, tho 
iireau of Accounts aiid E-acords, tla Bureau cf Inforrr.ation.a-d Con-^spcndencs, 
£.ri the B'"^'^-'' ■^^'^' "^'■''tistics, 
E'lsciii/ii *5 CxfxGu 

l%h The Executira Office includes the Attorney General, the Ceputy 
Dir^iotcr, and personnel ir^ediateiy r^sspoiaoibl? to tha dspirt- 
•, iricut iiOad. 

Larsau of A^oc .:;.;t.s and Heccrds 

i;U :Le control oi fiscal matters, the preparstlcn ex tho da-jartinen- 
--1 hud'-^-^<3 the keenln- cf -or^^i^^tn, p-irch^sin?, and -laintenance 
or -Grsonrtel records ars tha ;:ii.jor autioc cf this bnrs-i. 
'^!r:.■iu of Infcrniation and Correspondcnco 

1V/.4 .:.. duties of trds bureau ^ro aivided into twc types of opera- 
\; ticn: C.-.-? '".-o:irt-'nsntal ssr^^ice :• - ..._..- , 

. visitor guidance, i ^" ..-1t.uj.i- 

^:-^ont^l sarvicc, tsistT^c, is ''it-:! ic all 
„_^-.,x. ^^ ?+•». 1-^n/i iji tho 

. .J W 1 - — - -' 

.- c.^f^-, -r-. 1-- — . tion?. 

-:o v'^.^ Icc^t., -'^r-n^r Tivioioa of 

, ....cation ^: . ^l^iS^tion, r.part:r:=nt of F.no3^ 

Bureau of Statin tica 

l')L5 Th-i TJursau cf Statistico is tho central 'jtatlstical unit of the 
dcp:;rtncnt. The bureau compilea and an&lyzes adninietrativQ, 
population, and general cri^e statistics for tha Departaient of 
Justice, Dep3rtE;©nt cf Corrections, ana the Youth Authority. 
The is orcieniEcd into the following miito: Justice Unit, 
vhich collaborates vlth the Eiviaion of Criminal Id-ntiiicaticn 
and Investigation, using nat^orlalo procesrscd tj that dirinion as 
...t... ._.,:,-, ^^ -0M,r3e of d-taj Corrjcticn? Unit, vhich iriaintains 
_,_,.. ,^„ ,..^..,-,,,..5 ^.Hrir^ctrativs records that «3r7G as tho braio 
■•••r dsparte^rital operatir.f; statistics and as a s cures of analcrt- 
U]il -iatr.: ;^-nd Ycuth Authority Unit, vmich perforfrjs a record 

statistics ars obtained. 

State cf California. Beparfc^eut of Justice, Biennial Report 
1946-19^^=5, ?. 10-11. 

E'dcion of Gi"-dl Law 

^ha of Civil Law is haaded by aa A..l3taxit AUorney G.iior.l. 
. . , .. ., ..:.„.,;---!..-• -,4 c- r^T.-, -^s^cnsibility for lc-3l counsel, 

<.. .-.-rt rzr: .. .■inis.lion., d^.u. i'&^xulcica o- ■.;: — ---• 

rilsicu of Criiain^l I ■: 

. v.. . . « r .-'-.^-'r^---; ^--^ is '-^cued by «ui AssiE-mt Ai-ooiT-;-/ U'^nor-'il. 

•She Division oi Cx'iai.i.nax ^.-^-.^ -^-^ ''^'-•**^ "^ 

ilTisicn is r >-■'■:■ 

ibl. icr providing log^J- counsel, court roprcconta- 

<:i-n, end rendition of opinions. 


Division of Criminal Idoiitificatioa 

The Dlvioion of Criminal Identification is subdivided into the follow- 
ing 8T-;ctionsj Iiodua coerandi, firi.'-5rprint, record, and l£.boratory. The 
i.c':-\:i oporandi ssction iroludes the followins^ uaitat Criirias a^'.ainst per- 
son's, crinss against Dt-op-^rty, fraud prevention, niccellanccus cils^ss, 
prcporty identification, and questioned aoQur^^ntn, 

Bivi^ioi cf Invectir'J.tion 

xl'O Divicion of Ir.resti ration perfon-is all civil cind investi- 
gations requested of tho dapartasnt and Eiay in^tituto sijniln.r actions, 

DivicicTi of narcotic Enforcement 

la 1929 the State I'lrcotic I;g,w was placed en the statute bocks of 
Calirorriv.. In 1?:'"^ -" ■ -^ct isras codified and b-?::::-^ ci T^arti cf the Health 
and Szfiity Cc-tiC, 10, 

Yrorn 1929 imtil l^U U.e Dryision of narcotic Enforcoi^cnt functionsd 
-- ^. wi->-.-,r^«- ,>f "■ . •.•;,■.— T-; ^'-.-7 iQ'j,, t'—i :'ircotic rnforcciagnt 
Dlvirjion l;ec:C38 a part of uLc ii^^rlj csiaoiisi::;^ i. •,;:.r:-raent_ of J-^ ■'^'--. 

„,_ .M^^=.- . ^ a chief vho ii - by the Attorrie/ Gar.-sral 

, J _^ ,. ,_.,,^ c-t-^-*". ^■'--.1 -orrin,"' ^-^t. '!"'■' division "enicrcea ail i-r.:3 

;3 C-;Xw..V; "'•-O-i'.C 

Lnistering, i'uv:ii^... 

h«iTl33 in pou&<i^oj.'..ii) nw,rC';;wic>:> 

T:-T:j?r OF ir?NTAL irni^K?. 


ri;DioAL Ac;mii3TR4Ticri division 


.ar Clinic 

Tj-^ws State Hna^ital 
i^riilo iit.ata hu3oix;al 

"itt/ J-tatsa ,".03 .■^•itai 
ociiio ^ L,.ilG iioeoitai 

ciiic Coic.'v/ 

■-•crsa 'Zt'Xtti Hccis 

;,".tni ;'■■" ■-V<'r*3 Clinic, Eerk^'?l«y 

,;wax ;.„ 

iXiij- '•- « i^ -Ui 

• -.'AR]} C'F WZiym FOR U^iGim PCHTfP. CLINIC 

A ^r^^TO. cf Tr^rst'^fls '^r^.s established fcr tl-is Lan-ley Portor Clinic in 

r ?v,,, ,,,^^^,_ ..-f^,.^ --"ri^lDle diffsr^ncos vhich ndiiht 

ri-^Q botween ths DeoarUi-jnt of Insbitutions (now Dcpartr^nt of :'ental IJy- 
Len?) arjd tria Kegents of the ■jrdror^itj cf Cilifcrnia bscauso of the cloae 

1?A1 T^.e Brnrd vas to e^rsist of five persons Kprjointcd bj the for terr*? of four .rsars. Tv'O cf the five r^nbers 
cp^xiriuca -v.:;:?? :.(: ua ^j&^t'^.^ju irca the faculty or £d:d.nistx-a- 
tive ctaff of the Onivsrsity cf California lt«ciiciJL iJcf.col. 
The rz..r±zva received no co-apensaticn ctiiar than nsccssaiT- 

iitrits. hjhlf an. yojj, p. 2^/6. Approved July IS, 1941; in 

D2?MiT.r:^ OF jc:;tal hyghhe 

Th« Dapart-'-ont of Mental H;fpiene was created by an act cf ihe Logis- 
lature in i;i»5 (ch. 665, p. 1334) that replaced the abolished St^ta Depart- 
aent of Lnsticatinnc, cr.^anised in 1921, 

The ciepart-aisnt is urider the control of an executive officer known aa 

tha Dir^'^tcr of«il i{y^,iQii&, Th® Director oT .'•'ontril I^jgiens is cippointed 

hj a.:d holdjj of ;.ics at the of the Goycrnor. The director, as ad- 

--.inistr.ative r.-?;ad cf the dspartment, h.-s fall rGspcnsibilitj fcr the adnln- 

.atr-ritivs policie::? of t're Dt&te irstituticns within the ^jurisdiction of ths 

ds'.^irt^nant. 'St the pr-'jjnt ti.-^e thers ars Ivelvo institis.tions ond five 

asntcil clinics 'jniior the control cf the dcpu.rtx£!ntj 

AF.-ew3 State "'capitsl (K^ntslly 111) 
Cnr:srillo Ststc Hesrit-i ■;r':':t::lly Ii:.) 
Von.aocino Stcte f>.="-;f-l (>'£nt^illv 111) 

.ns. State r.czrsit: ' T,?,ll7 111) 

. :rv-alk c't:.t.^ I-cspi-L:.^. • ..rataliy 111) 

-:tor. r -floitai iU? Ill) 

.':cn St-t- :'-:;-! Liy HI) 

. ; £ui -Ireat-erit) 
- -IT • -Tallv- Dcficisnt) 

■ y i)opart:aon^ oi :iC"a 'Via •■ i-rxcca^; cwr _..:- ..\..-u-c.. 

-4..v^ 1..^ «_!,, -.^e ustrdy, ^-vi tnsatr.ent cf th? inaana, 

ul L ir-"™' - , -■-11. r.sntallr deficient, epileptics, and other - 

competent persons aa proyxo.. xn o.. • .ix^.e end In.aiuticus Cods." Th., 
f . cUc:iti cf th. ,::0-rt^x^ -:*/ ba cciisidered £.1* U.Ci^ of h.s^Ulis.aon, 
rv..„.UiUlicn, pi^vc:roicn, .^..arcn and cuucaticn, a;.a inspection. 

UnlilC!* othfsr der^srtsonts of tha gcvern'Tisnt, the Cepart^snt of Mental 
'ygiene is oi'ganicedl .en the basis of tho iiidividu^J. institutions which coni- 

risft it. The cr.^.^ ...visiv"^ ithia tViO dep.-\j-t^»ntal rrganis-tion aro th3 
G5S Aclrir.istrr.ticn Diviuicn ftnd the '/S'.lical Adiir.t.*tr;!ticn Division. 
For tSs currsnt lers.1 TroTisiers under which ths dey.-'irt'r.'ont cpai'rites, 
.1:5 l::.Lest Vslfrr'? "'-^ Ir-stit-uticns Codt* pho'.ii.i be consultsd. 

r-"^A'^.?r"l? OP ir'2;TITT;TIC!3 

T';e Departswnt of Institutions vas dsiiignated tu the Cepartnent of 
>rent--il Iiypieno in 1945 (ch, 665, p. 1134. Approved June 4, 1545j in effect 
Cect. 15, lvA5). -...3 changes that huva taken piece in the r^partir.ent of 
Institutions iz-.-rz 1937-1945 ai-e noted bolow. See Departrr^nt of irental iiy- 
.^ier.-s fcr tha re',-? crijanisatioa. 

PDlccni Sts.te Hcspital 

1937 The Fclson Str.t'? >:o^T>ital wus transferred fror. tr.e Der^.^rtrrient of In- 

ctitMtions to L'.e .-.■.c...cs Poard cf "risen fdractcrs (^-^^irt of Kcltjc^. 

3 tats Friycn). 

.Tlats. 1937, ch, B35, "o. 2449. Aoproved Jul/ 1, 1937j in efrect 
;..u£. 27, 1937. 

Division of iivtraz^ir'-'il Cc\re 

1941 Tho Divisiou of 7:;vtr;ij::iuriii Gar© vcc cltc:bli£h^d in tho Dooartsient of 
:^-tituti^'-': ^.--^'-' t^-^ f^c-^ti^cl cf th3 r"-dl--=l n-r'-r5,'-trr^icr:t cf T^- 
tr:^(:uria. C.i'c— ais Oiirii^j.^. , , vi-a over -:-l .** t^ii ;■. i-vlt 

,. .- _. • .. j iioii wituti&ns lUiiar tiiS^ci-re a . .-L-anb. 

... l%i, rh. 1151, P. '':'40. Arrroved July 14, 1941; in effect 

■ - T "> " "■; " 

19' > iC rirri,'::". :Lr'^-T-ir'-.l ■'■'are "^-^s abollshai. 

CalifoniiCi r^urtjau cf J-jYCirJ-lc F.sssarch 

1941 riie CaUfci-.^.. .....x-eiiU cf Juvojiiirf R3uo:irua ^^aa aooli^huu. 

r- -.-.-! -1 ' rn ■ ,, •"•TOT .' ■ ' " ' ' 

S«r>t. 13, ;'-M. 

Institutions in the Bepartuisnt c:* Institutiona 

1'/ .0 rhe De->:irtn«nt of Institutions hud Variodicticn over the follc-v/ing 


A.;:r,cws I'-toXe Kcspito,! 
Ccvsuarillo Stita Konpital 
I:xiu« hcna for tho Adult Blind 
Ini'os trial Vorkshop i'or ths 31a.r,cl 
i'endocirto Gt^ite Hos^^pital 
">.pa State 

-^.^cific Gclcay 
Patton ntate ''ospit-nl 

rscnoiiia St&ts i[o:m 
St£Lt« Plijia chop 
Stcck'&on S.tauQ Hospital 
The l-v.^:^}:'''r "'Ttfv ClirJ-C 

£;tats. 1?:43, ch. 4^1, p. 2013. Approved :<3y 15, 1943 j in effect 

Ccrrscticn-il Schcols 

1943 '.:ho Correctional Scnoola^, Fred C. .isliss (for:^3ri:/ called the Vhictior 
-.*.^i_ or.hnr,'M o-«*.«^/^vJ ''c^'T)! of Industry, and Ventura School for 
'"irln v/ero tr^n^.on--.^ .-j i-:^^; -: -^'^ol of the T^uth ^'.utboritv, S^part- 
.:-..^:it of Ccrrt-jcticna, ircxa ths Dei^artiaeut of IViJititutioiis. 
'i' ^'.'^ts. 1^: . ■ . . ', ?. 2021. Approved Il^^y 15, 19^3j ixi effect 

Curcj of t^%^ ?l*rd 

vsr© tr^^'S"^-rr«d frc?j ths E--!partr;»u • ^-^art-ent 

!-- C~n^3r3 for tho Ad'ilt Tlir.l (l-olu- 

hro fcr tho- Blind, 1/ -.»; Wd U.» St«e tlir^i,.,, J„r; Dl.riroJ, 

.,.,« ioca.5. xn t« £ivx.icn of Special Scwel. =«-.a a.rvico=, ."apsrt- 

s'uurmS. cLJcO, p. I.v2. Approved J-a.0 15. l^Wi in ofr.ct 

Hapt. 15, i9i!>« 



\ • -r <^ y t*^ 

1 1. 

A3 organi-od Jicie 194;' 


1. Buro.Ta of Accrantixig 

2. Eare-iu of 5r,r/-ics, Supplies and Building Maintenanco 

3. Bxireau of Personnel 


1, Financial Responsibility Riiicticn 


depart: •;";*f? cf !:oto?. y?.;!ici^s 

The Department of Ibtor Verlcles wag reorganised ia i';44 vith ths 
approval of the GovcrrsDr into four diriaioaa: Divisicn of Ad-Jiinistrationj 

3irir:.c-i of Izx- •"- '-r-: ^-v^nt (a-lifcrni& Ilis^iwaj Patrol); riviaicn of K'Sgio- 
iri. '--Iciij s.:ii. Irivioic-:: ci' I.-:.;or3* Licences, 

?Iis Division cf A'-^inistration iras enlsrjcd hr tha rccrgcaizaticn for 
it -'■zcvhf:d t>'-; f.-.r7,"'.T' "iirrisu rf ■"n.-irnsnt. Division cf TTr/^'^rccrsGntj snd 
the Livicicn ci' Accc-intinc Tne new b-ureEi:s cre.'itcic; in tr.s Divisicn of Aci- 
ainisx^x-ation were Bureau of Accounting {¥)hL); riireau of Sorvice, Supplies 
an:i !:*J.ili'ir.r: ''r^intcii-ns!? (19i4); l-rcau cf lj2Ch.n^icr,l .'.sal.vsis j -nd Dureau 
or Tr-hilic Acciaeiit. ^r:;ventu.ori (1946), 

In 19i-.7 tho Divisicn cf Infcrceriont v.-ac mads a ro'.^f Deps^rtxent of Cali- 
fornia -ilghvaj Patrol. Prior to the crf.ani cation of t-ie lepart'xsnt cf 
Califcriis. :,x ' " ixrr. t, '-.rector cf ^lo-ccr Vrhicles vr^.s a .T.?n:bsr of 

ths Califoriiiii i.igii'^aj Fatroi, ^nersby exercising wxde povrors of adninis- 
tr-tivo ccntrcl ever tha Patrol. (SLcta. i;i.;^, ch. U73, P. iiyY^^. Ap- 
Ti^i--cl uu^y 1., -, ,;i iu BiVdsjt Sept, 1^- 19ii5). ^ - •■-'^^; ^^ '•.:;d.^--.crt, 
^^ ,;f ilechanicai /uiaiy^is, Jaro^.u of^-tnt 

p.^, , ,.-, tr^nsf^rrn^l fro- t!'o Divlsio-i of Ad.riniptratim, Departnient 

ri-at of Caiii-. . ^-^ -^^^' ■^^ "^^* ccu.^cii, :i:. iv:;/, :n 2.) 

^,,<..,, .^ .;,„ ,.-^,.„..~- 1 the Dfl'^p-rtaent of Ifotpr Ve- 

hic^^s. a recr-kii::^u-: • -^ r'^trol iii ^... - ^- "'* -'^ 

:rlnistr5tiv€ positions nnd tho Patrol dlstr 

-ed fron 


At the pressnt tij^ao tha Depcirtaent of lotor Vehicles is ccirocsed of. 
■;i^o liTisicns: Div1.3ion of Advdnistration, Divisicn cf Fegistratlcn, and 
th^ rivi-icn rf Driv.-r3' Tlcer-os: the Ir.v c-ocifies that tbc:^ shculd be 
at If;- 21, T;.rc> c*i-i-\'-:.3r ^;he rdvislcn of Tlpristraticn snd the Division cf 
Drivers' licenses. (Str.ts. l^'w, ch. 16, First Ex. Sess., p. 3-116. Ap- 
proved July 10 J 1947: in effect Gstst. 2:, 1';.',?.) In order to nana -e rnd 

control the ': - ■ ■• - . . ^^ ^v^ dcp-K-:rn-.;, :. ..:rthorn a:d a Sou*.,nurn 

District wore crec-.ted (Jjiroctor's Bulletin liSSa, June 23, 19A7) , 

?cr curr'?-;it Ic^^^al provisions undar vliich the dspartrent operates, sea 
tho I'ftest YQiucla Cede, 


c^.PARTJfiirrr of i-iotor vehicles 

Present Organisation: After 1935 

Divinicn c£ Adrairiistralioa 

Ixiiri division coaprises x-ne staff of t.hG Director. In order to r.ake 
tills divlsicr. a central c::itrclling fores within the departnjent it vas re- 
orb--ni3ed in 1)14^ ^^'id 1945 07 fic.Tdnistrative order of tl;e Director. The 
Division of Vias abolished, and its fiscal fuiictions vers placed 
in fr.G Divinicn of Adrrdnistr&ticn under the Director of Victor Vehicles, 
The divicicn cor'-nrisod five bureaus t BuretiU of Accounting, headed by the 
Pinai;cial Adviser; Bureau of Ser^/ice, Supplies ':ci<i Euildin.3 Ilainterance, 
headed fcv the Chi-f Clerk; Bures.u of Persorrel, headed b:/ the Ferscnnel 
Officer: E^irc;"u of St'itlntics, headed bj the Chief Statistician; and ths 
Bureau ■: T Accident ?r"vc^^ticn, headed by a chief. All br-^nch offices cf 
the departsient zre. controlled directly by the Divicion cf A±rlniotr:.ticn, 
In 19 A? , when the Division of Enforcement becsr.e the Depart"sr.t cf Califor- 
nia : 1- :■'"" i":- T-'i- rhs fQllc^^'^r^f^ Vir^aus vcere crcLnsferred frca the dlrrir- 
Sim cf .Ad^d-di^tration to tho Patrol j Sura-su of Squirmeat, Puroaa of. Sta- 
t:.-tic3, Buresu cf Accident Prevention, and Bureau of Kechanical Analysis. 

Hr^K The Dure^u ox Accr^u-.ting .nis fcr:.erl- ■- ---^^^ -^rlcion 
cf Acco\inninr in th:j Or^^^rtraent c -1^3 until 

.r?.n<=fRrred to ths Divi'sicn oi AdJiinistr.'ition .in 19U. 

(Aj::.. -^ '-'-^^ '■■-^' Ccuncil, Au-. l?Ai,, p. 3.) 

2. Lur^j.iu of i:.ervicu, .;-:;piics o:.u ooxj..-..:. ..- -- 

• _^« j-i «' tVrr-iiay PMr«iu nf ToulcrT'ipt, Divi- 
19/;V This bureau co-itorisos oi:9 termer t^ir.-*" 'a i^j~ > 

.^^ ~f T^-,''r-c-^o"t. '.-^ich wr-3 trnnsfsrr<;d to"thn Division 

c.f A'ir::lrJ.'3trati.ct and rsnanmd i=iursau of Service, Supplies 

T;'.',? The former dati'ss of ths Bureau of Tiquipnent were trans- 

f^.rr*'! to t^3 r.^rartiiant of Ca.liffjrKi'v :!ighws7 ?3trol (Dot, 

of Cclif. 7 Patrcj., Rapt, to Gov. Ccar.cil, Cot. 29^-7, 

3» Etircai! of Fsrsorxsl 

Tr.<? 5..reau of Fersonnei is c^.o cf the original uutdivisions cf blia 
Division cf Adiainlstritic.;, l.c^vine been crcani^ed in 1935. 
i.* Bursau cf Statistics 

1947 T.^o Euro-'-u of Statistics vr^s trai-.aferrsd to the B-spartr^nt 
t. o.^^-. ..-.--- .J-Si^^^y Patrol. (Dspt. of Calil. Highwaj 
Fearol, Rept. to Got. Cnuiioil, Cct. Ir.V?, P. 2,) 
J. B^.ireau cf Traffic Accident Prevcr.ti'sr. 

Tc-;A - • .. - : — 'u cf :r:.ffic Accident iVeTcnticn was crr^anissa in 
.vision or ■■:.ct-.v.L.w, J^-ly 1946, ebcorbins the. 

Bur^iu of Traffic Safety EducaUoa, tivision cf Drivers* 
M ^ ■ .:,,,£;. ?hG chi^^f function of t^e Vur^^au is to act a? a 

gsj>,j. ,. iii oooruinat;ir.g, e--iU3er:.u-, educax-ins, 

.1 r>-'f farcin", a^fet?-- profrr-.^ria on a li' 

.' ('-slif. i'l^'ivay Patrolnan 10:7> 

tiv47 VI:. 3ir^uu cf Accident Prevention w a. transferr..d to . ;. 
I> of California Mr,t..ay Pabrol. (beot, of Calif. 
\ ::i;:hv.a7 Fatr.l, Ilept, ^o ^cv. Cc-mcil, :!ov. m?. ?• 6.) 

6. I3urea^i oi' y,ectv?r\xc^L /inalTsis 

1947 Tho Purosu cf rcchanicc-,1 /aiclysis was transferred to the 
t^-!part,n»nt of California Eirh-fay Pr.trol. {DGOt. of Calif, 
i.j-: iwi^ol, Kept, to Gov. Council, Oct. Iviv7> p. 2.) 

Dep^rt!::«3nt cf California Highway Patrol 

Division cf Tr--v,r-^,-.-^-,-^, (California ilighv/ay P-itrcl) 

1947 The Divisicn of llp.forcenent vas abolished and a Dcpartaent of 

Iiigbway Patrol was established,. 

^o ._. . , ,, cii. 1:. ,. . -. '-»)} P' 3;^16, Approved 
July 10, 1947 J in sfz"eGt Sept, 23, 1947. 

Division '.■^f Hezistr'^ti*^^ 

. -: functions of tae Divisicn of ReFistr&tion are to licerisa annually 

all ~.-!-,tr rn'zizJ.-: - ■ - J California residents and to k.?op 

re-j.3i.r: ^lon :. -:o -^ r-iccrds cf such vehicles, Tho^e Ai^ctions ar^ 

carried on by soae thirty-three bureaus, Tn@ latest bureau created was the 
Bur-'vi ■--: V-hiolo Tic-'^s"' ?^e (19^7, Calif, tept. cf :intcr Tehicloo, Direc- 
DivJ, ~icn cf I>rivc-r^' Tlcensss 

;--:S. -Li^-der .'iiii-trc.tioa cf a chief, 

a?i c.uainxs tratxve crior, li;s i-invtact^j t.-. -t'- 

^«^„^ .,,.,.. ;.,„.,, .•- -, T.ic.-nse3^ r-.v-klr^z, '3\is^>i;rvii:i:^, or c^ncelii^/^ the 

, . . --iria** r" -r'£ liconGC. It 

was as a d3part^ntal division by act of t: : l?/;7 T.-'nialatvra. 

(Ch. 16, l3t ex. SC3S., r.. J:ll6,) 

1. :>ar^3a:i of Tr^^^ic Caf^ty Education 

19A-3 The b;;r-3c-u, lonuorly undar tha DiTision of Adninietration, 
y;zs tr—isf erred tc the Division of Drivers' Licensee iu 
IOhJ* The Lure-iu sen/ed as the uccrdinatin;; chani-.el through 
-■'"'"('^ ■■-'^-■•-•- fducaticn r.-^.terial v^s ralecsed. (-c-pt, to 
Ck,v, Council, July 1943, p. 19.) 

19<V6 The Bureau of Traffic Safety Ed'ication vas abolished and its 
duties v/ere 6bGorbed hy the Bureau of Accicer.b Prevention, 
Division of Adainistraticn, (Cali.f. rd£nwa7 ICj?, 
Julr l'V.6.) 

2, Finr.ncial rissponaibllitrr- Timction 

19^,^5 i;;is function wj-s orf^&nissd prior to t\\^. J'olj 1, 191/', oper- 
ative dato of thg Fi.iancial Fssponaibilltj L=w, to administer 
tho nev statute (SCots. 19^7, ch. 39, ?. 5^5)- 





D2PAEr^ir:"r o? iiatural rljCurges 

As crgaiii'::cd Juna ViUl 

r:-;i3iG": c? AD:ai:isT:^ATicN 


Fisli end G.^ris Cc:r:ra.a3icn 

1, "ure^u cf Fish Ccnf-ervaticn 

2, i:,j.xOo,u vf G--W Ccascrvalicii 

3, -"Eursai) of ''irLne risheries 

L, B'lU'eau oi^ Tatroi ana law ijircrceitent 

StitG Potjrii of Forostr^ 


3ta.ts' llini::,!-;: Board 

,rlot Oil ■ ^i was 



';'■-- r-op-rtsi-nt of r-^-^'l r-^^-.-rf--- '■■^■':^ p-tIo-.' ^n 192? (ch. 123, 
}, Foui- di'/isioas at-s cpscilicd £7 la.*': l;ivi;jion of Forestry undor 
t.iO 2t.iLo For-3i^ter aa chiyi, the Divioicn of 1'Iv.ce. v^.:.ct tho Stata iliiiCral- 
:: ,1 . . chief, th:i Divisicn of Beaches 'j.nd Parks nnder & chiof, tha Divi- 
cicn of Fioh and Ga-ni vr.der ths Fish aad Gais© Cc-voissicn, and tho PiriJion 
nC 013. end Gas UY:d9r h otat?? oil ^nd .<^h8 suoervinos* (5t-n.ts, 19.^rl> ch. 5i>0, 
p. 1;j::. Approved Jii-ie 2/ iyUj in efioct Sept. 13, i9-U). 

The Ptate Board of Forestry d^tenaines {general policy for tha c-^ii^ancs 
of tne Divisicn of Forestrr/j a Fish aiid Gane Gcasdi-'sion adircLriisttsrs ths 
rivlDiou cf Fish crd Gaas, a Sta^o kilning Board deterssinoo general policies 
for the Division of riLnss, and a State t'arit Coniraiosion fonnuiates seneral 
v^.^licies for ^n^ «d:ln^str^tioA of thfS ztc.ta basch and park sysoea. The 

isvori::ai Landmarks Aavisory r- -_+^ve, c;...:ed in 1949, has anthoritv to 
.:^c^.^^nu. to ub* Staco ?c.rx Con..u.o..^n the qu^iific-ticns for acceptni^us of 
regiGterod hiGtcricivi bsiiidin.zs and l^nd-i<irk8. 

Tho fir'jctor - •tursl Resourcss is appointed and noias cffico at t.-.o 
niciaaure of tha Govor- , -. i hi- of£ice thcj i;enerai aci^djiiatrative funcfcicnv 
of the dep«.rtr<erit- sr^ coai'dinstcd. 

r\ -r. ,- f^ -en 


^ -- ., J. .•^, 

tho Vl3d3.ifG Con 

fi-~:^ ■ ■-i.-.;:-"^iton. 

cj.-: ::l-rtsd to th'^ deT)artnien& '"^re tha 

credited in 1?'-? (ch/l^76, p. 27-:;); 

ii^ox.iia, cr-'iSted in 19V7 (ch. 1'''. 

,iCi€6, Pcbiiw f.C- 

p. vji.,.}. :.r _•.., lied or gani sail-. ■. - ■'■ 

■:. ■■•■ : a.ri Consorvitica. 

- V...- v.-ovi^-i-r" ^^laer vhioh tha Divisicn of Fich and Gaffi.3 
.^ c-hriO-^ ■'-'* c'-,-T7ltcd; for tb3 Ir-vs 

. .- t, u > .- w-iier •"•■■' ir ^;ivi.-ir>t:3 
&ffoc;.in? tha adsdniobrdticn <-i c..;. u.j^i. 

S3a the l:..t<jst ;::.hlic u^sourcea Code, 

state Soil Conservation CcTsrdsBicn 

E.7 amendment ci' the Public Resources Code, the .19ii.9 Lsgislaturo placed 
the State Soil Conservation Cofrenission in the Deport.rr>cnt of Natural Resour- 
c>.3, (Sep Ir.dcper.cient Agencies, Piblic P.escv.rces and Ccnser'^r.ticn.) The 
ccirj:.iissicn r:..:ll consist of fiv^ weriibersi the State Engineer, a mer-cer of 
t^3 Collers cf /irriculture of the Univareity of Cr-lifcmi?., scrvirr^ ex 
officio, and three f^r-'n^r sembera to be appointed by the Governor (suoject 
to tho confirraation of the Senate) with equal representation froa tho nor- 
thern, central, and southern portions of tho state. It in charp;ed vrith 
carrjing cut the purposes and policy of Division 9 of tho Public Ro3ourc98 
Codo, r:ni is rasponsiblo to tho Director of Ilatxiral Resources for Vr-j 
p^,,^.,^ c-!T-Tins out cf its functions under this di\n.3ion. 

i. Vho c^-MitvCi-:,- -:^all -sBist in the fcrr:aticn, orr^ni^aticn, and 
cror^.tion of J^oil consen'ation districts. 

2. It nay invnstisriT^y inxy proposed new soil conservation district 
ci- addition! of i.':'.nd to a diaLrict,, 

. -. .... .,.-.3., ,-, .a orranired eoil concervatir.n diatricts ay to 

'■* ;it;n3'anrpr^x.03als relating to ooii conservation ^^^^'^^'^ 
:.nd waen .uch plans or proposal^ arc Pr^^^^^^^^J':^ ^^^^s 
dio..o^rov«, -: -^^-- n:odiric- Liens of cuoh pi^nis or J^ropcs^is . 


-^sr-ic^ t-^>^tr, n-lJic district, or p^l-sm v. _ 

,:; ;;; n^rno^.3 o/ division, Br.a to tnat ena r:;ay f.coxvo 

,-^vention of licil oroaion. 

.■•.•v-/.iart^r3 nira r-t "Jorkeley. 
T;i^^ CO:iai33ioa ;*?:X;lUua ^i ;^^c;rt.^.-i^ . 

SUL3. 1949, ch. 1031. Approved July ^0, 19.9; i:^ ^rf^ot Ctc-.r 1, 



Division of Ad:nlnictrai,iori 

Tns Division oi' Adoinist ration was created in ths Departnsnt of Natural 
Reecurces in i?27. Undsr the direction and suporvisicn oi' tho director, 
it:s C'.ei-'iity director ccopirollor ad^dnistcro .■:. dxT-ision of adru.ni3tration 
which consists ox thrco sections, accctmting, pcnsonnal, and pisjperty. 
U-i?r tha director funation s* r-scretary, an assist.^nt to tho secret ary, sj'id 
a chief cJ? ,---».; -■.•^--.^ •'■>-. ';duc^-tion. 

A^/ Dres-jno- t .are. ars .five bur-'r^aa-s .la baa ■diTisionj Burcuu cf Plrh 
Connsr7ation| Duronu of Gams Conservation.? Bureau cf /.urias Fis'aeriesj Bu- 
rcx'i of Pc^trol and Law Fjii'orco.-^snt.; and Bursiu of Licsnsen. A recrganiza- 
ti?n of tha div^oiv.. ,;>. -.Tided £cv an ad:;u.nict?ative offico nn:;v:r +ho dire;- 
tiwi of oii cxecuiiTe cfficGr, in o.-is offics such iCuivi.Lici> ;^s pt^r-. . .- -.x, 
fiscil, library, coi.i.4jrvaGiori tiuaiiation, and public ixifora^^tion ars r-c^^ 
:r>t..--.. ^li-'---'^ -r,Atr:t6r7 rit'oi-ences ara inciucicd in the? outlins wnenever 
pcc-'^r^io, fcr the eiv.r:;iit I2;^^l prvv::.3J.on3 a;i'-.^r ;,.:i.^ - -.--ion -• . 

tl:o i..i;si;t Tlf^b ^ui -^-wis Cods should be consulted. 

}j.: .■ -A. C--"^ Ccr.uls3io" 

The L'ivicioa oa ' ' ■ aa Ui^nc v:-fe ^ .•.■,-■.>.- 
t].. :■; rtnient of Natural Hersourcaa in l?:^?. it, ii .,u-j..-.i;;Lcrcd by o..e 
p,.v. ..., ..^._ r-- r-..^.-. ', bodr ^'^^-h has b^en in ccntinacuo existence 
.Lnc, lo-70. in 1«7 th. ...giaatu« proridoU lor a nv<,-..n .:...u.sio., nnd 

in l: corsUluticaal ....a.:mi;«<ii. «as adopiod U-.-t, :-rovx..a lor i. .i-.-.-^r 

ut'.-".-c-?d tor-i for the ccu:ri^'-^~on raeiu^^ors. .n. i:isn 

c- ;t was eotabiiwhed b/ statuiie vraa abolished and its pcvsrs and duties 

re tr.nsfcrred tz \,hct Fish and G.^us Cc-T.T.lssicn creAtod by the State Con- 
r/:ituticn (Stats. 19U, c,h. "/>2, p. ^T-^fi. A?pro\^d Juno U, 1941j in 
c. feet ioiiiiediately) . ■ In. 194;> the Legislature delegated to tho coj^iisaion 
■ulatory pcvers to er,: tr.3 Geaso:>.3, bag Units, and other regula- 

ti-ii3 affoctLn? ti^o :....-.-; oi' tha sporting species cf fish and gan;.3 (Stats. 
1745, ch. 645, p. X^OZ, Approved June 4, 19^^ in eri:^ct Sept. 15, 1945). 
1. Bumau cf ?:l3b Ccn?.er7nticn 

■i->T-:> -rh.^ -'',-.-,^1' f.,f -y.r-y- Ccr!-cr""^.t^r'n c:tper.ded it? biological 

manarez^ni 07 increas-ns xr^ ^oaff - -^^ biologists and by 
dividir^p; the statn into sewn biolo.-ic^l districts as a 
bas5i5 frr crr'.niJirt the v^rr, ?h<i "olliition ccntrcl wrk 

: :■ .,. V-.V-. .^uro:T> -i-^'^ ths Bureau of 

i.a e jcx; 

Pntroj. . 

C.ilifornia. Ceot. of ;ratura3. H^yscurces. ^ Divicicn of Fisb 
oc+n i^T -ir:f' -'2I T'orcrt. 17>6—l/3-^j ?• >'-• 

L945 ?h~ rur^-ui cf Fish Conservation succeeded to the fish screen 

. . _,.,^p, ./-^o^-^ th-.- "-''jretVj ci^ "•- --ineerLrig "--'as 

t '^■"'. ■ ' ; V" '" "■ Oi 

■^T'.cnrcc;'^. Division of Tiah 

ird nar-!3, 39i>^ niorjdai Report, l9i+i»-iVi*o, P. -i^« 

2. Bureau of u:;-:' u .^rratioi 

Ths Bureau o 
^^,,,^..+^^ p,ri-"l control. The state i 

. . , ,..-...-1 -^^Tr-cpfs, -^-th a guoervjsin;- tranpsr in 

i.r cr*^:' I'-w'Ty f'-iiD^i^-i- (.-..''-^ - 

1 Ga^ne Conservation ccn!jJ.;-i:.rj r^ _, '■ - "<^ »■ t 

.rcl ft! Ictrlct, 

Roben-sor. progr 

ac;-^ ieJ.--a-ov'..^ ccniseiTatica .-^i,- ^r 

' Plttnaa- 

appeared as a oeparato bureau in 19333 in 1947 tha gan^ farms voro . 
placed Tindor the Bureau cf Gi^n:^* Ccnservitioa as a unit, 
Bureau of Caraa IV^r-^JS 

193'1 The Eurco.u of Gane Fnrras appeared as a .scncrate bureau in 
the r.3pcrt to the Gov, Council, Nov. 25, 193^, P. 5. The 
st.'^^te -'"^s c.lvidad three districts for tho supsBrvicion 
cX f ?^-;.0 far. us. In 1939 ths Bur-eau of Ga:ue Farms was piven 
cc^^trol cf the !?,i.L.i3 lianageicent program, 
l-y//? The ^-Tarcau of Q'iJse Farrta x/as inccrocrated irxto the Ei.::reau 
of G<'i:;.e. Conservation. 
California. Dept. of L'atural Resources. Div. of Fish and 

3, x3areau of irarine Flchsries 

3.937 The r.fcie of th3 Ture-ju of Ccr^-nsrcial risherics i/as changed 
to the jjurjuu of :.-.r;.n-J fisheries .Dj order cf th3 Fish and 
Gi-T.3 Cosrdssicn. (Rspt, to Gov. Coa^icil, Au.^;. 30, 1937, p. 5.) 
..... --:t-:/:se cf tM Bure-au of 1-iarins ilsherieo is to ccncervo 
._ . _,::^^... ■ :--^ fieherios cf C'-lifcr::iia, both c-:::^ 

._.u:ci.-. ^i)orc.. ..iuivgical ai:a tenuis. iO'^i rs,i.^;.ro.i^.i 

lO 3ts.te 

ri-^i : ; ^s laws v.-ae tr^iasferred t:o ry ^i t -.trc.L 

„ yrcenent. Th? tureaLi acts in an advisory capacity 

1939' ?ur:ds w.ra inade available to tbo bureau to ccnauct invn.oi. 
^^^,^^ of the effect of th^ Central Vallr.y Vater Prefect In 

Angel-g, and Fresno, 

Calif or'Tiia, Dep^artment of Natural Rescmrccs. Division of 
i-Lah and G229, 36th Bierxnial Keport, 1935-19AO, p. 11. 

C» Bureau of Eneiineering 

19^.0 T>:oi ioraer iiureia ci' ii^'-dra^JJ.cs V2.3 rcn-iniocl Bureau of Engiii- 
csrxr.g, and all ensineGi-dn:: i'u:-:'^ticns of t!iO departiisnt v/cro 

COTi-olldi-ted in the t^arosu. 

Caiii vrrdr-, i't^jpartr-snt of Natural Fu-scurc^s. Dirision of 
?in=T ->•;-'-! 05J:i«5, 36tn BioJinial liepcrtj 1933-19j^O, p. 11. 


19^,:^ •; ;<j fciirean of Enginsoring vns aboiiohod and the construction 
frark t,rar.'sfe«rRd to the Deparfcr.cnt of P^iblic vorko, Division 
- ■'- «.^. -'-*«•; ■"■-.o. f-'^i^:— rr-.rcen snd Isider ncintenojice 

C-liforniii, DG^imrttaent cf Ilstur^l -oso-i-csG. Di'/lsicn of 
UjL ana Gsai©, 39th ricnnial Bsporb, 17U-lv46, p. J^. 

i'iviclcn cf T---':- .--ry 

c.-(-.-n,f^a Bf^^.rd '^f I'%>r*?«tr7 

^.^^;x.Uy-i2airi.'-'^ f-r-',-. f^r ^^'i i.iT:.3io:i ■>.. 

IbrestiT in the - ^nt o;: '"1 Re^circo^, A.;.oruin5 lo a^.v, c,u. 
,,.: :..r rc^GCT:.. on. cf tho follcv^_ ...-oroducin^ ircu3t:7, 

J ^ ,.,j.,^f— . ois-? -'^ ^'".t-od from 
agricultural industry, and wati? ii.c-.try. l^.^ -r 

the g...r.l .ubli. at i.v... (SUls. 19/.;, ch. ^i^, P. ^V^. Approved . 
hij i-O, 1945; Ti '-*■ -"- -^--. -.'> -^-^ '^* ' 

The Stats Beard noninateo the State loreoter, Mho is cnpointed ly the 
director o.s chief of the Division of Fcrsstry, The scopo of the diyision 
V ■; increao3(I in 19/+5 or prc-ading for the ■ -'rlnistration of forest prac- 
ti'.:?.- on pri%-ate ti-isci- lar.d, acquisition of productive lend Buitcbls as 
denonstraticnal stato forests, and cooperation with industry in conti^olling 
insoct and disease outbreaks. 

Division of Beaches nnd Parks 

The Division of Parko vas ypecifitd it> ths act which crsated the De- 
p.irtiasnt cf Hciturdl -escurces. In 1941 "oha di-visicn was rena:-ad lo::ches 
r-d Parks (ch. ^^0, p. 1915. Approired Juno 2, 19U; in effect Sept. 13, 
19,'a). The Stat a P::ri: Ccrroissicn of fivs rsriiers appointed by the G'ovemor 
i'ov staggered teiins oi' four years Geoerminos general policies for the r.dsir.- 
istration ox the 3Ci.te beach snd rark system (Stabs. 194:5, ch. 1432, p. 2713. 
Approved July 17, 19455 in effect Sept. 15, 1945). 

A chief ndr;ini.tcro the di-.ion. He is aprointed -- the director cf 
tho ceparti^cut upon nojiin^uioa 07 the State Park Coiiudssion. 

?'..■ t-^ Park System 

-,>,-^ 19V9, the v?t,-.^e Parte S/ ■• ^ -■--^' ■ --- - '-^- - 

525,000 seres o 

IcM in po.rks, besciwa, r.i:>tcriC'.;. r':::-i rjri'-u, --..a 

^u^..^-',.-,- - ware in tha n-irk syatcia nin3ty-tiire8 parka, 

Th. Huc.r;olut heawoous Si,ato F^-rK pr.:.. >.. ... ...ant red- 

^ccd3. Tho Urc;03t state p:.rk ie Anza Oesert St^te Park in Sui Uego 
^..d I:.:porir.l U-K.U.03. Al^D in San Uio;,. - , . -O 

, •i^-rT.4Hnt«d al'-- i -" G'.lJ.icmia coast. 
Stnte Park. Me^ch parxs arc uistriout.a ai. 

- " ' '' ^ in 
The mountain p^rke incl . ' ^ie Crsga an-. 


Shsista O'^^ty, uianB L. I^Hes St^ate Park on Lako Tahoe, Mc. 3en Jacinto 
in RLvoraide County, and Palonar "'lunoain ia zj-n Diego Cciinty. I.'^. Ta- 
.>::lpais and !!'.. Dir.blc Ctato Pr.rk3 are Icc^.tcd in the ccnr.t ran^e £rea. 
':- -r,;,-.:,-;.^ -: :: aut}^ori::cd ir. l?i+9. Tho ui\'iJ5ion of 

reaches ard Perks wa^ onpcv.tired to accept tho City Hull or B^nicia, 
v/nJLoh had been the Sl?.te Capitol luilding irx l-^^^-^k ( 1%?, ch. 

-.r-/ ■> «,,-.■,-+ 1 i-'^lO'i. "''"■^ C'-'-rl.-.^id ^sirrant ?r:?.il vrrs r.^-^sd 

as a new soaiie hiBCorical acnuateni (Scats. 1949, ch, o3?. Apprcvt^d 
ouly 6, 1949). T(\qsq brought the total of CuUfoniia'a iiiatorioal 

(lor hi-oLoris^ lastonai, aoo .J.r.pv j-.urt, Cc'..xivi.-i-. ^-t, .t ;'^-.r;i. 

n?TiT ^, p. 154-139, 16^-170.; 

Division of Mnas 

7- i:iriri:n cf :J.n-;5 is xmder th^ -^iTninistration cf a chief iaiCT-m an 

t'"-3 2t.2t5 .- . ,_"l.^^.» ^. .-.■.. -— - , - -- - 

.. St.v. .limns Lonra .r ^t. <;opanwi .7 ^" adding =fn.. ^t tho 

■I . . ^^ , * t ^ 

p.r?! t5l?.cv-<i tj;^ i. 

Alia Ur'-lt- - ' ■ 

.,v4-v, ^r. ^..^ f-r the mblic'.ticns of tho 

,. . ■'' : •■'■-J-'-'— -"-"^ i --^ - 

. ^ J. 12. ) 

division. (H-oporb to Uoifo i :'-''-■• 'g Uci— ; -•-. 

. ..^^„ . T^^T-a-r at the h-^adouarters in San Fnr.cicco. 

Divl-iA-'u v^A." CtJ. 'i-*^* '—J 

.,.,„ or Oil ^.^ G.. i« aanl.d3t«rca by a 3up.rvl.=r vho i= 

^- ♦^•,^+ /-- •»-'r for e'-^h of the Bix 
si.tcd by a cM.f deputy ^i o^:o district 


, dictricta of trio ststo. Th^ diTioicn Ip n-^n-o-^.-.;? ^- «n a33cs=:::39nt of a 
Ep-ijcicl tax agaxn^l tn^ c_I a-a ^as prc^iccra, (3-il3. I939, ch. 93, p. 106?. 
Approved April 26, 1939; ia oiTect Gcpi. 19, i;j9.) 

The dir:-icn is chr^r-^d -rith cnforcor:-nh ,:f the law to pre-ent iriroii- 
con;iGi^ ■'m-i,3x,-3 ci iict-urcj. gas and i<-ith eupci v^sicii 01' tho sathoci of drilling 
.'A n.-.inten.ance of oil wolls in the state. 



cega::i2atic::al ck.irt of tis rr.p.L-.TiE^jT cr 
~:::::: SIGNAL a::id vocational gtai^daeds 

1 t 

As organized Juna I949 

L-msicif 0? AD:i"ii5TRA?nrF; p^.oo:^DnR5 

CTATE -OAHD OF ?.'^riTnJ.T, T"-':r--^S 
C:.Axo bGARD 0? CK'T'?-^?^/ 



SrAT:: ITOARD C? 5AT!!37R "IA:iITC^H3 

ST^-J-: rCAED ' ' ■:'■■'• -Terf -^ ciyjx, aitd ?E0P1I;33IC:;AL E:-Gr.E5RS 



ST'7" "'■■■RD Cf ^~"' -^~ 'I, T)-— — -" ■:;2 r-pABSRS 


l'.g:^' Ars SHIP BHOj^ERS' ccrirassicir 

1?- ■ D 0" ■ 

iT\?n rOA.lD OF D^;? OVZA^Wm 



The D?ipa3rtncn-t cmd the office cl' Director of Professional snci Voca- 
tional Standards vers created ir: 1929 (ch. 290, p. 592). ?.ae p\irpoo'3 in 
est^bli3■nl^g ths dep-rtr.srit v's to coordinate tho adminior.rative arid 
clcil affairij oi" severui ooarac;. In 1937 -hs laws goTeming c^ch boLrct v/ere 
ccdificd into ths Eusirioss and Profesoions Cede (cli, 599* P» 1-29. Approved 
■'uzio 15, 1937; ir. effect An?. 27, 1937). Under tnis code the department 
■,rj.3 di'Ti-icd into Division nuribcr cnOj e;fDraeing tt:c r,oards of Iisdical Exaia- 
' ':or;;j, Dsntcl E::caudnor^, snd Pharaacj, and Divisioa nu-T^ber tvo, erabracing 
.11 oth^r bcar:i3 in th3 clepartinent. These sections of tho 1t>/ were repealed 
.n 1945 (ch. riTo, •■■, 2399. A-jproved July 10, 19:'^? i- effect Sept. 15, 194;). 

Each of ths beards - coirprising the departnsnx. ejzicts as a separate unit 
nd each has the functions of setting standards, holding aictings, preparing 
arid conauctin- examinations , passing upon applications, conducting invcsti- 
gationo of -7ioi..-icn3, uoldin^ hearin-3 for tho revocatiori cf licences, and 
i^pcsin- p3naltio3, insofar ^s these povrars are gi7cn by staiate t,o each 
rcs-^ectiv- board, rj'lesisl-^tive action in 1945, a Divisicn of Adsinistri- 
tir; Frocr5:-r^ -::..:u-n o,, dc^— -t : ' --.V..-!. f. co^■^^ct oiiasi-r^diriil ■ 
... .■riclrative hearings for thase boarui; c...:^ rcr cirLain a^-ncxco cui.sit-f 
ti:-. depar^mc^nL (ch. e67, l^ : <^n. ^69, ?. 1630. Approved Juno 15, l?45j 

., . T -- -\'-~\ ,'.cj-,.-» ......r-u-n --Tr>i of o'^-^r-i'^v-jcr. *b.9 division 

\. - -^ :.opc. ±^' , ', • ( .. . : I - - - -.J. '- - I- ■ - 

h;.d o3tiabli£hsd a l^ai. -c • i.i 

th^ act. In 19^^^ thy L<-.iol^tur« transfarr^ia vo 

•:- ; 5rl;9- vested in th'j Codification -oard (oh. iiv5, ch. 1425). 

■r;;.?.aopartr.ijnt now c.-.nprises ^;:f3nG7-. . Division of 

A^bxinistrativ^ Procoduro. l^r lor^al provision, under wnioi. the deparc.^nt 
OTJcrat.a, th^ latoct -:7in-.s>nd Prof:---- rn,.. -MnM be consulted. 



Livioion of Ad:.dui3trativ9 Prccedura 

1945 The Division oi Aiiadnisorative Procedure vas created by the 1945 

L:;r;i8lat-i:rcj xcv ths purpose cX inioroTiri- adoiRXstrati ro rrocoduro 

and eonductins?, cu<i3x- judicial hcjariri;-o. iua division is under 

thr3 di:.'3^t :>ap.3nris ion Slid direction cf the director of the Di- 

partr.ent of Frcf-j;33ional and 7oc?,t:.onal Staridardo. 

Stit'3. 1945. ci3. 269, ?. it37. Approved .Ivne 15, 194./J in 
Gfi^ct 5-pt. 15, 19/-5. 

T . . V X' -i „v::;o..-.-<>i to th-3 powers c-::d uutic-j ox th3 abolis^*c!a 

■ y'r. 

- Codification Board, 
::L:-,U. ivi", ch;U25, P. 2?j4. Apprcvcd July 17, 1947j in 

3 iiiUiJt 

The Stati) icard cf bsntai Exs^riers ccncists cf seven practicing den- 
-7 t'-r; r.-:r/erncr icr a ter^ of fc^^.r yearc. Th3 boaI^i w^s 

xli Jlv— ^' • 

.iiii^ parsed m io/c. -i:fc uw^rv^, cu::J-- i^mj 
-.« gn-oir' ^^ornor for a 

. .. . , \ ; ., . .-:. r^niirxd un- 
:ur y«ar9, ^ua c/ :. j- *.- ->- -^--^^ - 

^'•.:'i in or v-'i nation. 
Stcitf? r-^'ird of Optor:\5t,r7 

,.,.,> i^ - 

0?ton'3tr:r from thrse to fi-.-o r.c:..jer9 appointed by the Coremor 

for 0. tsra cf fo-ar yoars. 

State. 1945, cli, 2.'?9, P. 7A9. Ar-^rcrcd TT-t 7, 1945! in effect 

Th3 Stato Beard of Pliai-n-acy of seven i;3:nbsr3 appointed by the Governor 
Crr a tori, of f-^-'ir years >;ss created in 1901 Sfid aijendod in 1907. Since 

•:'._„ ;:.:.._ ., i.; •-;■ irdaatipn of ths be: . "t i*saaiiied ii::ohsngcd, 

cv^,i+i!. ^CriTd cf 'Fji!-T-rrir:f;TS in Tot?Tir.^.r'/ IViciicrlTis 

I'v ■? Tiit; St'".t,e Lf.arc ci /^canxnero m ^otrorinar:/ i^.^cicino consists of 
five ror^Titable practitioners of'.ry medicine appointed by 
the Goverrcr fcr n t?r.n cf fov.r years, Vho cliicf of the Eivisior 
— ■, : _ ._ ,.;j -■v:-"'--':t :- :' '-ricuiture ■fcris re:iov6d 

CwS a'jiiDer oi ths board, 

Stits. 1937, ch. ;./?, p. 1315. Approved June i;, 1937j ir. di- 
rect Aug, 27, i?j3 7» 

fi'C:; rive to seven 
GcvGrr.or for '-■ ^^^r" 

f Accc-untarcy v.-aa increased 
: ointed by the 
- certified public 

effect i::-C. ly, -L/-;-^. 

State Kcard ci ..rchitcvtural ::^:±^r€. 
Stc\te Board cf Archlt'-' 
■ V)IX In- 1941 r.n smcnd--as'it to .the act cf 1029 ccn^olid^bed the ;ior-. 
tharn End Soathcrn District Pczrdo cf Architecture Exxrlnera 

into one Beard of Architectural FJi-aninors. Tha ceri^ership was 

reducsd frcn ten tc fiva nienibors of v^hich tv;c were to be ?clao- 

ted frc-n the Fcrtherri California Chaptcra of the /jnerlcsn Insti- and t' fro-i tl-.o ?oi\th«m Ch.anter? ?nd cr- r.eiiber f rca any 

arehiteetviral Ecciety in the state , The roembero were appointed 

hy the '^-ovorncr for a tcm of fcur .years, 

St?.ts. 1941, ch. 255, p. 1363. Ar.-rcved liar I3, 19/.1; in effect 
Sept. 13, i5U. 

1945 Ir. 1945 th;5 qualifications for Eer.bsrship to tho board changed 

r.r^ *->i';t rrrr architect iTi ^^'^nd stanciin^ licsnscd to pracbj.cs in 

the state cculd bo appointed hy the Governor for a ter::i of four 

years, Tv;o lasmbers vrsre to be residents nnd practice in Ilcr- 

thcra C-aiif crrda, t-.;o in Southern or Control C"Ji.fornia, .ind one 

LiSruosr aslscLca at large, 

Stato. 1945, ch. 1231, ?. 23 U. Approved Julj 10, 1945: in. ef- 

3t^.tc I?card <:f Archltecturid E;s'^xu.ners 

19 '7 ■" ; "t'.to T/";.'.-;-! cf Architecture vas chan.-:cd to Sli^to EcarH of 

di. 1350, p. 2C04. Apprr :o, 1947; :n of- 

_::-;. . . N 1947. 

i:-:chnn^cd nince l.".".. ^cncdsts of threo -lerjiu^ro cl WiC turjoro' 

rrofcDrdcn appointed for a tern of fc-ar yzr^rc by th3 C-cvcrncr. 

..c;; for Civil '-r.i ri--f3~£icnal Z^.^in^isrs 

o Loai-d cf Registr^ticu for Civil and PrDfesaicrial Tn- 
rinci;ra inorcused its rxiberchip irc^ three to aevaa lUizy^^Ttt 

\<ho ars appointtsd hj tbo C-overncr I'cr a •bcr2i cf fcur jeara, 

Stcts. 1947, ch. I469, p. 3043. AoprcYPd July I7, 1947; in 
e erect Sept. 19, Iv-V/'. 

Contractors' vStn,t3 License Board 

r. The oriraiiizaticj- of the Ccntrrictors' State lic^naa roa.-ii co;r.por-od of 

seven nonbera appointed by the C-overnor for a toi^n c? four yeAra has ru- 
r.-iincd unchanged since its creation in 1935. 

Statft Toard cf CosrtKjtolcjry 

The or*?ani3-ivticn of tk© Board cf Ccs^stclorrr ccnpcsed of f±v9 r.enbers 
£.T/pcint,?J b-T t'l'-? •"-•:■• v-omor for a ter-^ of four yo-irs has renained unch-ir.-od 
ein>;e ito oreax-lon in 19-7. 

State Board cf j"-.;r'^r"'l Directors and BrJDaLaftrs 

Tbo orrardi^aT^icn of the State ijoard cf Fiiner-xL Directoro 'md F.nb£.liner6 
c ■ ^'3t3d cf fiY0 Tjieabers appointed bj the Governor for £. tora of four y-:ar3 

Stricturnl rest Control :3oard 

r-i -.,,^ :.^... :.,,.,: -5^^4. r.-v.f.rci T'-ard cre^.t.-ri ir 1935 '^'="'3 ccnrcsed of five 

tirn of the h-is reraainsd unchanged. 

Y^^cht aiid 3ij.ip i;rcl:..;r;' t::::uii: 

The Yacht and 3i.ip DroLer^ ACii ct«s.t-ed .. -^ ^-I' --^-^^^ 

C lesion in tno D^>?artmnt cf Frofession-il end Vccaticnal 3t;oid^rd3. ?he 
director of the cep-"rtasnt &-:-;ointsa a r .r. .. ..... . . -V ..rcx..r, 



Euraau of F-arniturs artd l5ddir..r: In-r'?ctlcn 

The Bure:.'.: ci* lumiture u^u „jc.u.ic2 I^^cptjctiicii is -under the supervision 
End control cf a chief ^Ao is. appcdntcd bj the (ILrector of tho departTiient 
in &<-;corc;'anc3 with the Stats Civil Service Kct. 'Th^ bureau vag created in 

State fioard or Nurse F-xaisiners 

153'/" A Boar'i oi .:u~3e EccJinsrs cf Jive neribers appointed by the Gover- 
nor icr I'sr-. i, -I i'rur Tecjr-E ■-> -.j created in i939» The board 
assuEisd the daties cf ths £boli?^hed Bureau of Esgistration of 
Nurses, Departssnt of Pablic Health, when the Tirsing Practice 
Acr I' -. p , ^.... by the Legislature, 

St.'.t5. 1/39- ch. ec?, p. 2346. Approved Julj 17, 1939j in effect 
S.-^pt. IVj 193*-/. 

rt?.t::? Pcard cf Dry^ 

i ■: ; ^ ^ T)r-^ (^■''- '■'~iiqts of r.eveci ne:::iert appoirxted by the 

■'^ oriior fi-r - ^r /cara i/aa cr£>_:.;u ir 1945. 

Ststs, 19/4,5, ch. 1517, p. -S42. Approved Jul:^- 1?, 1945? ir. 

-:..'••;: S'?p&. 15; "■. ■. 

,:.rd oi -^--^ aopoli....... 0,, 

+.- ^,.^ *•->*• 3 imsp cro*tted in lv-i«i a.-^d brc-.^-rht under 

•':Grit of Professional i : iticn&l Standards 

i;;^cn t':.o c&piri::: ;:it •:!.:■ t:v-^r- -■.; 

. - • , „-,•.,„«- . ^ - >'iicir.t?d b/ 

th^ Gcveracr fcr :. t^r:a cf f . -/ y^^^rs ..:. cr-tv. iu 1945. ^lot 

lecG than t'.fo of ths ^nemborci ar^.- to be lay r^r.bora. 

StT'A.z, 19^5, ch. 15"", ?. 25-16. Approved July la, 1945 J in 
affect Sept. 15, r.-v>5. 

Glato /.tliletic Ccri:niscion 

1946 Th3 Gtatc Athletic CorrxLssicn v/r^s placed in the Department of 

Prcfe5sionn.l and Vocaticnal Ctandards frcn tho Departnont of 

Vet--3rr^i3« Affslrs. The Ccariission was to consist of five riicnbcra 

appointed '07 the Governor for tcrris cf fear jcara. 

Stat3» 1947, ch, 11^, l3t r^. Sasc, p. U:^. Arproved liar. 11, 
194s ; in offoct :^3j 21, 1946. 

Stiite Board cf Guide Dogs for the Blind 

1947 A 3tat,3 T-.c.ard of C-oide Lo-s for th3 Dlind of five cenierG ap- 
-rirv-i >-' 'h^^ ----Grrxr for a tern cf fear years vras created in 
19:.?. The law ri-ovided that the superintandsnt cf thfl Calif orrda 
School for the Blind em the head cf the Lsoartnifint of 
Traiidn • ' dlitatica of the State Board of education 
ahoiiiu be -v^o ci -".. of th^^ beard. 

::■.::-. 1947, ch. i:-^?, ?. ^759. Approved Julv S, 19i.7; i- ^^ 

i 'Jnt::otiV3 License rviroau 


T,icf5Tsa r-irta'i va^ transferred frca the Bcara cf 

_ . „...,,:. -.V, -f '.- r-.-..'.:r-:T to tha 

.ep^rtnonu of Proressirnil -x>.o^ ,,.....^^xC^ a/ a gpeaxu^ 

;-.,.. -:: tha La l3l^t^^9 in.lV^v^. 

3 (<r"\-'x, r-.c3.) A: proved Feb. 4, 1944 J 
ill effiict l.^f 1, 19^^. 

. . . .5.Tl':SI-n CF PUBLIC lHAIILn 


i>7Part:^-!E'it of pinuc hf.alth 

As organized June 1949 



... .u ci" Das: magowent 

— » 

3, BuriwU of u'SoorM'^ and vSbatistica 

/ 2, Bureau of Fospital"; 

* o, ''v'^-j'::'.':;. of ^'^:;"?li'3 '"''"1+h ''''".r'f?i.r:"' 

^ 4, Durec-u of Litsmcl and Chile Health 

5. '■■".irsau of rdsease Control 

DIVISION or E^:VII:oI]:l:;^TAL sAnrrATiC':?: 


2, r.iircau of Sanlii^ry Ln^i.asilrig 
... ,. •■- . ... ,-- - - 1- ^,,"' 

2, L..ibcrr.torr 

7* .,.;,-,-, -.-V,.: -ir; .1 liiseaces Labcrator/ 


7ho r^orfjinisatiou cX the Dsnartasnt of Fiiblic lioalth in 19/*3 changed 

t'V5 r;-^,r.::;tur3 of rdninictratioR cl" thg rv/Dllc her-.lth servic--.. The State 
T' "!■•■ i : ei.l vh no'"/ iariuiaons «3 a pciicy-suiJiin;?, regulatcrv, judicial, and 
liconsir^g faod^ insx-aad of the ioraer controlling body of ths departicent 
(~t3l:;. 1943, vh, ICol, p. 3C0/+. Approved Juns 3, 1943; in effect Aug. A, 
19'v3). An ear-Iior t:;',>.ii xi: uu© beard's risujeranip added the eighth nexber, 
a d'll-/ Hcensect and practicing dentist of the state. The tieabers of the 
board are ap-rjointed bj the Gcvemcr for a tcrr. of four years and the direc- 
tor of tho Dop;iri:::3nt cf ?\:blic H-^Uh 1" +'-? .--r-'^-tivo officer of the 
bcird rr.d th«? adinir,i!3trativo head of the dspartaent. 


?h9 dlx-ector of the D:;partm8at of Public Health m&j, "subject to the 
approv'il of the Governor, cieate such divisions and subdivisions of the 
State dsp2irt-;ient as rd&.y be ncceseary and say consolidatf;, divide, or cibcl~ 
ich thn:n frc:a tin:^ to tiriQ" (St'vts. 1939, ch, 60, p. h'^2. Ap-roved April 7, 
1939; In effect ?cDt. 19, 1939). In Ja.nn^.iy 1945 tho acLninistrative struc- 
ture of the deparinrnh was reorganised, hy ths director into five ci visions: 
Division of Adniz;istr-tion, Division of i^^vcntive ilcdical Services, Divi- 
aicn of EnvirOiiiicntal Sanitation, Division of I*ibcratories, and Division 
of Loaal Health Servica, irith supsrvision over 13 bure;vjs, 

Viio Caliicrnia Coiueroneo of Local ijoalth Officers -nd the Advisory 
Hospital Coo-^.cii of liine Kenbers are related to the Depart-i^ient of Fuolic 
Eeslth, They 3l^^ discussed beloH. For Is^jal Drorisions unaer v/'riieh the 
depr^r- -cnt uperiites, the l^r.ssi. .lealoh and Z;xlctj Cods should bo conrjulted. 

Advir^ory T'^srjit'.l Couiioii 

G=iiii'ornia, in to ccnplv witii aVid iruplcucnt the Fccioral ilcs~ital 
Surv^-:r *.n'.i Constriction Act of 1946, p.OQsed on act no provide for a pro- 

., -.x^,) ..-A >^,,^-it.T, - ■■'-ititi'^o z.-.i. rf c! — ti"Cticr^ 

6' ■ ■ 

' -• ■ r-. -■ - r. , (> / 

, . ^ • . 4. .. ^ " i M "■ "^ "i-i- Council 

-.' —.-■.■ V •>■!-<■■ » 

. . ,- - ',..i u _ti;^i..< —it ^• 

-. - _ ._ J_LCi/it- J. -'s.' — ^ -■ — 


19'^? Ths Adviscr7-tICop-i:.--i. 

consiots of the direc^^or of x^e vo.v.r '--f-' ^"O 

t>erve5 ^/^ cMir:i-^n c:: officio and einht no^bera appointed by the 

- ^._ ,, . '-:.„ • ,v,r-« ^rolu-'e r'^tjresfn- 

Ccvcrnor ^-i^ 

tativr?.^ of '•^ri-'-.->verr.:i3ntal or^irmlaatic''- <->- -roins, and state 
arrencico concerr./j<:. with thr sicn, ;;c;.: ..i-jcticr., cr utiliis.- 

tto". c? ho3?italr. . issabers receiv3 no cCTspeasaticn but are 

• St3ts. 1947, ch. 327, p. &31. Aprrcre.! ..37 21, 1947; in ol'fcct 
Sept. 19, 1947. 

Oal5.fcrnia Cr^nfer-^nr-fl of Locil Health Officers 

; ..J C — u^.j . . ~nfcror.3e of Local Koalth Officers wt-.a creab'id b/ the 
I .-."' in IV-i? «b an adYiscry group to the Stata Doparv^iaat of Jubli;; 
;;- ;lth and th^ State Beard of Health, for the wirposs of est".bliEhir-2 at?.n- 
dards f'-r ices! >^"-;''.r; -.--^x:nsf--iti^r\, 

."'■.10 ccni'arerica ccisis-a c.f .1^ iccailj appcintea local i.eHj.-cn cffic<?rs 
in th3 str-.l>*. T ic.' O'vjference annually electa a nrssiddnt, a tIcr prcGidfrnt, 
^-,,,,, , ^,^ ,^^^.^^-+^. -r-^r^ r«3 ■♦v^ execiitifrc ccrr^ittee cf f.he c^nferercR, each 
:::' ^■••; ■ .:}-c rull t.Uro local h'^alth ofilccr. ,'i':t--:3l :-- --c-sary c-penses 

: at net scrs than tvo nestin.'rs psjr ysar of the confer- 
enc-! p^? --^ " '-"'^- char~e a^rainst the local f-ovemr-^ntal unit: s--5c5.ttl 
i'-i *•« ^ ^v-. . ,, r - -" ■^- = le^-al --'—-.>. ^-i\-^~t f-.-r.ds GYailable 

ft'i^., 1947. cb. 1562, p, 3207. ^PprcT^:i -^. l^^^Vj i^ ^^^«=^ -''^- ^9, 

:•,-;':: --!:. or -^--^-^ticnr /. tcr 1936 

Divloicn of Acliiirii£trs.ticn 

•?ho DlT?.cicn of Adlnl-nistratlcn h?.3 been aaslfmsd thrso bureaus: 
Business •fanaf er.ent. Records f;nd Statistics, and Health rdvicaticn, 
1. ^' """'"-'■' ^.'' '^lusinesa J'-?.n-T.t36ricnt 

19h5 The !^-lre^u of Bt^siness j^anaresent is respongible for fiscal 
v-rA porsonnei control, c.cccunting, and office nanagement. 
i, ., _-.:;i;5 r:: records r:;nd St:itli;tic3 

"'?"•' J . ci' KijccrCE rnd Stcti'ol.ics is rosponsible for the 

..-. 'I. >.ii;ticn and analysis of births, deaths, '.ind Tn£.rri£gss. 
.rr.'.» vitil 'rtr.tir.ticK i^cti^-itics \ fcnr^rly in the Fjurcau 
oi' wiT-ai :^ 1.^3.12.8 tico bux. hav2 oiMC*? b&co-v.'3 pi^rt oi th^; I.ureau 
cf Eecords and Sts.tistics, The director cf th3 Dcpr^rtuient 
:!' ?-jibi.ic ::c-.lth vr.r; nade -the State nsgictrr.r cf Vital 2ts,~ 
. -,.,;, ^a. ^-s.^, p, 1942. AiJproved Jtins 25, 

3. }""n'eau cf nealth Fdiicatica 

, acetic ri vas forrorlj the Pivisicn of 

; ..;v . .. of Cni:. 3ii<i 1^^^^ ablic health :.uroin£; — 

-.;■;> :-■:..; iccr;t?d ur.c'.or the Division >.- . .ical Ssr- 

"iocD. Thd is^rern ex r^pi"- -:-- -*" '"urcoa, --■-^-r tv-^ eld 
i)ivisicn cf Twollc Hoalth r.i.rjiiticri, wco trcnaftrrcu iron 
■L'--> Sfat^ Tlco^rtr'ent. of Public Keulth to the Eoard of Nuree 
. • , ;■ ::? -'■ ;r..:cicnal and Vocatiiii.":! 


Standaraa (ouata. 1939, ch, SO?, p. 2%G, Approvad July 1?, 
19391 ±n effect Sept, 19, 1939). 

Division of Praventive r^enical Services 

lag Divisicr. or PreventiTs lledlcnl Service? includeo seven bure-^ue 
ylva n mental health consultant ^-/hcse vork incliidos the plcrjiiriG and devel- 
op-o^ct of a r.cntal h«ilth ':ro:-r£ri v.lthin the hcrdth department, (Stats. 
1-9^5, ch. 971, p. i.:DV. Approvca June 23, 1945] in effect Sopt. 15, 1%^.) 
1, BureGV'. of Adrlt Health 

Industrial Vj-F±f^r\o Service 

1937 The Industrial Hygiene Service v.'as established in th.e Divi- 
sion of Ad~inistraticn /or th-s purpose of studying, evalua- 
ting, and correcting environnsntal conditicns which affect 
tho :;cr.lth cf induntricil v.'orker^. 

Calilornia. bO'>2rf;ient cx r-uDi^c .lealth, Ihirty-fifth Bien- 
nial Hsrort, 1935-1933, ?. 2L1. 

lo') r-n T^-,-),-«5fri^i '^-'■"isia Str.rvica vrzs nade a ouroau cf Induj- 

trial Hctath and its oervices expanded to include industrial 

■nursin^ corrultation service and educaticnal and inforjition- 

al <ic L J- -1 -- . ^- ■'■ ■•■ • 

C;-.iifcrnia, ? x-r:ri:^tc:-^l cf : ub^iu . r./-:- - •'- "i 

X- . . - ■/ ' ^ -:-■-: r> 105 


Adult Healtli 

,..3D^rti3«ai ex Public health waa r^JorA'-nxii^cl in iV4;, 
. ^.^.■, .j,*j.ial Health \:^o charrci to tho ^ursau of 

Galifci-ia. Departr.ent cf FubUc Health, Tnirtv-eichtn Re- 

\ \ 

2, Bureau cif Hospitals 

P^arcrVi of Hospital Inswction 

lv45 T'n i or liOGpit:.! luspucticn was cr^Htotl wioi:a.n 

ths Division of Adiinistration to czirrj out tho pTOvi- 
fiiona of t'ls 19iv Hospit^l Act. Tha Advisory iioapital 
. , .iut was s-opointcd by tho Covoraor t,o asai^ti the l)e- 
partntgnt of T^iblic health in fomuiatin.s: tho adrlnis- 
tratixi-Q procedi::re. The bureaa was pi^ccb in the Divi- 
n-'.'^n of P-o-'-^or.tivc >'c.dio3.1 ^arvicjs tr.e littor r. irt of 

Stats. 1945i c'h. U13, p. 2ou7. Approved JuJ.y 17, 

'■'.'- in ei^i'cct ispt, li;., 1745. 

1947 The Bureau cf Hospital Inop-sction now licenses and i:\- 
s'r^eotr- facilities for tLa care cf ;iiir«iic;-iDped pcrocno. 

- - . - 1 ' -^1^.0 7 -' - ■> -7 

1947; ia effect £ept, 19, 1947. 

; of post-. .'.:t.a.on. 

' '- r " 

-^1-vt _ 

rtr.t'?. - } } 

i ccna traction xcau.-;. 

D. ', . -roved Feb. 25, 1946 j 

1947 The lav of l/4i> "^-''f' repealed ac- «n c-nlar-^^nt c:* thi 
C.;'lif' "■' ^ '"^isoitcl r.-ar/?7 a^id Ccnatructicn Act was 

.. Sept. 19, J- • 

3arsau of Hospitals 

19 i+3 After tha Hospital oavrey was ccnductcd early in 1943, 
the Bureau of Hospital Insptscticn and the Bureau of 
nospitsl C'lrrer "ware nerf^gd into a rin^la Bureau of 


C^.lifomi?.. Dspsrtnent of Public H?^lth, R'3pcrt, 1947- 

LQ, p. 11. 

3, Dura an cf Public Health Ilursing 

I^ibli'i y'or.lth !iursin,3 SDrrico 

-;,:io7 '-'^'.^ ■i^'\'^lic '■^-'.T'f'h '''•M'T^i.^'' .'^""'^.•ic •; '"".s Gc^t un •'■•s r. eeparat© in t.V.a State Dop,-;rU'cr<t. •-1 i-\i>->iic ho;iit.'\ in Aurust 1937, 

-iiider thf? directim cf the chief of the Public He?.lth Kursing 

"orvic? vho h'id brK-»n r.rspointed as Chief Supsrvising Public 

. •■rl926. 

C?.lii'crr.ia, Department of P>.ibiic health, Thirt^-iiitu Eien- 
• - ---t, 1936-193=5, p. 247. 

!:-ireau cf ra^xxc H'^alth i^ursing 

i;:,^ lae Bureau cl Public Health Ivursing was astibiished by the 
..... -± ji t_t;e Divisr'cn of Proventive 

v,<5dicai 3-irT'iCa3» ■ - 

■ ,",.^.,-! .- . cf Pcblic i^salth, TuiYuf-el 

vursan oi' ;'nt3mal . • 
T/i -'r^cu of rr^V^^*'^ 

i- .t. * .*_ w -*- -^ • • 

cf the depariT^ieritr, this bui:au v.:; .p_. ^2.. i.-i 

rf PrevenUTe heaical Ssrvicos. Under r»^u cf .laUiw 

nal :::A Child i ■' 1th is lorntcd tho Cricolei Children's Ser- 


el ?r;d Cl-ild Kcalth vas forra^rlr in the 
■'■•-, •^'-'> r<^'^'"'aT'ii'_'?ition 


a. Cri:)pled Childran's Service 

1936 Ths Crippled Childran's Service was in the Di"icion 

of Aaminiatration. Tt^ginning in 1936 a state register 
of physicallT handicapped children was established in 
the service, 
19i+5 The reorganisation of the dep-art-risnt placed the Crippled 
Children's cer^rice under the Bureau of I-Iatcrnal and 
Child Health, 
$. BurQ3.u of rdse^sQ Control 

The Eureau of Disease Control is coinposed of fear sorviceot Tubor- 
culosis, Venereal Disesse, Acute Cc-.-uri;unicable Diciease, and Chronic 

a« Tubercuicsis Service 
Bureau of ruberculosis 
.17 '•.'<. yiviiw of "faberculoEis vras under the Division of 

U'- .nnrdcablr: Diseases* 
Tuberculosis Service 
19L5 The Tuberculosis Service was placed under the Ijuroau 

^;.-^.^ C-.'. v^-- ■' '"' ~h"! ■^^'^\-^- ■■'■'^ ,t \-r:3 rccr':^ni2«id» 
■ .^rculoois Servico is p;-,..:.:r._y ^;3.:cornt; 

;., of a control prorri^ for tho craaicaticn 

., 22CC. • ..•-.....^. .-.- , 
. , -^ --^y» 

b. Tonercal Disease ^,a-/i.C!^ 
■ Areau cf Venereal ijiiea&6s 

1937 .;:e lur«an of Venereci Disease- v;-5 established in the 
n,p.ij.t:n.'nr r-" o.;Mic K^alth, Fnbruarjr 1, 1937. The 

I 1 

bureau runctionad to prav^^nt, ccntrol, and cure vener- 

caI diseases in tha stat^. 

Stat3. 1937, ch. 'il'h ^. 224ii. Approve.^ JV1I7 1, 1937; 
in orfect Aag. 27, 19J7. 

Venereal Div"'"'^ '-larvici 

19.'{-5 Tho Bur-t.u ci' Venereal Diacasoo vas changed to tno 

Vsnei^-il Disoase Servioa and placc-d uridsr the Bureau of 

ri?ei:;3 Control. 
194? The Venereal Disease I,ftvs wore codified into the Health 

a",i Safety Code. 

StatD. 1947, ch. 765, o, ie3S. Ap^rovod June U, 19A.7; 
in effect Sept. 19, 1947. 

c. Acuts Cori'Tinicabls Discitso Serrico 

1 47 Tho Acute Ccrrraniciblc Diso^sa Cer-.-lce rs^pliiGol the F"Ji- 

-'■:! of Lpidenioic-ny. 

1946 The Durc-au of Chronic riccaoes vis 03tablii:hed in Ylo-^ 

\ -icar 1946 iVf ths pritiary F^irrore cf c^ntrclllr.^ cancer. 
Chrciiic Disease Serv^ico 

, ricoe"? Scr/ice rJ53 placed in the Bureau 0/ 

5. ;:ureau of Dsnt^ii hciith 

i;43 ?I:c capartwsnt tst.ftblished the Bureau cf Dantal health under 
P,^,,j„:..r, -t" :'.iccl Cervices (I'ircrt to tho 

;ri;or'3 Council, p. ^. ^u-uj 1/4. >). 
1949 ?ha burer.u a;g.v rbol 7 Ljric^Utive action. Seo p?f:4J U 

Tor tr.o Divlciori of Dental Health. 

I'ivi.iiori of Environ:r:?ntal Sanitation 

The Division oi' rnvlrcn'nental Sanitation is coiapcsod of threo bureaxio: 
Food and Drag Inapsctions, Sanitaiy Engineering, end V.'.ctor Control. 

1. oureau of Food end Drug Inspections 

19'fi? The Btiresu of Food and Drug Inspectiona absorbed the old 

Eursau of Cannery Inspection. 
a. Cannery T'^^j^-^cition Section 

The clu bureau of Cannsry Inspection wae closely allied with 
the Bureau of Food and Drug Inspections, For a tine the tvio 
bureau- rp*rated under one chief. At present the cjinnorj in- 
sTxsction rcrrice is a section under the Bui^eau of Foci and 
Drug Inspections. 
C.-iTmery Inswctirin ?50??rd 

Ths i:iuCvo-j.^-i vioi'^i oi ol.o Department of Public Health in th'3 can- 
rdng field is don© with the ccunssi of tha Cr^nnery Ir.specticn 
P-oari, The boaixi vas estttblished bj law in 1933 * 

2, Bureau c.-C r'--\'t'\r-r T^nr-inGerin? 

19iv5 1.13 2-^)orr;a:Tii2iticn ci Ine aoparoKeau placed tha^Bureau of 
Sinitai:^ Lngineeilng in tho Division of En'vironirontal SarJ.- 

j. Bureau ci V.-o-cor ^:;riv.rci 
f 1947 Th3 Bureau cf Vector Centrcl tcck crar thy duties of the old 

f ^urtsau of Sanit-r: Ins'-^ction. Thg jurrau of Vector Control 

is. divided into tvo £»cnrnr<} "o-s^-tito CcntrOl Section and 
■■ :3nt Control Section. 

<;. "Kosqaito Control Emotion 

The .:oG:iaito Control Sectioa cnr.ducts studies, prcvid'.o ccnsai- 

taticn cerrlc^n, and ciirrics cut cc'civitles ici •, ;-.e cc:-^.r'>i- of 
the nosaTiitosfl vhich cari^,' aalaria end enc9rn?.liti8 , 
b. Rodent Control o'3ction 

■^..iy ;.;v;;,xun x'j j-^i..^r±^j ccv-ceraoci \;ith rfjsearch fs^ct-rincling 
zmrrajB and activities r^^rtaining to tho control nf rod:^nto 
vrhich my be infested v/ith the v»3Ctor8 of pla^urs, tultiremia, 
and tyr-hus ie'irei*. 

DLvisicn of Libcratoriss 

T.o ixvisi-:L >^- L>^uora^ories ccntsins four Itrbcratorieaj Bacteriologi- 
r-1 and S^^rolcricfil . " I end Drug, t^ater. end Sewage, and vii-:^l aad lickett- 
.?:.%1 I-ieeCL;-3. Tuel6.v req-oires that all clirdcal and public V.aalth l-tor- 
- ,^^, •„. ,■-,, .-.^.Hr-ir.-. r^t.o-^r., J^V, ch. ?C/i, n. 2276. Ap- 

pr:;— .d "ul-/ 1, l'?/.?J in ofxect Aug. 2?, 1937.) 

1, ?,act^?riolC:-ical :s^\d Derclcglcal Labor&tcr/ 

";■ 'Wavi ^^.'i.'- 

.-,, ^ <;^^..,-,_^f, ■T,'".';^0i'?'-tOl*7 

.',. Yli.^i 

xri ic:;iuai',/ -i-7^.j. 

-risicn of Icoai 


B^ireriti of L^cai 

,- T^«.,T ^--^alth S-^fir.^ v^^ estahlisnca in who Dcoart- 

rf Cc'intT 
.; ' f.:lic ' 

in 1/';. 

HsalCi Vfork. For a tinn t:.i3 cc^riy ha,,: 
g.nnral ^idralnlstr-xtion of th« den^rtnent. 

au wuc; c - .:i:^^i vita tho 



L(iTi.-:ior ^^ 'i'.'Dcal Health Service 

19f;> Ttii; Lureaa cf Local Health Gor-zica vas aade a Division of Local 

Health Eorviee. Its najor fuTiCticns are to vork for tho aainten- 

•; V-— -.^r", cf c;d.stin,-, Iccal h?; (le?ir;.rtn<jnts f.nd to 

aasi'st in estfiblialiing local h'j'ilth nnits in --irecis cf the stats 
wh^re th;37 do not exist. Attached to tli& division 13 the offico 
vi' C ;'-ant in Public 'T--iriln-3 ^nd Adrdnistraticn, 

Divicion of rental Health 

w49 £.7 ^'."3 f^-ans Legislative action the Bureau of Dental Health in 
the Divinion cf PrcTcntire I':dical Soriiccn vas abolished and 
cue Div-xsicn of Denial Health vas estaolichcd. Tha division has 
pjA-or and auVaoritj to: Initiate and doviilop educational activi- 
ties docigncd to protect and inprove tho dijntal health of the 
pccple cf th9 states initiate and develc-? research prograns in 
Gervice aria prevention C'^sifrcid co nrnuv^cr. and improve the dontai 
heivlth Ox tha people cf ths state j corrsiats che work of the 
di'»rLtic:i in hoalth procedures, re?e?rchj and 'ui'^inifltrrtion in 
^Lu d;;:.-^i . ■■■■ ■ ^d v/it,h cfficial ....u uoaofficiiil agorciea and 
educaticnai institutions. 
StatJ.-. 1?^9, ch, 710. AtjproT^d b;- Gcvomor J^j^t.q In, .1949. 



r rr;>.\T.?7. -T-^T nv P^JTST.rn '"C" 

I 1 

orga:]iza?io"al cv^x^: of iim depai-tisitt of puslic vorks 

A3 organized Jiine 1949 


1, Architectur"'.! d^sirn Section 

2, Ai-cnitsctural Dra.ftin,2: Section 

3, Clerical raid •"'erscniiei lieccrds Section 

4, Ccnstructicn Section 

5, Contract Architect Gcntact Section 

6, Ccntracts and Specificaticr:'--^ .' -rition 

7, Estinatinr-: Section 

S, Hainienance Survey and Repair Section 

9, Hecnaniccl and Eiectricai Lnc^inosrir.p; Section 

10. Schoolriouse 3ect,ion 

11. Stn-iCtural T^ngineering Section 


n, AdrAinictrstion 

3 . Plc-iixirv,:? 

Z,. Bria^:Cfj 

5-. Personnel nnd Contractors Frequallfication 

6, mdit cr l-'aj 

niTisic:; or v^. 


D?PART:T;!'n of PUTsLIG vorks 

Th3 D>^T-„«irt:r;£int of Public "'-'orks is iLnaer the direction of the Director 
of !\;b3-.ic '--is vrho is e^poirited by ?.nd holds office at tho picas-ure of the 
-•■'--rnor, T'*-.- - 'vr-,-j-r^.-r^«.4- w^j^g been in exir.te.nce since. 1921 (ch. 607). 

At ths prsivat tine tnerc fire five divisions i.HtM.n tho ds-?irtrxnt; 
the BiTisicn of HiAhwajs, Dirlsion of l-'ater Heacurcns, and Di-rlsion cf Archi- 
tect '.in^.- ■>>■.'■ jc"''. "• ■T-=. created by statxite; "ni thg Division of Ccn^racts f.rd 
Icigntu of ;.uy, iru'id the Division of San Francisco Bs-y Toxi Crcjoings, v;:ioh 
wora cr-3vat€ci by eijec^itive order. In 19irP the DiYision. of '-orts was ^boii^he^ 
^..1 4.L„ „, -^ f v.-^-.=^:'or^-*---d t^ ^■'''^ 'j-'^'-n- r-'-/ ,' t-'^r.firs fcr V.'a-Z" 

boldt Bay (Sidto. Ivi^, ea# i79)» 

An :ict of 17/.6 (l^t Lx. Ssss., ch, 20 J.r:d ch. U5) cstablishod the 
Stato F^iic i-orks licard ccnsisting cf the Director cf Fi-::nce, the Direc- 
tor of Public Vcrkn, end the Reai Sstate GosiZiissioner, i^r tr^ p^jrposa of 
^^^,,^^^r^ xmQ'^-'i.c.yTnent througn allocating appro prir.i::ici^ to the counties 
ici- c.....o..^u.^... ... public wcrkr. Tha State Riblic Torks Board was rcdesig- 

+ C! the State Allocation Board, and the Su?erintcr.aeiro of Fvblic Irtstr^c- 

Kstat9 Gc:a!rissiGncr as ths ohird ^3:..bor cf the board 

■^ **rt^^ 

,T -*. r>j 


I-- 19/.3 th;. :,ater Code iras en^^otod, -a^r ^;^c-i U:o Division of vator 
-. -uroc>o ot>eratos. For d^t^iled lnforr::^tion on tho Vater Eeecurces Bear 

, J - • - r. . .-. 'r.; i:.,' T .n.-T-tr:5nt 

of ilii;hvj^.ys opcraiiGS under tao ^i-ree^r.. ^ - .. 

, „ „^„*- nf^ris Vr-r + hr- I'olaticnohip of vne 

, .„,,,;,„,;,-- to tna department, sen Divioion cf Highvays, 

p. 7. Tho cedes iHontionod shea's shoijld bo ccns'oltcd for tho latest legal 
pAovisiona uizvlcr vhica on^ jj.-? rA;r baeni. oi ?i.-olic I'.'orka and its diviaicns 

The L'iTCzc'c.txca.1 Cc:23!iBsi!;n %-^s.s attached to the dopartocnt froa 1939 
until its aboliti-n in 1947 -^z* "ths purpose cf reprasatitation on tho Cover-- 
nor'c Council only (Stats. 193?, ch. 23?. Approved Hay 2$, 1939j in effect 
Sept. 19, 193?). 

i^ivisicn of Architecture 

"hs Tji'fiaicn cf Architecture has bsen in ccr.tinuoun oporation tin 


its ors-iiii^atipn in 1921. The chiof of the division is kriovm as the State 

Architect. At present there ara oleTcri sectior.3 in this divisicn. 

1. Architectural Design Ssction 
ArchJLtectural Socticn 

1945 The cecticn was for-.-5rl7 called Architectural Section. 

2. Architectural Draft iiir: Section 

1945 The Architectural Drafting Section existed Irc-a 1921 until 
1925 vfithin the Architectural Bureau and thereafter consti- 
tuted a unit cf the Architectural Secticn until 1945* when 
it vr£3 ir.2de e. separate section. 

3. Clerical and Fcraonnel Eeocrds Section 
Acco".nting Section 

1947 The n^v.e cf the Clerical and Personnel Recoris Section was 
clianged briefly in 194? to Aocountin.3 Gooticn and then re- 
de::!;.-, .^od Cleric- - r-crscnnel Records Section. 

4. Canstracticu w;c'Liori 

■; Ccnctractica Section has been operciting in the departnent 
«■?.>..« 1021, 

. '^. .-Li-Iiitscb Contact Secticn 
:...49 The Coairact Architsct Cc.r-r.ct i,ection was cr^^jniv. - ^u ^,^, 
to coordintxto tho activities of contract arciiitects whose 
o.ppoii.L:..^nt v/.>j .^cie necessary durin- tho period of Postwar 
Ccnstruoticn ri'Cjr-.-a. 

\ i 

6. Ccntracta and Srtcclficaticns Section 
C^aLr.iuLi:, .... -^.xc..;.^v.a^. ^■.:.^ istlr.iating ;'<ccticn 

1946 The nciuii5 oi' this section was changtd Irca Contracts, Specif i- 
caticr.s 2^nd Estir^tirg Secticn to Ccntracts and Specifications 

7. H3ti:na.ting Section 

'^\;r- . ._, .„^. ■ Section v/aa rcinf2rly a part o*" i:;w Cuutract, Speci- 
fications and I-Eti:iiatir:g £vctionj in 1^34 it was msdo a separate 

.0, ILdntenancs Sui-^ey and Repair Section 

vr. • ::cnaritjc Sni-zcr and Repair Section vr.s crganiaed in 

:os ciu^i-3 a->3 to cper&t3 a cor.tin:anc r-n-cT en such 
- - - >--no3 snd rep-ir cf st-ts b-nldinrrD ss ii'j bs rc':-:dr€d 
. :.rt anv work tliat uaj- be nstsded to im Ocnotruction 

V. ..iniC'ai and Electrical l^iginseririg S^ctxcu 

-.icrl, l^lectric^l end Civil Encineerins Section 

^_,,_-!-^ -o^/n p-: ''ic^l. ^ectrical and 

.■ .^.. --,.^--1 r ''■^' " *"'*'il 

.ee-in? Unit, the sanitarr and hydri-njac ^nKXiit^ei-lr^ij 
. ,. ,Ja cf Architecture. 

10. OchoolJiowse Ssyt-Lon 

r^Ablic S.hc.l L.ildin^.Ccnatructicn Saperviaicn Section 

,,-, , 1 Tublic School 

1^:.,: Scficolhcuse . ' '--- 

-uiiGing Cons^racL^ ..^- ■> . - - - 

, . , - ,cu xhlcn bscaiaa 

tion ac.:i-riist,er3 Tno t^JL-i. 

1 «^f-ipi« '-i ci" tao Fducatifin Code on 
riv^sirn 9,. Ct^aptor 3, Article ;j oj. »" 

Au/iust 4, 19h3« 


11. Ebmctural Enginaaring S-n-ction 

IfiS vjLrJCi.ur-,'1 " .' .uieerxi •■ - ••:;lfn v,'-:? osr.ablished in its present 

form since i^l, 
12 • Stenographic Cscfcioii 

1940 The Stnno,c;ra-»hic Ssction vr?.?. crj-anizcd in 1?:;.0 to contraliso 

194/ lu I'M? thia section ^-as redesignated Oxfice Activities and 
3bcr'lv vheroafter \ ..^ ■-._s continued as a ssp.irato sectionj 
vt .lie activities again bsir.;.- perforiied by each sec- 

tion, supervision cf sto^iographero and steno- 

.;; ^rc-^-Hr i;:-! . >.-:vev9r, r^nains Testej. in the saci-etar^ 
t.C3 the '^^n.te Archit^c'- . ■ ii^ chsr-"?'! -with Ji".king E-ssi^n- 
:. .;un.. e.r sto'iiographlc iielp to th« operating ssct.icna, 

ri-'-rieim nf Ccntr'-Cts and F-irhtp of Vsj 

,..2 Divisica of C ?:i?,ht3 of Vaj v^s cres-ted fc^ Txcciti^'^ 

C—?-" i'-- 1^:^,'. '•■'^ ^-''•■^ i"---l civi?--!--:! cf ths ds'-':^rt---'-t , rt-T^-eririr Ic;--;! 

earicf? to the depfertcsnt, ccordir.atin.:; the iDreEsntr'.ti-n ci dtip^^ri-.^ntaj. 
r. tors to the ^' lur©, snd i?'!ndl!, — t 

i,i2^i^n3 crnbr"-r.n, fl'f.-3, ii:i:-nci:ii afffdra, 
coilooliorijs, tci^ ■, ccv -•■:-.'- ^ -" -^- -L.c 

Utilities Ccvn::d?5i'n, un-l tbe feisral rovomnien- , if5 under 

f - ''',^-vntir:a cf ^ c::i-f. 

Division oi' Hi{jh'A'2.T3 \/ 

^ . Divisi' - '-■■'■ ''^= ^' - •" ch'^crsred ccvc'lcp:i;3nc, a^aiaiy bo- 


sey h'^rt, Califo rrda S t aia C- cverrjnent ^ v, 1 (l/^G), p, 225), Th* T/v^tIg- 
ttirs passed the ColliGr-D-arr.s Highway Act cf 19'V7, vliich revanped tho 
J.nancial Etnicture providing ior ths construction and r?.alntenanco of piblic 
atTtijta Slid highway-a. To ••.eet thn r-reatly expanded state highwav wo.nran 
under th3 194? act, tho Division cX High's.'ays vas rscrs'.nized in Aur-ast 1947. 

Th3 chief of the divisicr. is the State High^fcy Engineer. Th3 present 
org?.niaatioa of th3 ho^.dquarter^ st^.ff of the divisicn incl^ides a dopraty 
Etito hirh\n.y cn-inser 'ind ij^r^ :.^:-isttint state hir^b^rray engineer? ' '^'^ ■■:cer- 
cl?3 ?.uthorit7 f-v^^r -t-he fiT© f'anctions cfr cr^or^.ticnt- j -d-isinistraticn; 
rjip,^jiin<7;' brid'-Tt ?-d »Tersc>rrel natters, service p.r^Tep.m^.nts , and rir?c;el- 
lanecijs f:-ct^^. J. v^.'i^ other saior activit- of this r'i---^on r.s r:.:-nt of 
viy under tha Chief Tiight of Tvay Agent. Two of th? oie^on st,atc hi^-.c-y 
.5! ,..:,: „ .>_,r,., -,!,' 0- ^- ti;0 suDQrTisicn cf £;;3i3uant st^to hignvs-y on- 

£lna^r3j n-^:>oxy, U:^orxco x', , which includ-^^ t,hn m^trorolit^B ^rea arcund 
San Fran'^iBcc ^^y, and District VII; which incluaes t,he I-s A^iz^les 

"""litr.n sroc* 

^ nnlifarrr ;, >nr-v-rT Ccr-nlisicn is a statntory body of seven neribera 

Cp j^^.^it<^i* "J - • ■ ■ ' ' 

:•.- :c-cor of Pablic Vc-rks is ex tuxiei.u .^«-oor .^ .^-.. .--... 

sion (St£.t3. 194% cb. 221, p. 1123. ATDprcved Aoril 24, 1943i i:^ offset 

A- ■. ', 1943). 

...^ .,, ,,3^^^. _ ; ^^r:,red by la^ ^th definite dutlee and rcsp-nsi- 

.., .. , . ....•p. .-o- .-. .- --^-^* allcc^iion . - -^, dcclaraticn of 

, .. , rV.ih-ioria for coiiacu::iatiOA of ri/;i;i3 of 

rc'.il-^s r > freeways, adoption -.- .-.t^-iuox-/a3 ;.'.i- ^ 

Director cr Public Vert, to cxeouc. dee.s ..d to oon„c. -• Under 

m -,k«rfav ^ri■ nP ''O'? .?ripror?l cf each 

county' r. i-^lt-!.r.l ry-tsn of ?rji-ry ro--3 vas -ue ^ 

Conmission. Approval of mibsequent changes c.f each ccuntv'P evritcn of pri- 
narj'- roads and othsr ir:a.lntaln2d mileage is by tr.e jepartiient cf Public 
L'or'^s, ijubject io ri^^h^ of appeal to Vrs. Caliicmia Higlrway Ccaaission, 

lOr the current- iegcJ. provisions unuer which tha division of liighvraya 
"1 f:.:: Calif orrda Highway Coi-i-aissicn operate, the iLtest Streets ani liigh- 
" i,/S Code should be consulted, 
1. Opei^ations 

r/47 rht! rtor-'-A u Zc-ol en cT trn T:iv::.Jcr\ cf Ki;^hravy in 194-7 con- 
soi?Laa-c©a '.:j:.ieT too nrvdy cre£.t,ea Cperdticns t-ia fcrK.?.r 
separsxQ functions of construction, maintenarico, equipirent, 
:-nd sateriala and rcDearch. 

-smctioa I;cpartiicnt 

Tha Gonstructicn liepartsient was organisoa under the 
Divlcdon of hXgUrz^s in 1923. In 19A7 the Conntructicn 
Bepartii^nt- was nade a IXinoticn cf Oporaticns, 

_c;i:~.:iv;o ii3p;;.i o-^-i- ^-j organlaed early in 19^3 
;fork of the California a' ' • " ' ^icn wris 
j.,..,^j.^j,_jg_.-;5^ into definite dopartnionos, lii i5V/ t-he dc- 
.:nt bscaas a function of Operaticjis. 
:'-.ite rials and Research 

niterlcls and . -. rch Eepa-tr^nt 

The !-raterial3 and Research Dcpartnent va3 orr^^niscd in 
192C5. In 1947 ths dspartxsnt bacasa a luncticn of 


Th3 Eq-oipsieRt Department was organised in 1923, In 
19.V7 it bscame a fuiiction of Ororatiom, 
2, Adaiinistraticn 

19-'4.7 Ad.iiniatraticn was crsijitoci as a separate f^jr.^tior in ths 

clYlsicn vfhsn the rsorgania&tion took plaee in 1947, Adnin- 
ictr£.tlcn ccrers the functions cT th-' Office rngir.ecr, 
--■:."ty aiv.i cciinty ccoperatlTs projectr, cir.7 aid city co- 
cpyrativs prcjscts, and dcpartasntal stores. 
Oiiice E!i£;ineer 

19-V7 The Office EnginQs;" bocaiie a part of Aclniixiistrsticri in 
1947 • . Ta^ Cffics Digineer Euporvis^a encinoerins bud- 
get control ? spoeificaticnsj plcn reviev.'; f-jderal aid] 
ri""i- '■•f Xi3.j engineering, rcpc2-t pr\-;poiraticn; prGOUdli- 
i'icaticrs of contr-actors; advert icing cf pro^^^''^tiv•5 r."d 
p.:-c-:u.;i.:i5 ci contrs-iats; v-to^tgs'S and final estimates! 

._ ..._.i,.-;.ions fcr awai-a c.uu accaL^:,ania,- 

Gcvjitj &."id Gcopsrativs Pro.jiic-;.^ 

CTJ^ty - stirs Prc-^octa Dopartia^nt 

C'^c"-or''ti'VS' ?r'" 1"'.;t?^ ■ . .jnt was 

';r _.^2Ci i-i ^'^.vj j->^;v -^-^- '• -^ ,-.i': .-u . '-Ldnistorins 
tha iUTids prcridsd by the County Hishw&y Axd Ant for 
co-nty reads, and funds . C-ilifpmia fron 

::.-jr£il Aid laAh-v/a;.' Act of 1944 for ^lae on tb.c 
f 'dnrsl ?iid e^cond^ry roe.d rys-. ^m. 


V;\1 Thir> department was nade a function of Adainlotration 

- j.i). ■ S-j s, / * 

Citj arj:i Coopsrsitiv* Projects 

Citj S.V.1 Cccpsrative ?rc^-.3Cts Dop-rt/^cat 

Vjhl The Cit'T and Cooperative Pro i- eta Dor.artnant was 

ct^-.ea ia 1933 to supcrvice exrjeuditxir'D oi' the cr.o- 
n.c.r'.sr c»?nt of the gasoline tcoc allccatod to citios 
by the Act oi' 1933 (Stats. 1933, ch. 76?). In IvA? 
this departiient w-.3 :r,ade a i'-mcticn ol' A-irAlnistratica. 

Hi£hvaj^ G t c re n 

I?/'.? Klrhvaj Stores ■war. organised and made a functiou of 

. -:atr--'.tiGn in 19V/ to '^--r-^adlte ths purchase and 

■;:3tributicn of nat^rialB :-r --—:-'-- lor ths Livi- 

3 , Plra-miR-g 

'■ "'-7 Uider Plorsii:::.; are px.n;ov^ the functions or trcirfic, <iesign, 
-wiie M£liw57 plamiin- survey, '^nd the st^.te hichway 

-, - _ i - ■■ . - --> 1- ^ •• " — r-^ 

-X.!.,/ C t-J. i. -i. ^ •■ 

.,j...,^^*- .-.-od tfi 'iety Dauarwi.-.ii. in -V, 

,...,, . ...^ •:--- cr-r^tnd to hsndlo tho oroblt^sis c£ fcraific 

....■,..., <v, -ir,i,7 r.-ri.-. t'-il5 d:;'^-.r^""^nt 
a frc:=ticn of Panning nnder the direct s^p3rvi3irn c. t,.> . 
.. ...:... _.-lnoor. 


D^-oarLiKtnt oi Sui-veya i-nu i'ians 

Tho Ccparte^nt of Surveys ari Puv.3 was created in 1923, 
T:V3 recr^iani-z.aticri of the Dcpart.-oat, of Public I'^rks in 1947 
pl::c;d this fimotion urider Planning snd chanred its desifT.a- 
tion to design. 

^tats-w/icc ;'i.:.irv(ay Plc,nni;v2 i>urvey 

'Planr.iing &\xrr-3j vras previoualj a r.incticn. of tbc }"cinter.ance 
DepartKsnt tbtit, becaT^e a part of th'? Trciffic and Sc^fetr De- 
„._f. -.,... ,4, ,„ ""^fch 1, I9/4A. ■""■ ^- :-ior£:cni7aticn in 1947 rirs^e 
*' '"As i''-Lnction a part cf Plarining, 

Hi.f^hvfsj B^.tdfrst, 

Pr•?>r^^r■,'"t.;lor^ of t^e hi?b:5«"7 budget "vfas i'or~crl7 a functicn of 
t^-^ ■'■:■■■: 'vcsium, a: Survnyg ana idans* On Zzrch 1, 1944, bud- 
^ ;; ^ . oicn wcs assigtisd to tne Departii3.1t of Traffic 

:vd c&fetr. Tb3 rocr^anis'iticn ir. 1947 n;d5 budget preijara- 
tion a .C'jiiciion ox Plannin??. 


Or.'-nnised in K*?"^, ?rid?-e9 at nrosent includes ths functicnc of 

i.^i'uc-^urii L.tij.o.i, u^-i>.^i_c.v-.-.. :v-cial studies ana invebti^ition, 

.,_j *v,. h-«i-~-o o*'f-»C2. l!i r?4'^ ntonance ana operation of 
:'i'-; Fro-'-c^ .,;:lar;d Bav Bridq-G v^ap transferred to Vridr.^s, 

:" '-;. ;■ ^j. Ccntr3Ct.or3 rrs-iuai.-.:.:. :--^-.-!.t-] 

-^rsonncl f'anctions nro uivdcr th^ uirecticn rf an assistant 

-Late hirhv-iv cnri-:cr v^-^ is in ch:ir^e cf -ra-::alificnticn3, 63r- 

,., ^-,. -. ,,: , ard tu-' "!-•'■"—- ""d Plants, 
vice a£riic-.o:ii.o, >(*^jy .-^---io ---■_ — ; ^"—^ 

6. Right of \:aj 

Tho furiCtiono cf right of uay vera centralized in tlie Divicicn of 
Kighifaya in 1941. The right-of-way activities include: appraisal 
cf ths fcir r.urket valuo cf ^11 pre parties requirsd fcr state 
high'My ccnstructicnj nsgotiating for ^cq-iisitionj preparing all 
ix'for;:istion necessary fcr the iJivi&ion of Ccntracts ar.d Eighta of 
V.>y; procseding with ccnde:nnationj managing state properties before 
utilization for h-' \hwaye arid clearing L-riproveaients by sale, moving, 
contracts, or ceJiiciition, 

Tiio ri^it-of-vay funcxions irs unisr tha dii-^ction of tho 
stats ru-ghvay engineer and are stipe rris 3d by the cliief right of 
way a,-^!it. A. diatrict right of way ag.3nt in each cf tho eleven 
districts under the direction of tho district en^^inasr is subject 
to headquarters office suparvision. fv^o assistaiit chief rign:, of 
vray agents are xa ths field— one supervising >;crk in the northern 
part of th5 t . t^d the char in t:ie 3cu.-ic:vi part cf tho stats. 
In addition, this group acts as the negot-iating aj^ent fcr the 
■ - ^t-'-n of r-r-r-.T-irtles for ths Pablxc "-.orka Beard. 

7 . Accouiioing 

TV. 3 r;c count! originated in ivli. I 

,,,„ . -r. tne c^jrposo of auditing tha transac- 

M->- -■ -ue ui3ir^^- -'- -'^? office^ ■ '■■' ^^ ^^ 

prove~ent3 and eccncBdos in tha.&caountini, .;ycc-::i f- :v, 
„,,,^ f;in'2ticn is unier tho direction ^f th^ controller. to ..ta .i ...-: L=gi=l^turc (Stats. 192>, ch. 762-76J, and 
1"., V-,o. .,. 399-.40i) tha CaUfornia Tell Pridse Authority and 


the Br-p-irtnent of Pablic 'orks ',^"er.-3 authorized to do all thincs 
necouaary ijo r^'^pare pianG, iinance, .<un:i construct toll bi^;.'v-.'ci7 
crossings over the ^-'fters of the stste, includinjy a crcsoir.5 froa 
Li;e city oi San Fraiicisco to the county ci' Al'i:::eda, 

:■ . r- th^ 'r'rrrr::o of building th:=s San t-'rsncisco-Cakl&nd i:.'i'/ 
5ri'i2'3, an enraneoring organisation vma fomod vrithin the Lw--:rt- 
:nonw oi Public Worko and under the C0F.ni2'^rice of the director. 
Op'-Jration ^.nd naintGnancs of ths ccm-Dlet-ad Bay structure, snd r.leo 
tho Carquinsa Bridirgi, -are directed bv ?.n "^nj^ineer, who rot>Drts to 
tha sbata highway sngineer through tlis haad'iuartsi-s bridge enfinear, 

Division of '•'ater H^ sources ..-^- 

' Ithin the Bi^'iuicn cf Vator Resctircsg &.Te cyntsrad the activities of 
ccnsorv^ition, ooTura, ^i.d utilination of viator. TVie divi.8ioa is headod by 
the State Engineer, as chief of the di^sion. In additicn to hia ot^-r du- 
zte3 Chi, i5^^to .-nr':.near serves on the California Tistricts Securities Cca- 
a:.i:3ioii, ^.:^ c^J.± vc.cerrcition Cc:nEissicn, and ^ho State Irrigation iioard. 
..^cutiw oiiicer of the ^^^.ter ?ro;1ect Au^n^r^i-y, ana engineer and 

■""^"oar*'' oi I'' "- 'V- •-; =^nt<^i ■■ * 

,,, _..^^, ^-.r. Ccdo va3 nnactad by the L'^-irlature, which 

ccnnoliauteu and revised tnc 1:^^:^ rsla-oi::.; 

,. , T^?o .u -?.'.^- r, -: -v 13, 19 V3 J in effect 

Stats. l-i?v3, ch, Jcj, p. - • „ >> 

Aug. 4.- 

Divisicn of 3aa i^vanciaco :;a7 ioil Crcssini-s 

- ^ r^,«^-ir-o« VI ov Toll f>c3''inrs vas crcat-ed by en 
The Division of San Francieco H"-/ io^j. (..ta-^iu.v^ 

- - -.v,p~ pr, ] 947, as a Bcr-irate division vdthin the De- 

.^. Live Cruer ' .1 L;:.:e.^j.~'^v «-.'> •j-7*+<> "- j^ 

Mrtaont of Paulio Fcrka. 


T};2 division shall be raspoasiblo for, an! shall hive chares of, all 
enginsaring vork and related activioiea o^' ■* ' r^ Tiepar^.-irnt of Public l-orks 
v'ith i^enpect to the raakin^ of studies and surveys, the preparation of plans, 
spesiiications, and estimates for, and th.3 conotruction of the additional 
t-'ll highway cr^^-^icvz^- -"'^ '"■"''' ^'rancisco Bay, their e.ppnrtenancos and ap- 
proaches as authorised by the Caiifcrn.ia Toll Bridge Authority on .Vovsmber 

10, 1?V7. 

'■"'i^ di'Viv'^ion Ib in c^'*"-'^ -f a chief, who is an er.Tineer, He is df^si--^- 
rateu as chief engineer for tha additicnal toll highway crossings of San 
FTancisco pay. Tns chief engineer reports to the Director of Public ^'ork3, 
£r-d tjsricrr.s the •:''i--'^*s nnd disc'-sp-'^-'fsfl th^e r-esio-nsibilitics assi^^-ed to him 
r-ubjeot to tm appr<5Tal ox ths Diractor cf 'ubiic Vcrks. 

.is diTicicn has no duty or responsibility vith rospact to the exiet- 
i:.;: San Francis co-Tr'^-l.^-nd ^^^v rridrc. 

rivioior of Fort, 3 

1945 Tha povery and catics cl xu-3 uivision of Forts were transferred 
to the I'arbor Corai' for Kunioldt Bt/ and z'uo diViOi.on 
y.'.%s ;r.bcli3hxl, 
£^a^3. i>^^..^- --^^ P* — - PProved hay 2, lyi.:.; in offcct 


T;;s division shall be rosponsiblc for, ani shall hsve charts of, all 
enf-^iriearing vovk and related activici^is ox the Deparoiisnt of Public l-'orks 
with respect to the raakin? of studies and surveys, the preparation of plans, 
spcciiicationo, and estiinateg for, and tha conotructiou of the additional 
toll lil^hvr'ay crO'rsiw^u of San Francisco 3:^7, their apjiurtenanccs and ap- 
proaches as authorized by the C-nlifcraia Toll Bridge Authority on ^'ovsinber 
10, 19V7. 

Ti\o divir-lc:"- li^ in char^-e c-f a chief, >:ho is an engineer. He is desig- 
nated ajj crdef erit'^insar for th's :i.dditic:nil toll highway crossings of San 
Frr.noisco ??ay. T-ia chief er.j.Lriser reports to the Dir-jctcr of Public -'orks, 
•■-:i T-^rioms tho duMes «.rid discharges tlie r-es^nsibilitics aGsir^r.ed to hin 
subject to tho approir?.! of ths Director cf ''ubiic Vorks, 

TI:iu Jivisicn h:i3 r.o dut-'- or responsibility vith respect to the exist- 
i.;„i; San Francii::co-C-'.'vi-i:.a povy Bridge. 

^ vioicr cf Porta 

I'iuy Thd povera and outios cf the Division of Forts were transferred 
to the T'arbor Cor.-dssioners for Kusioldt B^j snd uho division 

3. 1945, ch. .i.79, p. op3. i>.pproved i^ay ^, iy^!;; -i-^i oifoc& 


In the Noventer 1949 California election. Article XT! 
-, vias reuealed by TDassage of Prcnosition 2. The change to be 
r.jide in the Department of Social Welfare v.'ill not be v/ritten 
up for this sttidy until after action has been taken by the 
California Legislature in special session. 

Deceniber 21, 1949 

CF.;-i\p;i>3:iT of social mwhRz 



IJ!i!PAIl7I^:rr of SCOIAL irZLF^tE 
A3 orgajiizitd 19 4o 

. i. .-..i-Piau ui' Aid zo .'eocj Aged 

2. ::_iiau of Aid to Fseay Chiiircn 

3, Bur^^iU of Aiu lo Jeedy Biir.d 

1, ..-'.rio&u Ci boarding iioasa a.>'i a., ^ti tut ions 
io. ;.:,ireau ol Gl^llu Te'liMre Services 
J, .,arfcaU cX AdoptioiiS 

Dn'inicn OF AD:-'T::is??.\Tr.s% s::': -.■icss 

1, '^ • -•' "--^oarch and Stitistico 

r, , , -Itc rrc'..'j.::,;,!:iient. 

;, J '.n-^au c/i AU-ilnistrativs Accountiai^i 

' . rjureau of Audita 

DiViSiO^; OF CO^J ."ri AID rO IliDI&llI^r SaCK 

v.T^zzzc'A cr n^!i3G-;:"L a:id TnAi:ii::G 



111 1945 t^^2 Lesi3liiture nade the Social ;."olf era Board a policy and 
I'ul^-r.kL-ng hod-/ r^lhs:- ^■.- i an ad-lni£t--.ti?s board, as it had been, and 
placed the actual adsiinx&ur&tion of the State De?aru-.s:v:. of Social l^elfarc 
in the har:ds o: tho Director cf Social T.'olfara (ch. 1395, P. 259^)), 

:. . Social -^Ifore Bu-x- . . ;^3t^ of eeven !:ic=i:i)era appointed by the 
C-cvemor fcr t-r::3 of four jop.r'%, Tae !se:nber3 of the board are to be 
selected for th«ir interest pnci leadershirj in soci^-il \reUave actiTities 
;-Llhcut regard to ::clitic^l cv r^liglcTjs affiliations cr prof^ssicn cr 
occuDaticn. l^ach r^e..;:er receives ^600 p^r r;.onth in addition to Us actual 
and necessary traToling expenses, the director of the Bopartncnt cf Social 



The Dapartnant cf Sccial T'elfarc vas delerate'I tlie duties cf tha Eeliof 
CcTCEission and Eellef Ad.Tlnistr2.t0r in 1937 {oh, 2%, p. 531). It vas not 
until l>'i*l, hov.'evsr, that the State Relief Adrdnistraticri was abolished and 
its functions perforsisd bv the Stats Tepartmont cf Sceicl -elfar^ (3tste 
Dspartnont cf Social ^'alfare, tliennia P.eport, 19^X>.i:-i, p. 23; cee also 
S-it3. l?i.l, di. C73, p. 2!,5£ tmd eh. S79. p. 245o). Thits reepcnsibility 
entailed the op>^.ration of tbo Conacditj zaid Stanp Bictributicn prQ^ran, the 
VPA Sr^onsorship and Rei^rral ^to^tssss, and the CCG S-irollr-ent prcgr?^ until 
thQBQ prof.-.'rn3 wrsnt <^-it cf e-cx'-tonca beti^-een J^ne 1942 and July 19/*3. 

A V'elfaro ni\d Ir.Gtitatior.s Code vraa eso.-biif;r.^d in 1737 (ch. 3'^9, P. 
ir05. Approved Fay 25/ 1937 J in erXect i^a-jsdiately) . An fesisn-isent to the 
code in 1943 mde thn anrjoin.t-cnt of the Director of fecial r-lfars, v.-ho 
£;ince 1937 had beon an sppoin^c/5 of the Social '-slfar^ Board, an appointee 

of th^ f^ov«^rnor (ch, 279; ?• 119-^). 

Anoth<?r s^m-^r ^n n>« -^nsral :.d^ni at ration of ^rolfar? ks.3 brou?:ht 
abont in 194/^ with tho reorgani?:ition of th? aeparT.::-n;-al sj,^.i, -:-^ot tha 
■ —""^iiviti on pi -in, th3 di'dsions and bureaus vjere rsspcngibio for 
. . -.4. r .; ,T - .rir« -sj^,'— s'ls cn 3 local levol, 

The Divisi- r-i/i^- =---^ ^^^— -^^' i-opcnsioio ior :,;i5 ..uc... ^...0*..- 

,,_^^^ .s,_^.^o'^Vof i-n d^n:irtaont. 1v:o nov ad:d.rd3 trative positions vera 

ies), -l-^e ::-inuel' oHi-u ^i*=.i' a-^-^-^'-' >-— '.--^■'•i— ^-^ x-.^u..-uw. 
v-. pia:;wi -na^r z-y:i dcpu^j airo--ior. 

..,,^,,...,- ....^--3 in the o.±rJ.nistrution of £id to the a.^-jd and aid to 


th3 blind wa3 pr.-^.td d/ Prcpcsiticn Four, passsd &g &a initis.tiv^; seasui-o 
b7 the T>eopl9 llorc^utT '? , 194^ and callea ^he Old Ar.e Securitj ar.d Security 
for tho Blind L^w. Tais law pr-^vidcs that ths director oi: the State Dspart- 
:..snt 01 u^c:..^x ,yx^^r=i is tj ha an elective oixicer instead of ao-:,intive, 
>dth an -.nnual s?tlarv of fa2,C{>D. Ths law spGCififis that IIr-3, Il^'-rtio Vll- 
lir.-?.- is the fir."t dir-ictor. A now board or cc:r.''-ittec of seven ciembera is 
10 he appcintou -./ the director, vhose sal'-^rj is fi:ccd cv the L-.'^islature. 
•:h3 od'Jir.iEtr3ticr. of tho sjsteri of aid to a^ed and blind p-^T^-onts is 
r.^.n::^vrd frc^ lc?il sizLnistraticn sr.d placed at the stcte l-<vcl. Tn-^se 
chcmp-c hiiTS r::a oeen incorporated vithln ■-'■■" bo^ij rf this stiidj. 

As cr -Jtsr'S 3.9i:,4 the d^partinent ir'. co:po.i.-jd cf the divisicna of P^.iblic 
;.-;.i:;i:iacc, Child T'cirars, Ad:aini3trative S&r^fices, Ccuntj Aid to ^h3 Indi- 
^.3ai> biox, .e>somiex anu . r.x...u „ a:... .... ... ....gales OXrica. ^ho la^ ua- 

. ;,:.lish^d th3 DiTisicus cf Aid to tha Keedjr Asjod, Aid to tn© Blind, .-v-r.a 
, . , . - 1 «. ,. '^i.*^ fi--t tvo aro r-osi-n-^t-sd bureriiis end are located under 

,-^ For the current l^jal provisioi^a under whic-: v^rtciont operates, 

;• - i^f»nt Vr^lfsre -:^r■i Tn^titntionrs Cods shmild bo cons-alted. 





Divicion of r^jblic Assistance 

193? Tho I'ivisicn cf Pjblic Assistance iras ovz^rilzed in 1939 ^^s '— 
adninistrativo defies dosignei to corrclats and standardize 
p-3liciG0 end proccd-:-- ■ >- "" ■'':! DiriGicnc of Ai.d to tbe r.oedj 
A^-odj '^edy Blind, and uQ^dr Childror.. At this tirr.e the Ci'flCQ 
r.ivi;w Sccticn, iha Gcrrospondenca Saction, and the Iloss 
.;.:,'av.:u.cj ^■jji,...;.LL 7,.:ro> org2ni2:5d to assist the Divicion of Pab- 
iic Assistancs, 
19.L2 Tl'o r.c-c-allad "cat-^-'orical aids'' vere dsoif^iatsd Bureaus cf Aid 
u'V :..'.j!y Af3d, A^.. v3 Jsedv- Chil'>-- > and Aid to Ucidj Blind, 
The Cffice Hevi3-«f Section, the Correspondence Unit SsctioUj and 
? r.con"ucs osct: . :re abolished. I^svf units attaclisd 
* •: ■ :ivit:icn '-:^ "-"-''.-^ ■-'•■ :^^■^•~•■^ -r^-^c r,Vn ;':-cical Social 

Ccll?.cticr.3 Unit, r^nd St?.to Dphthr.ljnclo?l£t, 

:^^- divi3ic- '^ ^^-i '^f tre '^ur-^.u oi kid to T^eedr Af^-sd, 

.• : . of kid :■:. - C..^^^rev;, end iurc^u^cf Aid tc Hsedy 

-1;-J, ::edicel Social "cr^:er Unit, tlifitilitj Trit, Hc:ns Socn- 
'—'"•■ '^--iit, ?-:Vi.ic ''sGistar^ce Ficj-d Staff for 

1. .. -xv^^ ^r Ai- tc i.:ody Aged 
;*vl:;i-;n c- Aid i.v .-.^odj Ar;cd 
19^7 Lr^e in i.vj or early 1937 the Division ci Cla nga Security 

-.-■-'3 cnm-^ed tx) Division or Aic to i^cedy Ag^^d, 
i-r-3ai ■:.-: Al '"-Gdy Aj3d 



1942 The Di'v-icicn of Aid to "oedy A^ed vas changed to a bureau. 
2. Bureau of :U<i to ilecdj Chil'-lren 
Division of Aid to I'eedj Children 

193a So.ictL-n? between 1933-1940 the Division of Aid to "sedj Chil- 
dren vao crr^aniced, replacing the fcr-.tor Division cf Children's 


Bureau of Aid to Needy Children 

1942 Tho Divicicn cf Aid to Neodr Children was changed tc a Dur^au, 

3. Bureau of Aid to risodj Blind 
Divicicn of Aid tc Feody Blind 
1937 Sc-etitno betvo^en 193^ -nd 193? the Division for the Flind 

vas ren^d iiviaio. of ..a to I-.ady Blind. A Onhth.l- 
r:.olc5ict vas added tc tho staff of the Division of Aid to 
-coi- rlind a:id zr. Advicior/ Cosiznittoo of C?htha]r;olcgisto 
,ran appointed to a:ivi.3 the divis.... cf Soc ^^.If^ro, 
Bie^ial Rept.> 1936-193^, P. 30. 

B^.reau of AM tc "asdv r^Und 

• : ■ , --,^-?^r vi-^-'" '-'•-'^. T-nrjl^icad oT a Bureau 
1942 Tho Division 01 ^>o ..u^^/ -.-^ 

of Aid to r ■ '• 

. if»-^n th? Division 

cf Public Assii-^^rinoa fcr tlio purpc-c ci -.'i:,:i..i-: -^. ■ , 
.„.^__^ ,. Civili-nvar Assist^r: . i 3ervioes^rd As^is- 

- Aliens -■:! rtv:3r Por^cr^n in ficed l^soauso cf 

•■• ' -. " , -• i . • ' - '!''i:„cr. c • 

■;cT>u..cC Social ^elfaro, .Uezifdal Kept., 1940-1/42, p. 7. 
10^6 --3 -.3 r- -rationed in th. depart:..nt.« Hernial 
r:o-ort, 1944-1946. 


Divician of Chilu Felfar© 

iy.2 A riviricn cT Child '^^If^ro vD- croaied in Lha clopcrt-or:^ in 

IVfi, cc::npc£od of thi Bureau of Child ■clfars Services, Bureau 
cf /.dcption3, r^d r.\Treau of Boarding IToinss and Institiiticns , 
r;-:-.. of :cci-il ^'el-'are. Biennial Ret>t., 19/^2-19U, p. o. 
1, Bureau oi i^c^ruizig llo:i33 end In:iti tut ions; 
Divi.^ion of Boardin.f^ Hones &m Institutions 

1733 The Di vision of i:r.arding ilonea and Institutions rolinq->iishsd 
t':.: Luper^/icicn of tl:o field investigations cf inotit/itions 
and boarding bcjias to tixa Division of Field Scrvics, 
D?pt. of Social VJolfaro, Eiennici Rspt., 193B-1940, p. 46. 
I.^r^.-.-. >„- ,..-. ^^.j ,.;. .29 aiid Institutions 

i?42 The Division of Eos-rding end Institutions v-'ao a^da a 
"":vr Ti 3:^d pls,c?d undsr the ncvrly created Division cf Cbild 

PiTision of Child I'elfare Services 

\ •> t>'(t:* Pin r-?-Hr.?j--. rf ri'-"'^d ''r^lf-rc '■'^T r'^'"'.r'i2ed in 193S. Stats 

■^ 1 • "n-La^rawi'. " 0:10.- u .ioj... ..-.; ^-..:w;.^r-:^a ^3 a r-ssult 

cf r^dorni pc«,rticip£tion in Social S^scurity in 1936, 
r.:-oau cf Chil-* ''?lf-.r? C^v^fico'r 

-'—-;•. .•■ ' - '^^' ' .. v;lfure .---rlc:-. ■ .-* -.--.-• ,-pc\ 

; , -^ Oi Ciiiid Vc^ "ervicos luOfj.v.t>a xn o-iC nc»/.i.y 

crc-^ted ji^-isxon of Child '.elfarsi, 

Dlvisic-n o^ ydc';jL.J.c-;3 

1942 ■ Th3 Diviiiioii of iUopoions vai rensTiSd c.c jjureau ci Accpticna 

rmd t^ransforred to tha Division of Child V?elfare established in 

-l-/-r— • 

Divisicn of Adr^irintrativs Services 

19t6 "rr.e Division oi hesGarch anu Scatittics, the CITics Manager's 

Office^ tha Bureau ol' Adninistrative Accounting, and tha Bureau 
of A'.ditj v/era inccrporatGd ae bureiius into a newly created 
Divisica oi Ad^dniiii-rativo Services under the supervision of an 
adrdaistrative aasisti^t, 
C:pt, of GociCil Vo-lfaro, LieiiTiial Eept., 19AA-1946, p. 6. 

1, Eursau of uescr-.rch s^na Gtatisticn 
Di'v'icicn cf Rcncarch and Statistics 

193i Sliortly r.rtor ths ;^cceotsrcs bv the federal goveninjent cf 

i;cii_Lici'.;xa'a piaiis ior tne or^xi^i Sscuritv ca&ogorical aids, 
thQ 2i\d.sicn of Eesearch end Statistics '.cas establishsd for 
■tys '^"■^cnc cf ro'^'Ttir!" to tl'-s bo/r'il •statistical informa— 
tiori rcr-~-2.ns public i-i}vio;.aiico. .:-s; is under tho 
. ci'vi-sion cf a chisf. 
D-~t. cf Social T-3lf are. Biennial Kept,, 193&~1933, P. 120, 

Bureau ci l^r^i-arch and St.iii.r' ''- " 

1946 Ttie Di-'ioion cf r.c^earcn ^-.d Statistics wj-s incorporated 
in'-^ tha Divisic.-^ of Administrative ServiC'-s as a bureau, 
:. _ v^. of Social ■ :;ifex'5j Biennial Bcpt.^ 1/44-19^0, p. 6. 

2. Bureau of Cifice i-tancg-:5:i;ant 
Offioe K3,na£i;r 

l-'J'v; •■."''? --•--■ ^'.on of Office K:inar,cr ■■■■''''■ ■^■•itabliGhed in the Do- 
vjirt.r;uj;iC cf uucial \ all are in i?i*2 -..'iuii ;,hs i'unciiioii cX 

supsr/isins the Central Typing Unit, ths Central, rile end 
Iiiiex Iln-'.t, &:id the Stock Rcccs Unit. Those fuarjtions v&tg 
fcra-arly undsr the jurisdiction of thu Bi'/iaicn of li-aanclal 
Ad.airii 3 1 rat ion • 
Dspt. of Social Welfare, Biennial Report, 1942-1%^, p. 6. 

Bureau of Office Mariagetient 

VilJ> Tho position cf Office Hanagar was transferred to the Divi- 
sion of Aecoiniatrative Service- in 1946 ag a Bureau of Offico 
Manasenent. irvd bureau is rssponsiblc for the Central File 
and Indox Unit, Central T.Tpins Unit, and Supply Unit fomiarly 
called the Stock Rcc^i !"■•-■ it. 

Bureau c£ Adiainiotrative Acco-untin,^ 

1946 Ths. Vrarep.^i of Aininictrative Accounting, forr.icrly under th^- 
Divi3icn oi . L-3.ncial Avicinisfcraticn, wis trar.oxerred to tbo 
no'irly created Division of Adninistrative Services. For early 
'J Divisicn of Fir.ancdal Administration. - 

v*r^ • Ok' 

4. .ir'^au or Auu^vS 

1946 The Buroau of Auoits, fom^rly u.-.der tLs Divisicn of Finan- 
r.-i ..r^j..:!.-,^-.. t-4^-, ^^.>« t'^-'.ns Cerrsd to "the nov/ly crsai^d 

_,_^. ;-..■. . ."^^s. For c-r1.- history "2'3 

Division of J-inancial Acuainistraticn. 
r . -.■ ^. ." '^'ci^l !'olf:.r'5, Biennial E-^pt., 194ir'l746, p. t» 

L?i3ioa c:: . -vandal Ad,:iini3tration 
p' ■ of Accouniy G'i- Auiits 

.739 vh^ Division of Acocunte and Audits wan r^nanina u.a Livisicn of Finan- 
cial Aa.dai.trat.ix.n vhich ccnaia^s of throe bureaus. Bureau of S^ti.*- 


ates, AcivancGO and Aid Ascountc-, Burcsu of OiTice Audita, and Bureau 

cf Coileotiojiu.. 
1944 Th-i Diviaion of Fin'iacial Administration consisted oi' the Bureau of 

h±:dnUt-:-':-Lrst h^c-Mri%±jig, Bureau of crfice Audita, end Jjureau cf rieid 

Audit 1, 

Lcpt, of Social Welfare, Biennial Rspt,, 19lfi-19kU, p. 6, 
19i.'j ih; Divxaicn of rinanciai Acku-rrLsTiraticn was? aooiished. Tho Bureau ox 

Adrjin^.-ntrativs Accounting and ths }:ur?au of Audits vera transferred to 

the Bivinicn cf AdsdniBtrative Services, 

Ccot. ci f.ocial Vslfare, I'ieanial Rent,, 19i^4~1946, p. o. 

T)lvi::ica of Cciu-.t7 Aid to Indigent Side 

:.i3 Divioir::! of Loiait/ Aid tv i:.u^..:;: L ..X'.^ :..-^ oo.u In cperaticri und^^r 
^^.g ^j,^j.pj^i^ title sx-^ce it 'I cr-aniaaticn on Get, li, 1935. 'i'ne divisicn is 

■ -.-uonsibi^^ for : - ■■ - itinfj, c::ajLlnin i' . ".nd ret-crtin,;: on the oporaticna 

cf tGJC-suppcrt^a sisiical services for the inaigeir.:- sics. 

rjivisicri^o? County Relations 

■he Division of C;ounr,y Kelations was organia^a ia 19^7^ aiiu i^olls,iQd in 

■■'^"tf'd to cth or 'divisions T.irithin Vn^ 

♦%,-,.+ -•- _-^ .-, -J »-• -^ f^ h r; c" 

it3 funct; 

l.jj u-O 

-i-T^^ the Social Tslf^r^ aboard created anocher Division of Coanty Tisla- 

-■.urn '••:•» CJ 

N », > - 

various f-^^'iction;} not vdtliin the "soope 

- ^:---^„ ^:,.^-.-^.. A., -'-o d'-nrr^zar:::. ou-, affected t,he various 
-intlns. The first dut;^ of th5 divicicn vns to onf ores the personrisi 
-unlifiaations :.' i'-b cl"5i;iflc:itlon3 entablished by the Social -I/olfariS 

Oa wv^-^ '-*-*• -» — 


1940 Tho Division of County r.alaticr.r, vas abolished ;:c:uoti'-i'? in 1939 
■cr crsrly 1940. The p-^rscnnai f'inctions v/^re transferred to the 
rowiy creatod Office of the Supsrviscr of 'V'elfare Per'^onnel 

Office of thi iluoarvisor of Veirar<3 Persoxmel Standaris 

.I;AJ \:.i L-'flce ci cI.g L.uzjr'.'iior of l-'eliw-r-a i-arsormel Statidarda vas up in the departniant for ths purpose -cf eatsblisbing a ssorit 
fivst-^"^ '.^ r^.'Tlred by the Federal £c-^is-l Gscurity Ait. Tho of- 
fica v;??.o gIgo rcsporoible for ths functions of the de- 
part-ii&nt, uiitil ihs Division oi Perscnnel and fraining absorbed! foncticns. 
Bcpt. cf r.ocira leifare, rdennial F.spt., Iy3--1940, p. 8 end 17. 

Divisicii ei rorscnnsl £.na Ti-iiiniiis 

Th2 Division cf Fersoniiel and Training absorbed tha personnel functicns 
r? *h-; fT--::!-!-* Office cf f'.c Evr?r7:.ccr cf 'elfsre Ferri^r-nol Standards . Ln 

ruE^r;.- 194 j '■ ' -^/i.sor -'f :ucYelo7! \ent ^as a:iaea co v,riO divxsicn 

ior uiiQ purpose of servinf', as a training consultant for county v^eifare de- 
.-_,,■., _,,-.^ *^, ••.i.:-"5rvinc t^.^ tr'-irir..'' cf all nfj^r 3ccl'-»3 workers for br.a 

of staff ria^Jjcrc Pxd county volfara dirsctors v;a3 apDointed in Kay 1946 to 

Division cf n^lc r^nr-lco 

~ •'■ "'■■ ^ "CD \''i.B cstnbL' - '," Lr;s Tjr.ooss of 

rciiutoiriiii^- a direct lino of coatuot botween the dcoartiiient and 
+ v.^ r-r- --.^rr '''?lf'.-^- '^''artaen- 1 in ro-?.rd to th-^ prabllc assistance 


prccr-.-aa. The division is divided into four districts, each 
W' uuacr the ouoorvision of a aistidct supervisor, 

1946 Tho Division of Field Service was abolished. The field opera- 
tions in S'-^-ithern Gilifomia remained -onder tlie administrative 
supervision of the Los An;iole3 office and in rcrbhern California 
w-sre placod the super'/isicn of the heo.ds ci the Dix'isions 
cf ?ablic A-jgistr.nce, Child 'elf arc, ar.d ^cjnlnistrative Servicos. 
Dcpt. cf :?oci-il ^^slfaro, Bierjiis.1 Eept,, 194v-1946, p. 6. 

I-D3 Anrcles Rsgicnal Cffico 

The p.ssistcnt to tho director (L-cs Anrelcs) is responsible to the 
director for operation cf the Los /inryles district office, for field opera- 
tions in Southern California, and for rspresenting the director in official 
contacts with agencies and cr:7,i--ni'j-.:.ticn3 in Scuthem California. The fioid 
stciff end c-craticn!3 arc now oeparated into tvo na^^or groupings, those in 
Torth^rn Calif crni.a and those in Southern- Calif crnia, 
r->?L. c- .. 0- .1 ..-- .inial P-cport,, 1942-1944^ ?• V-o. 

DiviGicn cf ."'1 T,.2"?ctirn 

Ehcrtlr .ift<».r th«! depo-rbnsnt c:'g£ni3£tion in 1927. A. cit in the biid.t^ct 
tGr-iri-r.-:^ -^^j^. ,_tiTit'' frc^ 1733 to 19:=7. A j.;iil in^^^w^tor waa add^d to 
the .^larf in 1' ' - :.i^n >--'re re5.»i-iAvu, .. 
r-jpt. of Social - .^Ifare, Biennial P.apt,, 1936-193?^, P. 12<5. 
1 ■ -; V ■••;■) n-^d^ion of Jail Inspection was afcolich-^d. 

~\T"p.-;''i of p-" -: r, "t:. on 




; .io Di-/ioion of Prsbaticn vas fcst°ullo:"s;. in the dspartnent in 1929 
for the p-jrpcsc- of adiainistsrj.n.^ the 1929 1&'^ that «*r:2vc to the Ds- 
pdrtr^ent of Social Uelfare the po-rfer to investigate and ciake reports 
u^cii u.a pfv.. v.^ wcrk in -■...■ v.:-rioas ccunties and to re^quire uoncnly 
report s irca tkg probation cfficsrs." 
. urciau cf Probation 

1942 The desi::nation for the, division beccne 3ureau of Probaticr.. 

Calif. IT'Ot. cf Social ^'slfcre, Bicr^nisl Report, 19h2-l^hh 
(V^U^, r^. 7, 

1943 Tho ro'='9r- r.f E-upervi^ion over adult ^-nd ^j-uver-ilo ppcb&tiOTi ?Jid 

proj^-tions oi'iicers was transferred frc-a the Cepartscnt cf So- 

ci'.l : :lfarQ to t; o Y-^nth /.utncrity in 19^,3« 

. • . 1943, ca, ;v/, ?, 1')!'^. ilpyro.-..a . .y 12, 1943j ivi ef- 
. A- l?/,3. 

» i 





Ac cr ■r.niccd Juhq 1949 

DiTisio:? OF rATcH a:!d t-io:^ r^g:!ASts 



DIVISION? OF W"^'"^' "^* H0'"!^3 

1. '-tcr^jis' i.c:2,3 cf Calircrnia 
Z, . :..*G Eilief Corps Zq-^js 


7h5 E3ps:rt-.oni. cf Militr.ry and Yeteranr,' Affairs was renamed the Ee- 
-rt-or.t of Vetor-.-st Affclrs vhon the cspartii;cnt was reorganised in 1946 
{-h. ni, p. 3J.l^, ii2-^ — ^-- 3e3Dio:i. Approved ^:-rch il, 1946; in effect 
Hay 21, 1946), T-.c ailitary fioncticns of ths dopartesnt. Division ex >ali- 
, ^ .-.^.:!^<, - -^ Hir^orf.i'-i ^f the Adlutant (iensral, were eot up in 

'-"'Yj .li^-ii-s V- .. . • — I.- --<-'-— --• 

tiio n^iixy crsaueu uiAic^ oi Aaju.&3au u^i^srai, 

Iha Athletic Gc^ssicn and the Division of Athletics were transferred 
. tho D^-^irbTipnt; of Profe-sicnai and Yocaticnai Standards. 

The ropartoent cf Voterans* Affairs B^oceeded to the duties of Voter- 
.o« volfare, tho Veterans' Kelfara Board, the Califcxma Veterans' Coi^rds- 

... n.^,.4o- of V-trrcnn' Kones cf Califrrr^ia, and the Board of 
..rectors o- tn. ...-n'c :.c^cf Corps U^ cf Califbrrla. 

The Director of Veterans' /^fairs is t^o adrdni.trrtive head cf the 

, ,^ , ^— u^-r - • v..-ernor's Cotincil and a r.3i32he.r cf e^'ery 

acp^.rciTijn^ -t'u -.-r-. =.-. ......>j»r ». - • ^'■- 

..ol=ra.s. ri.«.=o cc'.d.tee in He. cf -" ^>-.-«. -f ^'^^ Veteran.' »=1- 

B«rd. rn«ro vas a Deputy Cirector ci V.terar... Affair, appointed by 


f.„^ -;_,,,4^,,s. -ivinion cf Farr.-. 3Jid llciiie Fur- 
-. „ j_--- --i-ri:^'i ior four ^~i*j.-^^oiL^ , ^ i. .-»..— /-■» 

•.es to be a'irJjiister 

. , ..:.-..., .; -— -^^0 and Co^rdinat:. - .- be adioinlstersd 

,... ---^-.- ^-is* Fcn-.s cf California, -who is 

also called i-^^ ^^r. 

TV.. M.torr of f :: -T^rtr.nt of -.Uitar' =ni V.t^r.r,.. Affairs. 1937- 


1946, is outlined in the following pages, Tns current orcmization oi' ths 
Dcpartaant of Vcteranc' AiTairs, 19475 follows this earlier history. For 
curi'snt Icj^ai proTisions aTfecting the opsraticns of the dspartmsnt or th© 
rl^dnint ration ci' cdlitary activities, the latest ^iilitary and Vcter&ns 
Coda should be cor/iuitsd. 


P.ictcrical: 1937-1946 

SsparUent of :'llit--ir7 ?.nd Vaterans' Affairs 

,]-9 D^parta^nt of 7 Hit cry ond Vetsrsns' Affairr, tias co.^iposod of tho 
Divieion of Athistics, division of 2'i.litarj Affairs, Division of Yeterar.3' 
Hoxaa, iind the Div:.r3Lc,. ni* Veteraric' --i-lfare. 

In 1945 tr.e Calif cr:ii:: voterans' C:.-.:i-:!is3ion was created in the Eivision 
of 72t2rans» ralTcr-:;, 

State Athletic C omission 

1937 T!^-^ 'r'-Tr-'-ir Cc3L'rLD?5ion vas frc-x three to five iBe-?b^rs ap- 

3tat3. 1937, c!i. 6^1, ?. 17 .. -oroved June 27, 1937^ in effect 
auc;. 27. 1937. 

I 1 

l-J/a Tho lau:3 rnlatir.s to the resralation of boxLn-7 ccnt&ots r.nd aparrinc^ 
i-id vr-rfstiln.^ aatciicss tuid exiubitions wero revised aad consolid&ttsd 

iii tno _.-;o.•.^:■;^^;s and Proi;-"-: 

» o I n ! « . 

9 J l/4lj iii effect 

■3 State Atlilstic Cc-::ai3t^ion and tha Divisicu cf AthleLics wars 

.- nsi'crred to ths I;opar&:iant of Professional and Vocational Stan- 

^::i^.;; r::cu t.... Dcoar:r.cnt of Veterans' Affairs vaei astablished. 

S■^^t3. lcZ-6, r>i. IIA, ?. 1^". yir-t ^:^. S0-3. An^^rovad ":rch 11, 
VjWi in -ffoct iiaj 21, l^'.S. 



1746 -."^' Di/^iioii 'j:.' military Affairs -.;?.3 transierrna to the ns^dy cr-eated 
Of'fLcrj cf .'.ajutant Csn^r-l. 

"-:-.-. l;.v', ch. ii/i, ?. l/,3, Firrt Ex. Sess. Approved Marc'n 11, 
1)U6; in effect May 21, 1946. 

Division of V«terc-us' }icines 

I'^Li ':.-.2 Ui'rici-r. cf Veterrvn':-' Hozaes, ccnipriairrg the Veterans' Iloffiei of 

Calif or.-^.^ u.;„ i,^:.^ . u.i-:iu'D Kslief Corps Hoae of Califcrnia, v,fas triiiS- 

furrcd to the Dopartiiisrit, cf Vei.orar^' Affairs, 'iiie Board of L-irociors 

•:.'.' tho Veterans' Keiis of Calif crnia and the Eoa2%i cf Dir-ectors cf the 

T^-,:...x:'3 Roli^if Corps Hoas of Calif orirla vroro abolishGcI, 

5t::ts. 1946, ch. 114, p. 14^^, ?ir:it Kjc Soss. Apprcved i^rch 11, 
i94c>j in eifcct Kay 21, 19ti6. 

i:45 Th<i Dlvi^jioii of vet^orcru:' "^Ifare ccncictcd of th3 V-^terans' ^u;lfare 
:vard, the Cilifcmia Veteran- ' -issicn, the rivlnion cf rsrT2 :jid 

I": -2 RirchascD, ard t^^? V-tnrsns' r a -ord cists' rductiticnal Act Di?i- 
r-„c:i. 4::-» Ch-iir-cnn of tl-'ii Veterans* VejjLr-rs Beard wr:s crdef cf the 
-t::t3. 1945, -.... ^'^"^ -^. -"""'• A-:^roTsd July 17, lv45j in offset 

- ,-,1. ~i J.- T T. ~ 

.. -r,.:,.,.. ..,, '--^lf^r5 r-^?rd, created in 1921, cr-ioistedcf fxro nie-^ 
~^) . ,.,^-,.,^ ..,,._,,. -■ -roi'itsi by tho Cov3rj>.cr for four-jear 

- ♦ 


VeteranL^J '/olfcro Loard (cont'd) 

19li6 Th5 Yet-3r'^r.s' * oliare 2card vras replscsd bj the California Veterans' 

Board when the Dcoartriant of Veterans' Affairs -vaa or^^anised. 

Stats. VyUC^ cli. ili., p. 14s, First Ex. Sess. Ar^provad liirch 11, 
1946] in exTect Lay 21^ 1946. 

Califcrnia Vet:erans' Ccr.^TdBsion 

19'4p 71)0 C^liforni.-i 7-;vter:inr3' Co-^rdssior. vas crganized end attachsi to the 
Division of Veterans' Vsli'are in the Eepartnent of iiilitarjr and Veter- 
ans' Affairs. This ccxsniisgion consisted of net .•■iora than sixteen 
nembcra appointed "07 th.' 'JC'Vornor. Ths ccnrrd-GEicn cocrdinatad the 
prc-:;raE3 c£ tho departir^nts and agencies of the stota in respect to 
r.atters affecting veterans of ',^rld ¥ar II. 

5t:\t3. Iv45, ch. 14:a, p. -2754. /^ppitved July 17, l?45j in effect 
Sept, Ip, 1945. 

Veterans* Finaiic? Cc-irdttec of 19^-3 

- :' ; ... ' .-y-jv.s' Finance CciraitC'se cf 1943 "vras created for the pTimcse 
rf cc.'lnis-'.cerin?::^ a f-'-.d creat-vd to rro-zide farm and home aid for 

-ov.". In accordance vith the provisions of the Yeterans' F^?m snd 

• - _^ r-,...,,.-.„,s^ ^.-^^ I'^t'^j. The cc:^r'ittcc V113 cc^pcrrci cf the Go'.'"srnorj 

f^f,--- • ■ ,i£,3 'ir.«r>3urcr. Director ■":■' ''' '■'-, '"-'■' r ■.-—.« 

of the Vaterans' -^ Loard. The Attorney General was the legal 

■vl.::^r f.:r th':? cc:**-:!ittec. 
:..:-, _ -,;, 0;.. 5-5, p. -^- — • Approved Hay 1.,, i;43l i- effect 


Precont Organisation: Juns 1949 

D^part-n^nb of Yetsrano* Affairs 

r'*.3J.fomia Veterans' Beard 

1946 Vho CAUi.';.t:aa Vetarar.s» xioard consists of seven 'uSiiLbers appointed by 
th3 C-GVsr-.or for lerr.? cf four jears (c£.ch ir.suber shall Lo a veteran). 
?i33 board was ort:ani2;jd in place of the former Veterans' Ualfars 
roard, tho "-oard cf Directors of the Vatercnrj' Hcne. the Bcar-d of 
Dirsctcr" ''i '^'-rn ■">-v-^-i-n< s "^?olief Corps ''cno of California, and ths 
C^ilifcrnia V*;u9jra:ii' CwU-aisaion. Tae board determinoD policy and cs- 
tnblij'ios rules and regulations for tae adadnistration of the B^.-p=irt- 

', 1 -o, oh. lU, p. i;J:, lirsu ..,:i. Do^z, i.r?r-r:;i :iirch 11, 
I/?/..'.} i- r-fRct 1:^7 21, 19 '.b. 

V-'tcr '■:■!?,« V3lf'^r>^ *in?.nc<3 C" "Tdttee 

*■' *.itj Vctjrixis' ^ o-Lf a -a iinaxi-s u^.-il.oo is & c:;ntitrustion of the oar- 
" • - .ziLttca cf IvU. -.ranrj* \:eifi:.- :qo CoKsittoeis coia- 

p.-3t^d of fiVG . -- oc-c±stinz c.f ti^o rov-mor, 3tatc Contrciicr;, ^t-Xa 

, riijuryr, i-i.\--:v::r --,.--._■ ^. ■■,-." ^-'.. v^-^ir-, . .e? 

^f ;/ ■ \to a -' . • providG hc-j.3 aid for veter- 

^ ,, j„ :!-'"'^r J'.n-? vita rrovl^ion? >''i' the Veb^r-^np' Fam and I?ore Furchfiss 
Aoi. ci u.,>o. :-..-^ ccr^L..:.. -^ -^: -i^^ate a debt -^ n;t the .:t^U b" issu- 

-^ j^^^ ^.,..,3 Y^^.,. - - ' A^h of 1' • —iod v-j th ' "lature and 

rr^tlfi:;! ^" tnn pcc-:5icj, Ilovcribcr 1746. 

Stcits, J^Ji^. ch. liK p. 23, J^rt^t -:x. Sods, ^n^rov^ad Fob. 12, 194^? in 
-J'-'^t y-r 21, 194- . 

1946 Th3 Divinicn of irrni and Ho-e P-arcl-Don waa xmder tha direction 
cr the Veterans' Velfaro Board, Departr.snt of Ililitary and 
v,...„.„ ,^,, /affairs, l:.3for? tr.D.fc departasnt was reorganized in 
19i^ to ^ne Depart^ant cr Veterans' Affairs, ^he division ^d- 
::rLni3ters tne larm Ho^e Purchase Ac.s of 1921 and 1943 ^hich had ounsoliUat^d into cne c::5r:.tion. Ths division functioned 
under th3 direction of a ronagsr. 

Stats. 1946, cb. IIA, P.^l^a, ^irs:, Bx. Sess. Approved Karch 11, 
1946 J in ei'fect 21-.y 21, lV4t-» 

Di-^risicn of i;ducc Ucnal Ar^sistcncc 

19i!,6 The Division of irducational Assistance ;.as formerly called the 
. «. - 4. t ■r/:.,«~+-; rsr-ei trf Ti-^vls^cTi.^ T'cnartrent of 

• f _^^_i +Vf5 divicdcn func- 
. ,, -.-.^..u.^p r^- - .--.-rr'2- vbo enfcrces the Caliior- 
Ela V.tar.:x3'^;iE;dc: I InoUtate Act a.d the Veter^o- E^pen- 

dsilt.-,. -;u.x>.ic.r,iL Act vrtdch e:*3r.d ctec.-tlcnal bonofits i-o 

, . , . .. ,- ^j._ ,,.^^^„-- ,,; —i acre, and dependent 

reternrxs cf Vorlc 1^, - - . ... .^..-..^~ - ' ^ 

. .. -^ r -r-" '-T -f *• t"^i vetcrsii's 

chil'iren (crph^ms; oi '. o---^=. ■ - --^— — j- 

- - .„„ ...^ .^^.4«e cr r=^ a res^ilt cf a v/artiiss- 
death cccurrea eui-incr ■• -.r r.-^r'.-^o, cr c^ 

aervlce-ccnn'jctod dir:-bi-:---'0'. 

Division of Ssrvic:^ and Cr^ordin-'^'cn 

192,6 The Divi.sion cf Service a.xd Coordination ab30ri.ed irart of the 
duties ci the California Veterans' Ccnisussion in m6. The -.rcvides infor^ticnal ar.d advisory servico to aid . 
county S^rvico Office, and Svrvic. Centers deigned to aasi.t 


veteranaj it prcviden for the certification of votcrans for 

proforor.tial crcdir>3 in state ci\dl ss;rvica e:ca3iinationo ; ani it 

ss'jists vstor'^-ns in pr^sentiJi'T: ar.d rursving such clainis as they 

-y hare against ths United States aidsing out of vrr.r servic-3, 

and i'' establishing^ their rights to any 'privile^s, preference, 

care, or coinpansation provided fcr by tho lav/s of tho United 

States or of this state, 

"'■Stats. I54S, ch. 114, p. li^s I'irGt E:;. Sa3s. Approvsd Ilarch 11, 
l;Ljj iii sffiiob Hay 21, 194o. 

rivislon of 7etor-'-r;s» Hoses 

This division co^ipriccs two institutiona. the Vetorans' Hose of Caii~ 
fcraia a:id -;h3 vo:£an«a Eolicf Corps Eono of C^lifcrrda. The division ±j 
under th-^ adcanist ration of t':v3 Convoiandant, Veterans' Hcno cf California, 
i<ho i:i '"."i-so called ^Janar^sr of the Dirision of Ystsrang' KnFn«s« 

7ct.;r:ui::;' H:;:^ ci Calif or:iia 

1947 Th3 Vtstcr-ins' Mcme ia -arid3r tii-3 xnanac-jusnt ana control of the 
T^-n-ir".::-;i!: cf Tcter-ii^j' Affcdrs and the Califcrrla Vatsranc' 
Boar«i. --c U.-:.3 a.3 c^^i-LniQ^QTcu oj '^h-j C- -— c-auiint, VJterans' 

.of Caiifcrxiia.. 
Gtc*.n. l':^'.?, ''h. 94, ?. 569. Approved April 28, 1947; in effect 

104" TLe y'c:ii2.n'i R-bK. " - ■■ . i^ ;,^tcr-d r-v ---^e Cc::.;andant, 

Voter:?--'!-' T Calif*, throu^ih the rup^ri-itendent of the 

-4.,^., T^i7 .-. ■■,■ r^ rWi • .^.,w.,r.->x v„^.np4 -;nfrr. ^ -. effect 
Sent. 19, 1^47.